Terry Brogan Quotes in Against All Odds (1984)


Terry Brogan Quotes:

  • Jake Wise: What the hell made you think you could handle Jessie? I bet you used to bring her home flowers.

    Terry Brogan: No, you don't have to do that when you're living in the jungle. You just take her outside and show her what tree you're going to do it under tonight. Hell, we had lots of trees.

  • Terry Brogan: So what is it you don't like exactly, football players, tacos, or beer?

    Jessie Wyler: I like tacos and beer.

  • Jessie Wyler: [Upset] Jake hates me. My family hates me. Everyone hates me! I don't believe you've come all this was just to find me.

    Terry Brogan: Guys are crippling themselves for you, lady. I could give a shit what you believe.

  • [first lines]

    Terry Brogan: Señor! Have you, uh, seen this woman?

    Taxi driver: Oh - no, sir.

    Terry Brogan: Gracias.

  • Jessie Wyler: I think about you.

    Terry Brogan: I think about you too lady. Let's leave it at that.

  • [last lines]

    Ben Caxton: Remember, Brogan - you're out of her life.

    Terry Brogan: Figure that's up to her. You're not going to control us forever.

  • Jake Wise: Look, I was a bit of an asshole. You know, I got crazy and I popped her a few times, she came after me with a knife. Just missed my balls.

    Terry Brogan: And was she going for them?

    Jake Wise: Don't they all?

  • Terry Brogan: Say, eh, there's not too much going on on this island. Do you know where I can go to have a good time?

    Jessie Wyler: Get off the island. The ferry leaves every morning.

  • Terry Brogan: Can I buy you a drink or somethin'?

    Jessie Wyler: Nope.

    Terry Brogan: How about a taco?

  • Jessie Wyler: Would you like a drink?

    Terry Brogan: Alright, that'd be great.

    Jessie Wyler: Is Tequila okay?

  • Terry Brogan: I ought to get going.

    Jessie Wyler: Why? What'd you come here for?

  • Jessie Wyler: It is just so hard for me to trust anyone!

    Terry Brogan: I'm not anyone.

    Jessie Wyler: I know. I know you're not and I'm trying. I *want* to trust you! God, I love you! Oh, I love you.

    Terry Brogan: Hey, come on, the Park's closing. Let's go to the sweat house.

  • Terry Brogan: I keep trying to think which thing I did in my life made me deserve you.

    Jessie Wyler: Go to hell.

    Terry Brogan: Oh, I have, you know that, lady!

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