Terri Quotes in Monsters University (2013)


Terri Quotes:

  • Mike Wazowski: Um, h... hello? Fella

    [as he and Sully walk down the basement into a candlelit are, where O.K fraternity surround it, wearing black clocks]

    Don: Do you, pledge your souls to the Oozma Kappa brotherhood.

    Mike Wazowski: [Terri and Terry hit Mike with a cricket bat] OW!

    Terry: Do you swear to keep secret.

    Terri: All that you learn

    Art: No matter, how horrifying.

    Sulley: [Squishy hit Sulley with cricket bat] Hey!

    Squishy: Will take the scared oath of the...

    [initiation interrupted by someone, turning on the lights]

    Don: For crying out loud.

    Ms. Squibbles: Sweetie, turn the lights on when your down here. You're going ruin your eyes.


    Ms. Squibbles: Oh Scary, well go on. Just pretend that I'm not here

    [turns off half the lights, and walk downstairs to the washing machine]

    Squishy: This is my mom's house. Do you promise to look out for your brothers?

    [Mrs. Squibbles turns on the laundry dial loudly]

    Squishy: No what the peril?

    [Laundry machine runs noisily]


  • Terri: [while taking her wedding picture with Calvin] Thanks for introducing me to Rashad.

  • Terri: Hey Gina, is that monkeyfish, catbread lady going to be here today?

  • Terri: Who drank my goddamn apple juice?

    Calvin: Whoa! Terri, stop cussing. This ain't Def Comedy Jam!

  • Dinka: [answering phone] Barbershop. Oh.

    Dinka: [to Terri] Terri, it's Kevin.

    Terri: I'm not here.

    Dinka: What?

    Terri: I'm *not here*!

    Dinka: [into phone] I know you heard that!

    [hangs up receiver]

  • [repeated line/entering barbershop on DVD]

    Terri: Who drank my apple juice?

  • Terri: Don't touch my stuff no more, or there *will* be reprecussions...

    Jimmy: You know what, "reprecussion" my nuts!

    Terri: *Grow* some!

    Eddie: Well, you heard that, didn't you, "Planters"?

  • Jimmy: Let me tell you somethin'... you will *never* own a Black barbershop!

    Isaac: I will if I want to.

    Terri: If Tony Roma can make ribs better than Black people, Isaac can own a Black barbershop...

    Calvin: Wait a minute..."ribs better than Black people?"

    Jimmy: Tony Roma boils his ribs! That is *not* authentic!

    Dinka: Tony Roma is delicious! I don't see White or Black... I just see red sauce on everyt'ing!

  • Terri: The day after the party, the county sherrif went in with his deputies. They found the bodies, or rather what was left of them. They were chopped, graded, sliced and diced, totally toasted! I'm talking ground-round.

    Bibi: [disgusted] Terri!

    Terri: Their relatives could barely identify them, but they did. Every one of them, everyone except Angela.

    Shirley Finnerty: Angela?

    Bibi: The girl who threw the party. They searched the property over and over, high and low... But never found her body.

    Terri: They say it's because she descended into Hell, body & soul and now she's Satan's favourite.

    Shirley Finnerty: She's probably sitting on his big spike right now!

  • Terri: Sister, is it a sin to kiss a boy? I mean if you really really like him.

    Sister Gloria: A kiss is a sin when it is an upper persuasion for a lower invasion.

  • Bibi: Hey, Mouse is all right. She's just had it little rough, that's all.

    Shirley Finnerty: A little rough? So who hasn't?

    Terri: Well, listen to this: About a year ago her parents were sent a weird Halloween card. It was home-made and really creepy; like decorated with dead bugs and dried blood, totally disgusting... anyway it was signed by Angela.

    Bibi: They really took it hard. Everyone tried to convince them that it was just a really bad joke, but they swore it was her signature.

    Terri: A year later they both comitted suicide.

    Shirley Finnerty: [excited] Suicide...

    Bibi: That's why she's here. She's an orphan.

    Shirley Finnerty: No shit! Just a charity case.

  • Terri: [after sex] Where are you going?

    Jerry: [Bitter] Out. I wanna talk, I wanna chat.

    Terri: We can talk. I just don't want something up my ass while we're doing it.

  • Jerry: [about talking during sex] I'll talk as much as I like.

    Terri: Yeah? Well I hope she likes it 'cause you won't be fucking me.

  • [During sex]

    Terri: Is there any chance you could shut the fuck up?

  • Terri: I don't get you at all. I mean, always with the goddamn semiotics. It's a gift. Can't it just be what it is? It's a bracelet. Shit.

  • Terri: [to Jerry] That's my advice to you: Grow the fuck up.

  • Jerry: The guy's practically my best friend...

    Terri: Oh, don't even fucking use that! Alright? Best friend? That is bullshit! Try saying friend when you're down there lapping between his wife's legs. See how it sounds then.

  • Terri: It's over. Thanks so much, it was lovely. I'll get the rest of my stuff later.

  • Terri: Why do you find it so hard to fathom that I'd want to be with a woman? I mean, I wanted to be with you. Now I want to be with her. That's all.

  • Cary: Okay, I see. You're a real piece of work, you know that?

    Terri: That's great.

    Cary: Nobody actually likes you, you're aware of this?

    Terri: Are you for real? Nobody likes you either.

    Cary: I don't get your kind. You women are all the same. You give my friend nothing but grief, always coming off like some dyke bitch. How do you live with yourself?

    Terri: What the fuck is the matter with you? You treat women like sex objects then real people.

    Cary: Hey, you don't want to have a drink with me, that's fine. I can take a hint. I have a healthy self image. But you keep dicking around people I know and one of these days I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna knock you on your ass. You are a useless cunt! Get use to it!

  • Terri: If we got sex out of the way, we could relax.

  • [last lines]

    Terri: Can I offer you something ? Coffee ? Tea ?

    Becker: Yes, please.

  • Terri: Maybe you shouldn't drink so much.

    Ben Sanderson: Maybe I shouldn't breathe so much Terri. HIHI!

  • Ben Sanderson: [to a woman at the bar] What's your name?

    Terri: Terri.

    Ben Sanderson: Terri, I am going to buy you a drink.

    Terri: I'm OK, thanks.

    Ben Sanderson: Bud, please. Buy the lady a drink and another one for you. I'm Benjamin. Ben. Benny Goodman, that's me. I think you're sexy. That's right. Look at those eyes. Sexy like a kitty cat.


    Ben Sanderson: You turn me on, bar-rum, you turn me on, bar-rum, you're not too long, you're not too short, you're not too round, bar-rum, you're like a cat, the cat in the hat. Look at those eyes. Honest to God. You're luminescent, baby. What?

    Terri: You've been drinking all day.

  • Terri: [to Scott] I ought to let you hang, you pervert!

  • Terri: [to Scott who stepped into a trap] Don't go anywhere.

    Scott: Very funny.

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