Teegra Quotes in Fire and Ice (1983)


Teegra Quotes:

  • Teegra: Nekron, you're a great power in the world. You have all that any man ever wants or needed... and yet you despair. For there is one thing you lack - one gift that only you can bestow between our people. Peace. This is the gift that heals the heart of the giver. Nekron, I extend my hand in friendship. I offer peace between our people. Will you not take my hand? Will you not call me friend?

    Nekron: Woman, I spit on peace. I spit on you.

  • Larn: Well if you want it, take it.

    Teegra: I am not... a thief

  • Teegra: Sometimes in the night... I'm so afraid.

  • Teegra: It's getting colder.

    Larn: Cold comes from Nekron.

    Teegra: I know.

  • Larn: Where are you going?

    Teegra: I'm going home to my people.

    Larn: Where's home?

    Teegra: Far away... to the South.

    Larn: I'm going South too.

    Teegra: Yeah. Well you can come along... if you behave yourself.

    Larn: If I behave myself.

    Teegra: Ha ha ha ha ha.

  • Teegra: But, Father, I want to be with you when you meet Nekron's men.

    Jarol: You will serve your people better here with your studies, my daughter. Give me your love.

    Teegra: You have it always, Father.

  • Teegra: Larn

    Larn: Teegra, is that you?

    Larn: Teegra, are you all right?

    Teegra: Yes. I'm trying to unlock the door.

    Larn: Never mind the door. You've got to get out of here.

    Teegra: I'm not leaving without you. Maybe I can get a key somehow.

    Larn: No, Teegra, don't.

  • Teegra: No, Larn! No, it's over, don't you see? We have to start over.

  • Tutor: All matter in our world is from the natural bases... which are earth, air, fire and water; the four elements from which all things are created.

    Teegra: How can you talk about elements when the war draws nearer to us ever hour?

    Tutor: Princess Teegra, we all have our duty. Your father's duty is to be king and lead. Your brother's duty is to soldier. Your duty is to learn.

    Teegra: You mean my duty is to stay shut up... while all the men do the fighting and share all the glory. Well we think that stinks. Don't we, Shaitan?

  • Larn: Not so close, you'll burn it.

    Teegra: I've always lived close to a fire.

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