Tanya Mousekewitz Quotes in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991)


Tanya Mousekewitz Quotes:

  • Tanya Mousekewitz: Look Mama, a singer... and an actor.

    Mama Mousekewitz: Tanya, stop that! You shouldn't stare at people less fortunate than yourself.

  • Tanya Mousekewitz: [admiring her new dress and makeup] I look like a real lady.

    Miss Kitty: Remember, the real lady is what's underneath the mask.

  • Tanya Mousekewitz: Poppa, they're throwing vegetables at me AGAIN.

    Papa Mousekiwitz: Keep singing and they might throw some fruit for dessert.

  • [Fievel catches up with Tanya after she sang her song to the cats]

    Fievel: Tanya, let's get out of here!

    Tanya Mousekewitz: [dramatically] I must stay. My public needs me.

    Fievel: I can't leave you here; it's dangerous!

    [Tanya writes Fievel a note and leaves]

    Fievel: [reads slowly] 'Thank you for your adulation'?

    [minus Fievel, the whole picture goes black, Fievel is doomed]

    Fievel: Tanya!

  • Tanya Mousekewitz: Someday, I'll be a big star. People will come from miles around...

    Fievel: Yeah. To eat.

  • Tanya Mousekewitz: [singing to the tune of The Star Spangled Banner] Oh, say, can you see? You're on a mousetrap, so...

    Cat R. Waul: [panicky] No, no, no, stop! You'll crush the diva!

    Tanya Mousekewitz: ...FLEE!

  • Papa Mousekiwitz: I thought things would be better in America. In Russia, my violins were famous. At least we never went hungry.

    Fievel: Maybe Tanya shouldn't sing again.

    Tanya Mousekewitz: Very funny.

  • Papa Mousekiwitz: They call America the land of oppurtunity. Oppurtunity for what? For children to play in the filthy streets? To never see the sun shine? Fievel's birthday is coming! And we don't even have enough money for presents.

    Fievel: Oh, Papa, I don't care.

    Tanya Mousekewitz: I could always sing in front of the gift shop, and maybe they'll throw presents.

    Papa Mousekiwitz: How sweetly blessed I am to have such fine children! Maybe things will get better!

  • Papa Mousekewitz: You are calling for a Fillie Mousekewitz, right? Tell my daugther his name is Fillie and not Fievel.

    Tony Toponi: His name's Fillie.

    Papa Mousekewitz: You see?

    Tony Toponi: ...and Fievel.

    Papa Mousekewitz: And Fievel... and Fievel?

    Tanya Mousekewitz: Papa.

    Papa Mousekewitz: No, there are many Fievel Mouskewitzes in New York, maybe thousands! It could still be another Fievel Mousekewitz.

    Mama Mousekewitz: No, Papa. Look.

    [Holds up Fievel's hat]

  • Papa Mousekewitz: For Tanya, a new papushka. Happy Hannauka.

    Tanya Mousekewitz: Oh, Papa, thank you.

    Mama Mousekewitz: You have only one parent?

    Tanya Mousekewitz: Thank you, Mama.

  • Tanya Mousekewitz: Papa, why'd they change my name to Tilly?

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