The Governor Quotes in The Last Emperor (1987)


The Governor Quotes:

  • The Governor: [Confronting Puyi in the prison gardens, where Puyi works alone] Perhaps you think we're here to teach men to lie in a new way?

    The Governor: [Puyi continues working as if trying to ignore the Governor] Why did you sign every accusation made against you? I didn't stop you from killing yourself to see you like this! Someone who will sign anything to please his enemies... to please me!

    The Governor: [Puyi continues working] You knew about a lot of things in Manchukuo... even the secret agreements. But you couldn't possibly have known about the Japanese biological warfare experiments in Harbin! Could you? So why did you sign these papers?

    Emperor Pu Yi: I was responsible for everything.

    The Governor: You are responsible for what you do! All your life you thought you were better than everyone else. Now you think you're the worst of all!

    Emperor Pu Yi: [sighs] Why can you not leave me alone? You saved my life to make me a puppet in your own play. You saved me because I am useful to you.

    The Governor: Is that so terrible? To be useful?

  • The Governor: [bidding farewell to Pu Yi as he is released from reform camp] You see, I will end up living in prison longer than you!

  • The Governor: [setting a recurring theme of imprisonment throughout the film] Open the door! Open the door! Open the door!... Open the door!

  • The Governor: The Americans believe everyone is born good. You must be judged.

  • The Governor: [singing] Ooh, I love to dance the little sidestep / Now they see me, now they don't / I've come and gone / And ooh, I love to sweep around a wide step / Cut a little swath / And lead the people on!

  • Female Reporter: Governor, what do you think of the, the crisis in the Middle East?

    The Governor: I was sayin' just this morning at the weekly prayer breakfast, in this historic capital, that it behooves both the Jews and the Arabs to settle their differences in a Christian manner!

  • The Governor: What fool shot the locks off all the doors?

  • The Governor: He's pardoned.

    Roy Ridnitz: You can't do that!

    The Governor: Yes I can. He's pardoned, and he's pardoned, and she's pardoned and you're not!

  • The Governor: Yikes! If I'm going to be on tv tonight, I'd better take a nap!

  • The Governor: [referring to the crowd's reaction to his speech] Not a very warm welcome.

    Hon. Charles Adare: The climate's making up for that.

  • The Governor: We generally fine a prisoner all his possessions.

    Miguel de Cervantes: All of them.

    The Governor: It's not practical to take more.

  • Miguel de Cervantes: We are to appear before the Inquisition.

    The Governor: Heresy?

    Miguel de Cervantes: No, not exactly. You see, we were presenting an entertainment.

    The Governor: An entertainment? How does an entertainment get into trouble with the Inquisition?

    Cervantes' Manservant: Perhaps they found an entertainment is not always what it seems.

    The Governor: [to the Manservant] But why are YOU here?

    Cervantes' Manservant: Somebody has to stage-manage the stage.

    The Governor: Ho, ho! These two have empty holes in their heads!

  • The Governor: [removing his cap respectfully] Cervantes, I think Don Quixote is brother to Cervantes.

    Miguel de Cervantes: God help us - we are both men of La Mancha.

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