Terry Collier Quotes in The Likely Lads (1976)


Terry Collier Quotes:

  • Terry Collier: I'd offer you a beer, but I've only got six cans.

  • Bob: In the chocolate box of life the top layer's already gone. And someone's pinched the orange creme from the bottom.

    Terry Collier: Bloody hell.

  • Terry Collier: Back in time for a drink, watch the box this afternoon - that's what a weekend should be - sport, sleep, slippers and sex.

    Bob: Not necessarily in that order.

  • Terry Collier: Oh Chris, I can't stand saying goodbye like this.

    Christina: You really mean that?

    Terry Collier: Yeah - you finish packing, I'm going to the pub.

  • Bob: Did Thelma call?

    Terry Collier: No.

    Bob: Are you sure?

    Terry Collier: We don't have a phone.

  • Terry Collier: That's just one of life's bitter ironies Bob.

    Bob: I suffer a lot from those.

  • Bob: When it comes to women you're hardly Omar Sharif.

    Terry Collier: If Omar Sharif lived in Gateshead I doubt he'd be Omar Sharif.

  • Bob: I bet we could go right round the world and you'd have a pat response ready.

    Terry Collier: I've travelled man, I've seen a bit of the world now you know.

    Bob: What do you think of Koreans, for instance?

    Terry Collier: Not to be trusted. Cruel people. Much the same as all Orientals.

    Bob: That's a third of the world's population dismissed in a phrase. Russians?

    Terry Collier: Sinister.

    Bob: Egyptians?

    Terry Collier: Cowardly.

    Bob: Oh? I thought you might have saved that for Italians.

    Terry Collier: No, no, they're greasy aren't they? Not as greasy as the French mind.

    Bob: Germans?

    Terry Collier: Arrogant.

    Bob: Spaniards?

    Terry Collier: Lazy.

    Bob: Danes?

    Terry Collier: Pornographic.

    Bob: Well that's just about everyone. Oh, Americans?

    Terry Collier: Well, they're flash aren't they?

    Bob: So it's just down to the British, is it?

    Terry Collier: Well, I haven't got much time for the Irish or the Welsh, and the Scots are worse than the Koreans.

    Bob: And you never could stand Southerners.

    Terry Collier: To tell you the truth I don't like anybody much outside this town. And there's a lot of families in our street I can't stand either. Come to think of it, I don't even like the people next door.

    Bob: I see, so from the distant blue Pacific through the barren wastes of Manchuria, to 127 Inkerman Terrace, you can't abide anyone.

  • Bob: These streets are ugly, but they have a kind of beauty.

    Terry Collier: Working class sentiment is the indulgence of working peopled created through football and rock-and-roll or people like you who moved out to the elm lodge housing estate at the earliest opportunity.

    Bob: Well I didn't want my kids growing up in these streets.

  • Bob: Nobody cares, nobody's moved by the occasion.

    Terry Collier: Residents are, moved to a highrise.

  • Bob: Of course you always had an irresistible sexual magnetism.

    Terry Collier: True but its not just that.

    Bob: What is it then, I'm dying to know!

    Terry Collier: Well once I've got them up here, there's no way they're going to risk leavin this dodgy area after dark.

  • Terry Collier: You kicked it up there!

    Bob: Not on purpose, was only making a strong clearance.

  • Fireman: We've got better things to do with taxpayers money.

    Bob: I'm sorry, when I get to the top I just lost me nerve.

    Terry Collier: Keeps your hand in doesn't it, better than polishing your bell up all afternoon.

  • Bob: Mind you my wife isn't really with me.

    Terry Collier: In town though.

    Bob: Out of sight, out of mind.

    Terry Collier: Good thinking Bob.

  • Terry Collier: [to young couple kissing passionately in lift] It's young Marsha isn't it, shouldn't you be in bed?

    Marsha: We'd rather be but dad's in, that's why we're in the lift.

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