The Killer Quotes in Dirty Harry (1971)


The Killer Quotes:

  • De Georgio: You need any help, Harry?

    Harry Callahan: Go on out and get some air, fatso!

    [turns to killer]

    The Killer: [pleading] Please! No more! I'm hurt! Can't you see I'm hurt? You shot me! Please, don't, don't! Let me have a doctor, let-let me have a doctor. Please, get me the doctor! Don't kill me!

    Harry Callahan: The girl, where is she?

    The Killer: [crying with reason] You tried to kill me!

    Harry Callahan: If I tried that, your head would be splattered all over this field.


    Harry Callahan: Now, where's the girl?

    The Killer: [almost crying] I want a lawyer.

    Harry Callahan: [angered] I said, where's the girl?

    The Killer: [cries] I have the rights to a lawyer.

    Harry Callahan: [raises his voice] Where's the girl?

    The Killer: I have the rights to a lawyer!

    [Harry looks at Scorpio's wound on his leg]

    The Killer: Don't, please!

    [Harry begins begins to slowly push his shoe on the wound]

    The Killer: I have right to a lawYEEER!

    [Scorpio begins to scream in pain as the camera zooms out]

  • Big Black Man: [Big Black has just been given a wad of cash by Scorpio] You want to go all the way?

    The Killer: Every penny's worth.

    Big Black Man: Relax. Take it easy. It's gonna be all right.

    [pulls on a pair of leather gloves and methodically beats Scorpio into a bloody pulp]

    Big Black Man: You sure you want the rest of it?

    The Killer: Every penny's worth, you black son of a bitch!

    Big Black Man: [kicks Scorpio hard] This one's on the house!

    [flattens him with one last punch and walks away]

  • The Killer: Freeze cop. Now, left hand, pull out your gun.

    [Harry pulls out his .44 Magnum]

    The Killer: My, that's a big one.

  • The Killer: [to Harry Callahan] No, don't pass out on me now cop! No, no, no, no, no. Don't pass out on me yet, you dirty, rotten oinker! Do we understand each other? You better answer me, if you want to know where the girl is. Okay? Now listen... I've changed my mind. I'm going to let her die! I just wanted you to know that. You hear me? I just wanted you to know that before I killed you!

    [laughs crazily]

    The Killer: Goodbye, Callahan!

    [Chico fires at Scorpio to defend Harry, who's lying on the ground]

    Harry Callahan: Chico! Don't... kill him!

  • The Killer: [Scorpio has jacked and the unaware kids are singing with him] Row, row, row your boat/gently down the stream/merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily...

    Bus Kid: Where are we going?

    The Killer: What? What did you say?

    Bus Kid: Where are we going?

    The Killer: We're going to the ice-cream factory and see how ice-cream's made. Now anybody who doesn't wanna go can get off right here.

    Bus Kid: I wanna go home to my mommy.

    The Killer: [slaps the kid] Stupid kid! Come on sing everyone! Sing or I'll go home and kill all your mommies, sing, sing!

    The Killer: [kids reluctantly sing with Scorpio] ... gently down the stream/merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,/ life is quite a dream!

  • The Killer: Oh please, I scare easy.

  • The Mayor: Well where are you going?

    The Killer: I'll tell the pilot when I get on the plane. No alerts, nothing.

    The Mayor: I guarantee you you will not be molested in any way.

  • Liquor Store Owner: [noticing Scorpio's battered face] What the hell happened to you?

    The Killer: My wife's brother. I hit her, so he hit me... several times.

  • The Killer: Drop the gun, freeze! I'll blow his brains out! DROP THE FUCKING GUN!

  • The Killer: [points to what he wants] Ah, yeah. I'll take one of those.

    Liquor Store Owner: [gets it and rings it up] $5.69

  • The Killer: The key to winning is knowing all your opponent's weaknesses.

  • The Killer: How's it going, Crutch?

    Dutch: The name's Dutch.

    The Killer: It won't be after tonight. I think it is a great night for a moondance.

  • The Killer: Did you notice, there's blood on the moon tonight?

  • The killer: You don't have the killer instinct, I can show it to you.

  • The Killer: It's a wonderful night for a moon dance.

    Dutch: Well. Let's dance.

  • Roxy: I have the worst luck with men.

    The Killer: Your luck is about to change.

    [chokes her unconscious]

  • The Killer: We have ten minutes for the Grand Championship match! Life? Or death? It's in your hands!

