Tessai Quotes in Ninja Scroll (1993)


Tessai Quotes:

  • Jubei: [ambushed by Tessai] No... I know the way now! So leave me alone, alright?

    Tessai: Not quite the right direction. The way to Hell is...

    [pins Jubei to a column]

    Tessai: RIGHT HERE!

    [punches him in the guts]

  • Jubei: [after getting beaten by Tessai] It hurts... that makes us even, doesn't it? Let's just call it quits!

    Tessai: Not until you have paid your debt.

    Jubei: That's not very smart... first of all, don't you think that if we keep this up, it's almost certain one of us is gonna die?

    Tessai: One of us? Yes.

    Jubei: [drags his sword to himself using a string] There's no reason we should kill each other...

    [flings the sword to himself and catches it]

    Jubei: That's the only sensible answer! Isn't it?

    Tessai: Well, answer THIS!

    [throws his sword at Jubei]

  • [Tessai is molesting Kagero]

    Jubei: Ahem.

    Tessai: Hey, piss off. I'm busy.

    [Jubei doesn't respond]

    Tessai: Can't you hear me? Beat it!

    [Jubei walks over to them]

    Jubei: Do me a favor - y-y'see, I'm lost and I need to find the quickest way from here to Kakio? I'm really sorry to bother you, but the highway was closed...

    [Tessai attacks him with his blades, but it only makes a cut in Jubei's sugegasa]

    Jubei: [ruefully] My best hat!

  • [Tessai chokes Kagero as she tries to resist his molestation]

    Tessai: Shut up. And perhaps I'll let you live just a little bit longer. Don't let it cross your mind that I wouldn't mind raping a dead girl.

    [she stops resisting; gets a concealed knife ready]

    Tessai: Better...

  • [Kagero tries to stab Tessai with a hidden knife, but it breaks against his stone body]

    Tessai: Nice try. I'll get rid of this pesky insect, and then I'll kill you!

    [turns his attentions to Jubei]

    Tessai: What now? You regret not running away?


    Jubei: No. As a matter of fact, I've been thinking about... your body. It seems to me that... your body can't be as hard as rock all over, now, can it?

    [throws a knife into Tessai's eye; he and Kagero escape]

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