Terrier Quotes in The Gunman (2015)


Terrier Quotes:

  • Barnes: Need a light? Mind if I sit down? I think I might have one with you. You ever have one of those days when every law is Murphy's Law? Everything's going wrong and everyone wants to kill you for something. Got some heavy s*** going on up there today.

    Terrier: Is that right?

    Barnes: Oh yeah, one of the companies in that building got a surprise visit from Interpol. You know Interpol?

  • Cox: I can see the company's perspective. You're the last real threat on the table.

    Terrier: Then we've got nothing left to talk about.

  • Terrier: I hope you don't mind, I gave him your address. He's coming out here and we're gonna go hunting from here.

    Felix: Hunting? For what?

    Terrier: Whatever's in season. I just need to shoot something.

  • Felix: You keep a diary of the horror we created? It never happened!

    Terrier: That's the way you want to play it with me? You did your part, I did mine. We all find a way to justify it.

  • Felix: You are our designated trigger, Jim.

    Terrier: I had a feeling.

  • Terrier: What do you see in him?

    Annie: If a firefighter saves you from a fire, there is a debt.

  • Annie: Do you have to go to work today?

    Terrier: I've got to grab some stuff then go out to the site.

    Annie: Will you work late?

    Terrier: I'm hoping not.

    Annie: What are you doing over there?

  • Terrier: We did some bad things. I did some bad things.

    Annie: Tell me.

    Terrier: We thought we were helping but it didn't work out that way.

  • Terrier: I recorded everything. I'm going to throw it out where the world can see it.

    Felix: Really? Really?

  • Terrier: The company's clearing house.

    Stanley: You have to expose them.

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