Tanya Quotes in Snowpiercer (2013)


Tanya Quotes:

  • Tanya: Look at all those beds... Where is everybody?

    Edgar: Looks like they were in a hurry.

  • Tanya: [to Curtis after Gilliam is executed] You have to lead us.

  • Tanya: Hey, do you think we should untie him?

    Roxie: Hell no. That's what he wanted.

    Tanya: That was the easiest hundred I ever made. Oops! I forgot my panties girl!

    [starts heading back to motel room]

    Roxie: [stops her] Don't bother. The old buzzard probably ate 'em.

  • Edward Cullen: [after learning the Volturi intend to use Renesmee as an excuse to destroy the Cullens and force Alice to join them] What makes you think they'll be satisfied with Alice? What's to stop them from going after Benjamin next? Or Zafrina, or Kate, or anyone else here. Anyone they want. Their goal isn't punishment. It's power, it's acquisition. Carlisle might not ask you to fight, but I will. For the sake of my family, but also for yours. For the way you want to live.

    Jacob Black: [stands up] The packs will fight. They've never been afraid of vampires.

    Tanya: [the Denali Coven stands] We will fight.

    Garrett: [steps forward] This wouldn't be the first time I've fought a king's rule.

    Benjamin: [Benjamin stands] We will join you.

    Amun: [glances at Benjamin] No!

    Benjamin: [glances back at Amun] I will do the right thing, Amun. You may do as you please.

    Senna: [as Bella stands] We will stand with you.

    Siobhan: [the Irish Coven stands] So will we.

    [Peter and Charlotte step forward and nod in support]

    Vladimir: That didn't take long.

  • [Talking about She]

    Tanya: She's wicked I tell you.

    Leo: Aw, don't be too hard on her. She's strange - and wonderful.

  • Donald Clarke: What's sex like? Really like? Well, there's just a few things I'd like to clear up before - we...

    Tanya: Well, when you're with the right person, you could say it's like... it's like a competition - where you're both trying to let the other side win.

  • Tanya: I'm not some little Orphan Ernie.

  • Sky: You must be Tanya. I've heard so much about you.

    Tanya: Oh. All bad, I hope.

    Sky: Yes.

    Donna: And all true!

  • Rosie: [to Donna, holding up Tanya's underwear] Does she wear it or floss with it?

    Tanya: Floss you!

    Donna: Is it edible Tanya?

  • Tanya: [before singing 'Does Your Mother Know'] Little boys who play with fire get their fingers burned.

  • Rosie: Excuse me! Coming through! I have a senior citizen with me. Thank you. My mother needs a perch.

    Tanya: Mother? We're the same age!

    Rosie: Yeah. Well, parts of us are.

  • Pepper: [preparing a cocktail for Tanya] Now, baby, this should tickle your taste buds.

    Tanya: Down, big fella. I'm old enough to be your mother.

    Rosie: Grandmother.

  • Donna: [about the possible dads] I don't know where they are, I don't know why they're here, and I have brought this all on myself because I was a stupid, reckless little slut!

    Tanya: Whoa-ho-ho-ho! Don't you sound like your mother!

  • Harry Bright: Donna must be tearing her hair out doing this wedding on her own. What would the father of the bride normally do?

    Tanya: Pay.


    Tanya: Though my dad drew the line at my third.

  • Rosie: [regarding Sam, Bill and Harry] Now, listen, listen, what we're gonna do is... we'll get them plastered tonight, and then tomorrow, Tanya and I will take them fishing.

    Tanya: Fishing? Oh, please!

    Rosie: What do you suggest we do with three men?

    Tanya: Well, then, now, THAT takes me back.

  • Tanya: Whatever happened to our Donna? Life and soul of the party! El Rock Chick Supremo!

    Donna: I grew up.

    Tanya: Well, then, grow back down again!

  • Tanya: [to Sophie] I bet you don't remember me.

    Rosie: Not with all that plastic surgery.

  • Tanya: All that fricking yoga's made my feet bigger.

  • Rosie: [talking about Sophie] She's a chip off the old block!

    Donna: If she were more like *me*, she wouldn't be getting married at 20.

    Tanya: Or married at all!

  • Donna: Sky! Come meet my backup girls.

    RosieTanya: Backup girls, my arse!

  • Tanya: [when a crack appears in the courtyard] What's going on?

    Donna: [laughs] D'you feel it? The earth moved, darling. We're falling apart here.

    [she snatches the bottle of champagne from Tanya's hands and walks off]

    Donna: Don't think about it. Come on. Let's go have fun.

  • Tanya: [talking about Donna's money troubles and her life in general] Yeah, but are you being taken care of?

    Donna: What do you mean?

    Tanya: Are you getting any?

    Donna: Oh, you mean...

    [turns on the drill, making loud noises]

    Donna: [to the drill] Down, boy. Down, boy! No, it takes too much energy.

