The Lone Ranger Quotes in The Legend of the Lone Ranger (1981)


The Lone Ranger Quotes:

  • [last lines]

    President Ulysses S. Grant: Who is that masked man?

    The Lone Ranger: Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!

  • President Ulysses S. Grant: Hey! Where the Hell you goin' and leaving me here?

    The Lone Ranger: You're safer here, Mr. President.

    President Ulysses S. Grant: Yeah, but I can help ya. I've been in a few battles myself, son.

    The Lone Ranger: Now you're president, so keep your head down.

  • Amy Striker: You see, Father, I cannot stop my writing. It is my only weapon. It is all I have.

    The Lone Ranger: [disguised as a priest] I understand.

  • The Lone Ranger: [disguised as Brett Reagan] Now suppose you tell me who your employer is.

    Ross Brady: Employer?

    The Lone Ranger: That's right. It's quite obvious that you aren't equipped with the intelligence to be behind an operation like this.

  • Frances Henderson: He came here, he tried to kill me. I had to do it.

    The Lone Ranger: You had to do it so the City of Gold would be yours alone.

    Frances Henderson: What?

    The Lone Ranger: You know what I'm talking about, Mrs. Henderson. You've told your last lie.

  • Caulama: Him die.

    The Lone Ranger: Do you have any idea why he was killed?

    Caulama: Why moon rise? Why cloud cover sun when rains come? Caulama know not why her man is die.

  • The Lone Ranger: There's no doubt about it, Brady and the Henderson woman are behind these killings.

    Tonto: Why we not take them to law?

    The Lone Ranger: We could, but I want all the hooded raiders.

    Tonto: That plenty guns for us to fight, Ke-Mo Sah-Bee.

  • The Lone Ranger: [disguised as Brett Reagan] What about Brady?

    Frances Henderson: He's a vicious, disgusting person. And his only use to me has been to carry out the necessary arrangements in attaining the medallions. I think you'll find a way to dispose of him.

    The Lone Ranger: Dispose of him, Ma'am?

    Frances Henderson: I think you understand.

    The Lone Ranger: Yes, I expect I do.

  • Frances Henderson: You're not only handsome, you're clever.

    The Lone Ranger: [disguised as Brett Reagan] And fond of livin', Ma'am.

    Frances Henderson: Then you think I'll double cross you?

    The Lone Ranger: No exactly, but I venture to say that Ross Brady didn't think so either. One thing you'll have to remember, I'm not Ross Brady.

    Frances Henderson: I know.

  • [last lines]

    Padre Vincente Esteban: Our people have a new and shining hope, Paviva. A new life stands before us. None of this would be possible were it not for Tonto and the Lone Ranger.

    The Lone Ranger: Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!

  • The Lone Ranger: Hi-yo, Silver! Away!

  • The Lone Ranger: Tonto, keep out of trouble.

    Tonto: Trouble find Tonto even when him not look for it.

  • The Lone Ranger: Tonto, boundary markers!

    Tonto: Ah, that Indian reservation. Taboo for white men.

  • Pete Ramirez: Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    The Lone Ranger: Don't worry about this mask, it's on the side of the law.

    Pete Ramirez: Sure. Anyway, you won't get much. All I got is one small herd and them redskins sure cut it up.

  • Pete Ramirez: They do enough stealing around here. If you'll excuse the word. I wouldn't want to insult a couple of fellas that just saved my life.

    The Lone Ranger: I told you I'm not a bandit. But if you'd like to be grateful, you won't talk about seeing us. We'd appreciate that.

  • The Lone Ranger: Tonto, those drums are summoning the tribes to war.

    Tonto: That plenty bad, Ke-Mo Sah-Bee. Ranchers talk war all time. Indians make ready. Soon war start. And they fight. Fight.

  • [last lines]

    Welcome Kilgore: Wait! But I wanted him to stay. I wanted to thank him.

    The Padre: When his work is finished, he rides away.

    Welcome Kilgore: But I wanted to see his face, to ask his name.

    The Padre: You cannot see his face. He will wear the mask until there is no longer any need for it. And his name is the Lone Ranger.

    The Lone Ranger: Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!

  • The Lone Ranger: Governor, outlaws live in a lonesome world; a world of fear. Fear of the mysterious. I made this mask from my dead brother's clothing. I've worked from behind it ever since. I'll wear this mask until justice has been dealt to the last murderer and outlaw.

  • Governor: How's a politician to know who's telling him the truth? It may well be that Kilgore's solution is the only one possible. Move Red Hawk and his people away from the ranchers. Settle them on another reservation.

    The Lone Ranger: [disguised as an old prospector] Just means breakin' another promise to them Indians. That oughta come easy by now.

  • The Lone Ranger: There must be no more talk of fighting.

    Angry Horse: That true. Much talk make warrior weak. Red Hawk talk all time. Angry Horse not talk!

  • The Lone Ranger: Red Hawk knows what will happen to his people if war should come.

    Chief Red Hawk: If war come, Red Hawk be Indian. Not can be white man. Not can be alone. Red Hawk be Indian, make strong fight.

  • Angry Horse: Red Hawk no more tell what do. Red Hawk old. No more fight. Angry Horse, not old! Better Angry Horse be chief.

    The Lone Ranger: Always the young buffalo wish to kill the old buffalo and take his place. And he does kill the old buffalo because he has youth and strength, but has he the wisdom to lead the herd?

  • Reece Kilgore: What are you, a renegade? A bandit? What kind of man are you, siding with the Indians against his own people? What's your grudge against me?

    The Lone Ranger: I'm taking you in for murder, Kilgore.

  • Tonto: Ke-mo sah-bee, what we do?

    The Lone Ranger: Tonto, you and I are going to rescue everyone.

    Tonto: Masked man, brave.

    The Lone Ranger: When the cart stops, we'll jump out and hide in the shadows.

    Tonto: Ah, masked man, fearless.

    The Lone Ranger: And you and I will attack the tank with our bare hands.

    Tonto: Ah, masked man, loco.

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