The Catwoman Quotes in Batman: The Movie (1966)


The Catwoman Quotes:

  • The Catwoman: [to Batman, posing as Kitka] If you please, to take off the mask to give the better picture?

    Commissioner Gordon: Great Scott! Batman take off his mask?

    Chief O'Hara: The woman must be mad!

    Batman: Please... Chief O'Hara... all of you. This young lady is a stranger to our shores. Her request is not unnatural, however, impossible to grant.

    The Catwoman: Impossible?

    Batman: Indeed. If Robin and I were to remove our masks, the secret of our true identities would be revealed.

    Commissioner Gordon: Completely destroying their value as ace crimefighters.

    Chief O'Hara: Sure, ma'am. Not even Commisioner Gordon and meself know who they really are.

    Robin: In fact, our own relatives we live with don't know.

    The Catwoman: But your so curious costumes...

    Robin: Don't be put off by them, ma'am. Underneath this garb, we're perfectly ordinary Americans.

    The Catwoman: You are like the masked vigilantes in the Westerns, no?

    Commissioner Gordon: Certainly not! Batman and Robin are fully deputized agents of the law.

    Robin: Support your police! That's our message!

    Batman: Well said, Robin... and no better way to end this press conference... thank you, and good day.

  • The Catwoman: You dismal bird! You and your submarine, Where has it got us now?

    The Penguin: Shut up, you feline floozy!

  • [Penguin's submarine has been fired upon by Batman and Robin]

    The Catwoman: Penguin, you know I can't take water!

    The Penguin: You cowardly kitten! You want to live forever?

  • The Catwoman: [meows] You're going to see the purr-fect crime, when I get Batman in my claws!


  • The Catwoman: [on how much the four villains fight] We're about as united as the United World Organization.

  • The Riddler: This bird has flown around the bend.

    The Joker: To cuckoo land!

    The Catwoman: Riddler! Joker! Do something! We weren't meant for a watery grave, DO SOMETHING!

    The Joker: Now hear this! Now hear this! Blow all tanks! Surface! Surface!

  • The Catwoman: Riddler.

    The Riddler: Yes?

    The Catwoman: You're mad, Riddler. Penguin finished Batman by now.

    The Riddler: Why, that miserable waddling mountebank of a bird? He couldn't finish a bag of popcorn!

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