Tender Heart Bear Quotes in The Care Bears Movie (1985)


Tender Heart Bear Quotes:

  • Tender Heart Bear: Nicholas, what have you done?

    Nicholas: Only what they did to me. They deserved it.

    Tender Heart Bear: No, Nicholas. Please, listen!

    The Spirit: Quick, Nicholas!

    Nicholas: "Nyx... byx... styx!"

    The Spirit: This is only the beginning.

    Tender Heart Bear: This is a job for all the Care Bears!

  • Funshine Bear: Tenderheart! Tenderheart! The caring meter dropped two whole points!

    [everyone gasps]

    Love-a-Lot-Bear: A lot of people must have suddenly just stopped caring.

    Kim: What could have caused that?

    Tender Heart Bear: The same thing that caused the cloud quake. A boy named Nicholas is being taken over by an evil spirit.

    Jason: An evil spirit?

    Kim: So, what happens when the caring meter drops to zero?

    Love-a-Lot-Bear: No one in the world will care anymore.

    [Secret Bear whispers to Kim]

    Kim: And the end of Care-A-Lot?

    Tender Heart Bear: I think that's exactly what the spirit has in mind!

  • Tender Heart Bear: Kim! Jason! We're ready! All set?

    Kim: No. We're not going to the orphanage. We're going to help you.

    Jason: Yeah.

    Tender Heart Bear: But... you have parents waiting.

    Jason: We've made up our minds.

    Kim: You showed us how to share our feelings, and that's just what we're going to do.

    Tender Heart Bear: Yeah? Really?

    KimJason: Yeah.

  • Lotsa Heart Elephant: I think things will get a lot easier now that we're together, Brave Heart.

    Brave Heart Lion: I couldn't agree with you more, Lotsa Heart. Soon, you'll be out of the Forest of Feelings, then your journey will really begin.

    Jason: You're not coming with us?

    Brave Heart Lion: Well... yes... if you think we could help.

    Tender Heart Bear: Glad to have you along. We can use all the help we can get!

    Brave Heart Lion: Well, in that case...


    Lotsa Heart Elephant: [trumpets]

    Brave Heart Lion: We're calling for the Loyal Hearts where ever they may be!

    Lotsa Heart Elephant: We're calling for the Proud Hearts to come and follow me!

    Brave Heart Lion: We're calling for the Gentle Hearts to keep us company!

    Lotsa Heart Elephant: And it would be a Treat Heart if you would follow me!

    Lotsa Heart ElephantBrave Heart Lion: [singing] 'Cuz there's a job to be done, we're gonna need everyone / because nobody can do it alone. / We'll need the swift and the small, we'll need the strong and the tall / 'cuz everyone has a strength of their own. / And when you put it all together, / Then there's a power no one can deny. / It's the power to share, it's the power to care / 'cuz when you care, you're not afraid to try!

  • Friend Bear: Swift Heart, are you alright?

    Swift Heart Rabbit: You bet, Friend Bear! It takes more than that to slow me down!

    Love-a-Lot-Bear: Where are Kim and Jason?

    Gentle Heart Lamb: Maybe they're hiding and are afraid to show themselves.

    Tender Heart Bear: Okay, Brave Heart, you round up your friends and try to find Kim and Jason. Care Bears, follow me.

    Cozy Heart Penguin: What are you going to do, Tender Heart?

    Tender Heart Bear: We have to try and get through to Nicholas.

    Share Bear: And make him believe that we really do care about him.

    Love-a-Lot-Bear: And that he really cares about everyone else.

    Cozy Heart Penguin: With a Care Bear stare?

    Share Bear: That's right, Cozy Heart.

    Gentle Heart Lamb: I wish there was some way we could express our feelings like that.

    Friend Bear: There's always a way around others to share your feelings, Gentle Heart. Always.

  • Tender Heart Bear: Jason, do you still have the key that I gave you?

    Jason: Sure do.

    Tender Heart Bear: Good. Now promise me that you and Kim will stay as far away from Nicholas and the spirit as you can.

    Jason: But I want to help.

    Tender Heart Bear: You can help best by guarding that key.

    Jason: But...

    Tender Heart Bear: If we lose that key, Jason, we can never win.

    Jason: I understand, Tender Heart. You can count on me.

  • Cozy Heart Penguin: I'm Cozy Heart Penguin. Helping someone in need is what warms my heart and keeps me cozy.

    [Cozy Heart splashes in the water and gets Tender Heart all wet]

    Tender Heart Bear: Brrr! Well, it must work, Cozy Heart. This water is freezing!

    Cozy Heart Penguin: I love it!

  • Brave Heart Lion: A world without caring? This doesn't look like the Earth you talked about.

    Tender Heart Bear: We've got stop it before it gets worse.

    Gentle Heart Lamb: I don't think this place could get any worse.

  • Tender Heart Bear: Our friends at the Forest of Feelings have proven to everyone that there's always a way to show that you care. And so, the purpose of this festive occasion is to let all bear witness to the inaguration of our friends into the Care Bear Family!

  • The Spirit: Well done, Nicholas. He'll be in a deep sleep only long enough for you to take over his magic show.

    Nicholas: But I... I couldn't!

    The Spirit: Yes, you can. You must! This is your chance to show that you are a greater magician than he. They love him for his magic, they'll love you for your's. I'll help you.

