The Blue Fairy Quotes in Pinocchio (1940)


The Blue Fairy Quotes:

  • The Blue Fairy: A lie keeps growing and growing until it's as plain as the nose on your face.

  • The Blue Fairy: Little puppet made of pine, awake. The gift of life is thine.

  • The Blue Fairy: Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish, and someday, you will be a real boy.

  • The Blue Fairy: You must learn to choose between right and wrong.

    Pinocchio: Right and wrong? But how will I know?

    Jiminy Cricket: [watching] How'll he know!

    The Blue Fairy: [to Pinocchio] Your conscience will tell you.

    Pinocchio: What's a conscience?

    Jiminy Cricket: What's a conscience! I'll tell ya! A conscience is that still small voice that people won't listen to. That's just the trouble with the world today...

    Pinocchio: Are you my conscience?

    Jiminy Cricket: Who, me?

  • The Blue Fairy: Now, remember, Pinocchio: be a good boy. And always let your conscience be your guide.

  • The Blue Fairy: A boy who won't be good might just as well be made of wood.

  • The Blue Fairy: Would you like to be Pinocchio's conscience?

    Jiminy Cricket: [blushing] Well, uh, I... Uh-huh.

    The Blue Fairy: Very well. What is your name?

    Jiminy Cricket: [tipping his hat] Oh, Cricket's the name. *Jiminy* Cricket!

    The Blue Fairy: Kneel, Mr. Cricket.

    Jiminy Cricket: Huh?


    Jiminy Cricket: No tricks now.

    [the fairy taps Jiminy with her wand; his rags turn into fine clothes]

    The Blue Fairy: I dub you Pinocchio's conscience, Lord High Keeper of the Knowledge of Right and Wrong, Counselor in Moments of High Temptation, and Guide Along the Straight and Narrow Path. Arise, Sir Jiminy Cricket.

    Jiminy Cricket: [Admiring his new clothes] Well! Ho-ho-ho! My, my! Mmm! Say, that's pretty swell! Gee, thanks. But, uh, don't I get a badge or something?

    The Blue Fairy: Well, we'll see.

    Jiminy Cricket: You mean maybe I will?

    The Blue Fairy: I shouldn't wonder.

    Jiminy Cricket: Make it a gold one?

    The Blue Fairy: Maybe.

  • The Blue Fairy: Good Geppetto, you have given so much happiness to others, that you deserve to have your wish come true.

  • The Blue Fairy: Little puppet made of pine, awake. The gift of life is thine.

    [She touches her wand to Pinocchio who wakes and begins to move]

    Jiminy Cricket: Whew! What they can't do these days!

    Pinocchio: I can move!

    [covers his mouth]

    Pinocchio: I can talk!

    [stands as the Blue Fairy chuckles]

    Pinocchio: I can walk!

    [falls back down clumsily]

    The Blue Fairy: Yes, Pinocchio. I've given you life.

    Pinocchio: Why?

    The Blue Fairy: Because tonight, Geppetto wished for a real boy.

    Pinocchio: Am I a real boy?

    The Blue Fairy: No, Pinocchio. To make Geppetto's wish come true will be entirely up to you.

    Pinocchio: Up to me?

    The Blue Fairy: Prove yourself brave, truthful and unselfish, and someday you *will* be a real boy.

  • The Blue Fairy: Pinocchio, why didn't you go to school?

    Jiminy Cricket: [Pinocchio looks up at him] Go ahead. Tell her.

    Pinocchio: I was going to school 'til I met somebody.

    The Blue Fairy: Met somebody?

    Pinocchio: Yeah, two big monsters, with big green eyes!

    [His nose grows a little]

    Pinocchio: Why, I...

    The Blue Fairy: Monsters? Weren't you afraid?

    Pinocchio: No, ma'am, but they tied me in a big sack.

    [His nose grows a little more and sprouts leaves]

    The Blue Fairy: You don't say? And where was Sir Jiminy?

    Pinocchio: Huh? Oh, Jiminy?

    Pinocchio: [Jumps in front of Pinocchio] Psst! Leave me out of this.

    Pinocchio: They put him in a little sack.

    [His nose grows even more, taking Jiminy along with it]

    The Blue Fairy: No!

    Pinocchio: Yeah!

    [His nose sprouts flowers]

    The Blue Fairy: How did you escape?

    Pinocchio: I didn't - they chopped me into firewood!

    [His nose grows again, and a nest with baby birds sprouts at the end of it]

    Pinocchio: Oh, look! My nose! What's happened?

    The Blue Fairy: Perhaps you haven't been telling the truth, Pinocchio.

    Jiminy Cricket: Perhaps?

    Pinocchio: Oh, but I have! Every single word!

    [the branch with the nest on his nose whithers, and the birds fly away, whistling]

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