Terry Randall Quotes in Stage Door (1937)


Terry Randall Quotes:

  • Terry Randall: [delivering her opening speech in the play within the movie] The calla lilies are in bloom again. Such a strange flower, suitable to any occasion. I carried them on my wedding day and now I place them here in memory of something that has died.

  • Terry Randall: [giving her curtain speech at the end of a trimphant opening night performance of the play within the movie] The person you should be applauding died a few hours ago. I hope that wherever she is, she knows and understands and forgives.

  • Terry Randall: I see that, in addition to your other charms, you have that insolence generated by an inferior upbringing.

    Jean Maitland: Hmm! Fancy clothes, fancy language and everything!

    Terry Randall: Unfortunately, I learned to speak English correctly.

    Jean Maitland: That won't be of much use to you here. We all talk pig latin.

  • Terry Randall: [entering the boarding house after trying the wrong door] How many doors are there to this place?

    Jean Maitland: Well, there's the trap door, the humidor, and the cuspidor. How many doors would you like?

  • Jean Maitland: Do you mind if I ask a personal question?

    Terry Randall: Another one?

    Jean Maitland: Are these trunks full of bodies?

    Terry Randall: Just those, but I don't intend to unpack them.

  • Terry Randall: [With a superior air, leaving the crowded living room of girls after many snappy wisecracks and lively banter among the group] It'd be a terrific innovation if you could get your minds stretched a little further than the next wisecrack.

  • Jean Maitland: We could leave the trunks here and sleep in the hall. There's no use crowding the trunks.

    Terry Randall: [meeting sarcasm with sarcasm] I don't know what we're going to do when the wolf hounds arrive. I hope you don't mind animals.

    Jean Maitland: Oh, not at all. I roomed with a great many of them before.

  • Miss Luther: I can't tell you how interested I was in your discussion of "Twelfth Night." It was so intelligent.

    Terry Randall: Oh, thank you very much. I'm afraid that the rest of the inmates didn't share your enthusiasm.

    Miss Luther: Barbarians! They've had no training, my dear, no training!

  • Terry Randall: The trouble with you is you're all trying to be comics. Don't you ever take anything seriously?

    Judy Canfield: After you've sat around for a year trying to get a job, you won't take anything seriously either.

    Terry Randall: Well, do you have to just sit around and do nothing about it?

    Judy Canfield: Maybe it's in the blood. My grandfather sat around until he was 80.

    Terry Randall: Well, my grandfather didn't. And if he and a lot of others hadn't crossed the country in a covered wagon, there'd still be Indians living in Wichita.

    Eve: Who do you think's living there now?

  • Terry Randall: You sound very superior. What have you ever done in the theater?

    Eve: Everything but burst out of a pie at a Rotarian banquet.

  • Jean Maitland: Did you ever dance with one of those Seattle romeos?

    Terry Randall: Maybe. I don't remember.

    Jean Maitland: Well, if you did, you'd remember it all right.

    Terry Randall: Why do you go out with them?

    Jean Maitland: I'll bite, why do I? They not only jump on you but they bore you to death.

  • Jean Maitland: Why don't you sell some of those clothes and live in a decent place.

    Terry Randall: Isn't this a decent place?

    Jean Maitland: No!

  • Terry Randall: I'm beginning to feel that there's something definitely wrong with me.

    Kay Hamilton: You're different, that's all.

    Terry Randall: Well, now, why? I eat the same food. I sleep in the same kind of bed. I've even got a crease across my back from that lumpy mattress. And I'm doing my best to pick up their slang. Though, I'm not so hot. How's that? Not so hot!

  • Jean Maitland: Why shouldn't I go out with him? I think he's very charming.

    Terry Randall: So are snakes.

  • Anthony Powell: Do you ever stop asking questions?

    Terry Randall: I just like to know why...

    Anthony Powell: You don't have to know anything. I'll do the talking.

  • Terry Randall: I'm not an emotional person.

    Anthony Powell: You will be when I get through with you. I'll mold you into one.

    Terry Randall: I don't want to be molded! I believe in acting with my brain.

    Anthony Powell: Well, I'll mold you one of those also.

  • Terry Randall: Tony, darling, control yourself.

    Anthony Powell: Don't Tony darling me!

  • Anthony Powell: You mean you'd jeopardize your own reputation? Aren't you a kind of a Girl Scout?

    Terry Randall: Just a girl who uses her brain.

  • Terry Randall: Anyhow, I wanted to show that I could act.

    Anthony Powell: You are a faker!

    Terry Randall: Oh, we're both fakers. Isn't faking the essence of acting?

    Anthony Powell: Well, it may apply to acting, but it does not apply to me.

    Terry Randall: You, you're a bigger faker than I am.

    Anthony Powell: That's libel!

    Terry Randall: Not if I can prove it.

  • Terry Randall: There's an old saying that you don't have to be a hen to know a bad egg.

  • Anthony Powell: Miss Randall, I'll have to ask you to pay attention to the Director.

    Terry Randall: Well, what am I supposed to do? Walk around like a puppet or use my intelligence?

    Anthony Powell: You're to do what your told!

    Terry Randall: Don't yell at me!

    Anthony Powell: I am yelling at you!

  • Kay Hamilton: Here, you sit down and I'll get you some tea.

    Terry Randall: The condemned woman drank her hearty supper.

    Kay Hamilton: I felt the same way. I felt like running and hiding from everyone. But, after that opening speech, there's a thrill you'll never forget. It's a thrill that only comes once.

    Terry Randall: Thrill? I can't make out whether it's a thrill or agony.

    Kay Hamilton: It's both.

  • Eve: I'll never put my trust in males again.

    Terry Randall: What happened to Eve?

    Jean Maitland: She's broken hearted. Henry's in a cat hospital.

    Terry Randall: An accident?

    Jean Maitland: He just had a litter of kittens.

    Terry Randall: Well, that's easy to solve. Change his name to Henrietta.

  • Susan: Hang onto your chairs girls, we're going to get another load of Shakespeare.

    Terry Randall: Is it against the rules of the house to discuss the classics?

    Eve: No. Go right ahead. I won't take my sleeping pill tonight.

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