    Tender Heart Bear: Nicholas! Stop! This isn't the way to make friends!

    Nicholas: Who are you?

    Tender Heart Bear: I'm Tender Heart. A Care Bear. Your friend.

    The Spirit: Friend? Where was he when you needed him?

    Tender Heart Bear: What matters is I'm here now, and Nicholas needs me the most.

    [the Spirit angrily growls and blows Tender Heart away]

    The Spirit: See, Nicholas? Magic can do anything you want it to.

    Nicholas: Hey, neat!

    Tender Heart Bear: Magic isn't the answer, Nicholas. Your feelings can help you find the true answer.

    The Spirit: Don't listen to him! There are dozens of children out there waiting to see your magic.

    Nicholas: They'll love me just like they did the Great Fetuccini! I know all his tricks. I'm not doing anything wrong.

    Tender Heart Bear: He won't succeed! The spirit doesn't care about him, but I do!

  • Tender Heart Bear: We care about everyone, even when they don't care about us.

    Friend Bear: And right now, the one we care about most is you, Nicholas. You.

  • Friend Bear: As long as Kim and Jason still care, his spell is not complete.

    Bright Heart Raccoon: Maybe we can still save him.

    Tender Heart Bear: We can still save him!

    Gentle Heart Lamb: But how?

    Tender Heart Bear: Just feel it.

  • Tender Heart Bear: Lotsa Heart, do you think this river might lead us down to Earth?

    Lotsa Heart Elephant: Well, it has to go somewhere.

  • [as the audience laughs at Nicholas]

    Nicholas: Make them stop laughing! Make them stop!

    The Spirit: Only you can do that. Here - teach them a lesson.

    Nicholas: A lesson?

    Kid in audience: Come on! Make us laugh!

    The Spirit: One they'll never forget!

    Nicholas: [reads] Simmer-sot, Ra dee tar...

    Tender Heart Bear: Nicholas, no!

    Nicholas: ...Tazork nee!

    [There is a thunderclap. The kids in the audience instantly start brawling]

    The Spirit: Now they know how you've felt all your life, without a friend in the world. Now, they feel nothing!

  • Tender Heart Bear: Quick! Run for cover! It's coming! Brace yourselves!

    Friend Bear: What's coming?

    [a huge cloud quake happens]

    Kim: Everyone okay? Cheer Bear?

    Cheer Bear: I think so.

    Grumpy Bear: Too bad we can't say the same for Care-A-Lot. Look.

    Kim: Oh no!

    Friend Bear: Everything's broken! Faded! Ruined!

  • Wish Bear: I've sighted parents for you at the orphanage! They want to adopt you both!

    Cheer Bear: Congratulations, Kim and Jason!

    Tender Heart Bear: Come on, Grumpy! Let's warm up the rainbow rescue beam! Kim and Jason have to get back in a hurry!

    Kim: You hear that, Jason? Parents.

    Jason: Yeah. I thought we'd never have parents.

    Kim: Yeah.

    Jason: But... Kim...

    Kim: I know, Jason. Our friends. They're in trouble.

  • Tender Heart Bear: Jason! Kim! You're alright!

    Kim: Thanks to our new friends.

    Tender Heart Bear: I know exactly what you mean.

  • Nicholas: Where are they? Where are you hiding the boy and girl?

    Tender Heart Bear: You don't know what you're doing, Nicholas! Listen to your heart, and you'll find the truth!

    Nicholas: WHERE ARE THEY?

    Tender Heart Bear: Care Bears, STARE!

  • [trapped in a cave]

    Tender Heart Bear: I can't see a thing.

    Bright Heart Raccoon: [appears] Steer to the left!

    Tender Heart Bear: Who said that?

    Lotsa Heart Elephant: Not me.

    Funshine Bear: Neither did I.

    Cozy Heart Penguin: Wasn't me.

    Bright Heart Raccoon: It was me! I said it!

    Tender Heart Bear: Who are you?

    Bright Heart Raccoon: Don't ask questions - steer left, quick!

    Tender Heart Bear: Hang on, everyone.

    Bright Heart Raccoon: Whew! That was close - you almost smashed right into that big rock!

    Funshine Bear: Look, I see light up ahead.

    [the ship comes into the light again]

    Tender Heart Bear: A raccoon? No wonder you could see in the dark.

    Lotsa Heart Elephant: Not just a raccoon - Bright Heart Raccoon.

    Bright Heart Raccoon: I can usually see my way through anything.

  • Harmony Bear: This is going to be a wonderful party, Tender Heart.

    Tender Heart Bear: You said it, Harmony Bear. Noble Heart and True Heart will really be surprised.

    Grumpy Bear: Not if they get back before we're finished setting it up.

    Tender Heart Bear: We have plenty of time to spare, Grumpy Bear. Actually, everything's ready now.

    Grumpy Bear: That's because I've been doing double duty.

  • Tender Heart Bear: This is all of us that are left.

    Share Bear: What can we do? We were so very many, and now we're so very very few.

    Brave Heart Lion: Well, we can't just stop helping people! We can't stop caring!

    Tender Heart Bear: Brave Heart's right, and Dark Heart knows it. But every time we try to help someone down on Earth, that someone could be Christy setting another trap.

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