  • The Killer: Put your trousers back on, before your willy catches a chill

  • The Killer: [rapping] I'm gonna slash and gash, cut another hole in your ass. I spill blood on the walls, then play tennis with your balls. If the phone rings, don't answer the call. Gonna slit your throat, fuck you like a goat, peel your foreskin off and make a winter coat. Peace!

    [camera pulls back to reveal all of Shorty's friends dead]

    Shorty: Yo! That was the illest rhyme I ever seen!

  • The Killer: Do you know where I am?

    [Feet are sticking out from behind couch, and are kicking up and down]

    Cindy Campbell: Um, you're behind the couch, I can see your feet.

    The Killer: [Killer sticks head up and sees his feet. He grabs his head] D'oh!

    The Killer: Okay,okay close your eyes!

    [Cindy closes her eyes, and the killer tries to hide under the carpet, but then goes behind the curtains]

    The Killer: Now do you know where I am?

    [Cindy opens her eyes]

  • The Killer: What's your favorite scary movie?

    Drew Decker: Kazaam! You know, the one where Shaq plays a genie.

    The Killer: That's not a horror movie.

    Drew Decker: Yeah, well, you've never seen Shaq act.

  • The Killer: [reading pornography magazine] Nice breasts...

    Drew Decker: What do you want?

    The Killer: I wanna see what your insides look like.

    Drew Decker: Then turn to page 54.

  • Shorty: [answers phone] Yo.

    Shorty's Roomate: Hello, Shorty. What are you doing?

    Shorty: Nothin. Just watching the game. Smokin some bud.

    Shorty's Roomate: Are you all alone?

    Shorty: [to roommate] Yo, pick up the phone!

    The Killer: [sticking out tongue] WAZZZZUPPP!

    Shorty: WAZZZUP!

    [killer looks at phone]

    Shorty: Yo, Dookie! Pick up the phone!

    Dookie: Yo.

    Shorty's Roomate: WAZZZZUP!

    ShortyShorty's RoomateThe KillerDookie: WAZZZZZUPPP!

    [Dookie and roommate hang up]

    Shorty: What you doin my son?

    Shorty's Roomate: Nothing. Just chillin. Killin.

    Shorty: True.

  • The Killer: [on the phone] What's was that noise?

    Drew Decker: Oops, I farted. I didn't think you'd hear me.

    The Killer: No... that popping noise...

  • The Killer: [after stumbling around, letting his victim escape] I gotta stop drinking.

  • Drew Decker: [on the phone with killer] Or else my boyfriend is gonna be here any minute. He's black and he'll kick your ass!

    The Killer: You mean the one who wears makeup and dresses like a woman?

    Drew Decker: How did you know?

    The Killer: Turn the porch lights on.

    Drew Decker: [Turns on the lights, to see a Prince look-alike tied up, screaming] That's not my boyfriend. I mean, I fucked him a couple of times, but that's it.

    Drew Decker: [the man shrieks] Look, I'm calling the cops!

    The Killer: Go ahead, call the cops. But you might wanna check the back door first. You forgot to lock it.

  • The Killer: You're awake?

    Nelson Hibbert: Yeah, for a while now.

    The Killer: I've been carrying you!

    Nelson Hibbert: I thought you wanted to.

  • The Killer: [holding Nelson hostage while talking to police] All right, here's what I want: a million dollars in cash, safe passage across the border...

    Nelson Hibbert: ...And a helicopter.

    The Killer: And a helicopter! Wait!

    [to Nelson]

    The Killer: Why?

    Nelson Hibbert: I always wanted to ride in a helicopter.

    Det. Arlen: Your helicopter is on it's way.

    The Killer: I don't want a helicopter!

  • The Killer: [the killer finds Henri, but starts to cough blood] Cancer. I'll be gone in a few weeks time.

    Henri Boulanger: I'm sorry.

    The Killer: Why? It'll take me out of here.

    Henri Boulanger: Don't you like it here?

    The Killer: No. I'm a loser.

    Henri Boulanger: But this time you win.

    The Killer: That's what you think. Life is a disappointment.

    [the killer shoots himself]

  • The Killer: Hey, the big Greg himself. I'm gonna cut you off!

  • The Killer: Ma'am, I need to borrow your cell phone! Someone's been seriously hurt!

    Susan Walker: What? Who got hurt?

    The Killer: You!

    [he hits her with a club]

  • The Killer: [laughing] Your children? I'll get them too.

    Shy Walker: Not in this fucking lifetime!

    [he hits him with a club]

  • The Killer: Let me show you how strong I am.

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