The Captain Quotes in Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2014)


The Captain Quotes:

  • The Captain: Never, never EVER, grab another man's balls, in a fistfight. It shows low character.

  • The Captain: The dead can return given sufficent motivation.

  • Alex Corvis (The Crow): The jolt - eight amps at two to three-thousand volts. It lasts a few seconds. The current surges and is turned off. And they check to see if the heart is still beating. If it is... Ba-Boom! Another jolt is applied. Experts say unconsciousness occurs before pain has time to register. They agree that electrocution does not hurt. But it does. Unimaginably... Believe me... I... don't expect a call from the governor. Any last words... Captain?

    The Captain: Yeah, fuck you.

    Alex Corvis (The Crow): Was that it?

    The Captain: I'm not dying for your goddamn illusion, you got that? You think you and your girlfriend had some rosy future taken from you? Bullshit! She was already bored. Why do you think she was lookin' around? You're nothing, Corvis. Less than nothing! You can't do this to me, you little fucks! You hear me? You understand? I'll be back! Just like you! A big, fucking, shit-spewing bird! And guess which little bitch I'm taking out first!

    Erin Randall: You are so dead.

  • The Captain: [dazed due to being electrocuted] Who are you?

    Various: George Sir

    The Captain: Curious

    [looks directly at the camera]

  • HÃ¥kon: I just want to be a true sailor.

    The Captain: I've never known a truer.

  • The Captain: Tell me, your father is a big man. Why are you so puny?

  • The Captain: [Perrin has just had another accident] This must not be his day.

    Campana: It's *never* his day.

  • The Captain: There is no Hell. Don't you understand? Because there is no God. There never was. Don't you understand? There is no God! It's a legend!

  • The Captain: Don't talk to me of God. We killed God at Magdeburg.

  • The Captain: Make peace with whatever God you worship.

  • The Captain: Atlantis? Perhaps; a name is as good as another.

  • [last lines]

    The Captain: I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for a two inch steak!

  • The Captain: Illia's happy. She's worked out a way of living. Let her alone.

    Homer: No, it's impossible. A whore can't be happy. A whorish world can't be happy. I'd like to reach her mind.

    The Captain: What do you want to put in her mind?

    Homer: Reason, in place of fantasy. Morality, instead of immorality. I've got to educate her. Transform her.

    The Captain: Remember what happened to Pygmalion.

    Homer: I wouldn't make that mistake. She is lovely. But for me, she's not a woman; she's an idea. She's an outlaw. Yes! Can't you see? The law must be established everywhere.

    The Captain: I see you'll have black eyes all your life.

  • The Captain: And Illya ate of the apple of knowledge and knew shame.

  • The Captain: You keep outta this, George.

    Professor Robert Leaf: Yeah, George. Put some clothes on your wife and go to bed.

  • The Captain: Artist, George is. He paints nudes. In plain talk, nekkid women.

  • The Captain: You see, it's... it's no good, Montag. We've all got to be alike. The only way to be happy is for everyone to be made equal.

  • The Captain: Come on now, madam. We're going to burn the house.

    Book Lady: No!

    The Captain: What do you want, martyrdom?

    Book Lady: I want to die as I've lived.

    The Captain: You must have read that in there. Now, look, I'm not going to ask you again. Are you going?

    Book Lady: These books were alive; they spoke to me!

  • The Captain: Go on, Montag, all this philosophy, let's get rid of it. It's even worse than the novels. Thinkers and philosophers, all of them saying exactly the same thing: "Only I am right! The others are all idiots!"

  • The Captain: Robinson Crusoe, the Negroes didn't like that because of his man, Friday. And Nietzsche, Nietzsche, the Jews didn't like Nietzsche. Here's a book about lung cancer. You see, all the cigarette smokers got into a panic, so for everybody's peace of mind, we burn it.

  • The Captain: What's this, Montag? Something wrong between you and the pole?

  • The Captain: These are all novels, all about people that never existed, the people that read them it makes them unhappy with their own lives. Makes them want to live in other ways they can never really be.

  • The Captain: Look, all stories of the dead, biography that's called, and autobiography. My life, my diary, my memoirs, my - intimate memoirs.

  • The Captain: By the way, what does Montag do on his day off duty?

    Guy Montag: Not much, sir, just mow the lawn.

    The Captain: And what if the law forbids that?

    Guy Montag: Just watch it grow, sir.

  • The Captain: What's going on?

    Fireman: This house has been condemned, it's to be burnt with the books immediately.

    The Captain: Burning the books is one thing, burning the house is another altogether.

  • The Captain: Just tell me this, Montag: at a guess, how many literary awards would you say were made in this country on an average each year? 5? 10? 40? Not less than 1,200.

  • The Captain: The books have nothing to say.

  • The Captain: Listen to me, Montag. Once to each fireman, at least once in his career, he just itches to know what these books are all about. He just aches to know. Isn't that so?

  • [the Sergeant affixes a cloth red '1' to his uniform. The Captain is drinking from a bottle of booze]

    The Sergeant: What do you think?

    The Captain: What the hell is it?

    The Sergeant: It's a "one". First Infantry Division. The Red One; think General Pershing will like it?

    The Captain: Oh, sure.

    The Sergeant: I got the idea from the cap of a Hun I killed.

    The Captain: When?

    The Sergeant: About an hour ago

    The Captain: Did he yell out anything?

    The Sergeant: Oh, the same old Kaiser stuff, you know, "the war's over," all that junk.

    [the Captain hands him the bottle]

    The Captain: Finish it.

    The Sergeant: Sir?

    The Captain: Finish it. The Armistice was signed, at eleven o'clock this morning. The war's been over for four hours. You didn't know it was over.

    The Sergeant: ...*He* did.

    Zab: [narrating] A quarter of a century later that piece of cloth from a dead Hun's hat had become famous all over the world. It was the insignia of the First Infantry Division. The Fightin' First. The Big Red One.

  • Aaron Fallon: You're quite certain I'm a bit of an ass, aren't you, Captain?

    The Captain: I don't believe there's a yes or no answer to that, Mr. Fallon.

  • The Captain: Get me out of these wet panties.

  • Lt. von Eyrick - Called 'Fifi': What is your business here?

    Jean Cornudet: Perhaps I'm an apostle of silence.

    The Captain: What do you mean?

    Lt. von Eyrick - Called 'Fifi': He means the bell.

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