    Rosie: Yeah, just more plumbing to be maintained, isn't it?

  • Tanya: [looks in the basket that a local woman is holding] Waaaaaahhh!

    [Tanya catches herself]

    Rosie: It's just a fish!

    [some people chuckle around them]

  • Tanya: [to Rita] You take the top and I'll take the bottom. Just try it.

  • Tanya: Tell Will he gets the job as soon as passes a drug test.

    Charlie: Drug test? Is that a multiple choice?

  • Tanya: I can tell when a man wants to work. I can also tell when a man wants to play.

  • Tanya: We should get together soon.

    Roger: Absolutely!

    Tanya: We're neighbors. We shouldn't be strangers.

    Roger: I couldn't agree more at any other time.

  • Tanya: Hi. Ready to play?

  • Tanya: No, screw him! I mean, he'll be fine.

  • Tanya: I feel just awful the way I treated them while they were alive. Like this one time... they asked me if I would like to go on a double date. They didn't want me to bring a girlfriend. They just wanted me and the two of them... together. A sort of threesome. I thought they were 'tards or something...

    [starts crying]

    Tanya: So... I told them to go blow each other.

    Randy: Wow! Did they?

  • Paul: Tanya, you're so sexy and beautiful but I... I don't think we should do that anymore. You know, what we have is really fun and easy. But I don't wanna be that... that 50 year old guy who's just hangin' out you know. I really... I really do wanna have a family and I need to be doing that with someone who's like... like ready to go there with me.

    Tanya: [sad and surprised] Oh.

    [looks away]

    Paul: Tanya!

    Tanya: [nods] Yeah. Fuck you.

    [gets up and walks away]

  • Candace Washington: What you gonna do? Beat me with your Bible every five minutes like my Grandma did?

    Tanya: First of all I don't know your Grandma, and second of all I don't carry a Bible, it's at home on my mantel.

    Donna: Don't need to carry it when you know every word of it.

    Tanya: You should know it.

  • Georgia Byrd: What you gon' do in Nashville?

    Tanya: Girl, I am finally gon' be a country-western singer!

    Georgia Byrd: Tanya, ain't no such thing as a black country-western singer.

  • Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth: Yo, everybody gonna get sick someday / But nobody knows how they gonna pay / Health care, managed care, HMOs / Ain't gonna work, no sir, not those / 'Cause the thing that's the same in every one of these / Is these motherfuckers there, the insurance companies!

    CherylTanya: Insurance! Insurance!

    Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth: Yeah, yeah / You can call it single-payer or Canadian way / Only socialized medicine will ever save the day! Come on now, lemme hear that dirty word - SOCIALISM!

  • Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth: It's up to the people to decide what the state of California and the nation will do.

    [starts rhyming]

    Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth: Ooh, what we'll do, the nation we'll do. It's up to you, what'll we do / What we'll do, well, it's up to you

    [starts rapping]

    Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth: You know, it ain't that funny, you contribute on my money/ You make a contribution, and you get a solution/ As long as you can pay, I'm gonna do it all your way/ Yes, the money talks and the people walk.

    [Tanya puts some background rap music]

    Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth: Yeah!/ Now, let me hear you say it/ Big Money! Big Money! Big Money! Big Money! Big Money! Big Money! One man, one vote/ Now, is that really real? The name of our game is "let's make a deal"/ Now, people got their problems, the haves and have-nots/ But the ones that make me listen pay for 30 seconds spots.

    CherylTanya: 30, 30 seconds! 30, 30 seconds!

    Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! / Yo, Bank of America, this table over here, Wells Fargo and Citibank, you're really very dear/ Loan billions to Mexico, and never have to fear, cause taxpayers, taxpayers take it in the rear!/

    [Brenda and Cheryl repeats "take it in the rear"]

    Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth: And over here, we got our friends from oil/ They don't give a shit how much wilderness they spoil/ They tell us they are careful, we know that it's a lie/ As long as we keep driving cars, they'll let the planet die/ Exxon, Mobil, the Saudis and Kuwait, if we still got the Middle East, the atmosphere can wait/ The Arabs got the oil, we buy everything they sell/ But if the brothers raise the price, we'll blow them all to hell./ Now let me hear you say it: Saddam! Hussein! Saddam! Hussein! Hmmm! Hmmm!

    CherylTanya: Saddam! Hussein!

  • [first lines]

    Tanya: So how long's this been going on for?

    Janet: I don't know.

    Tanya: A few weeks?

    Janet: A long time.

    Tanya: A year?

    Janet: I Suppose so.

    Tanya: A whole year? You've taken your time to come and see me, haven't you?

  • Tanya: I see God doing his laundry, and he doesn't have any change...

  • Tanya: Women are just superior to men.

    Sam: Like how?

    Tanya: Like you can't have babies.

    Sam: Like you can't open jars of peanut butter.

    Tanya: Women mature faster than men.

    Sam: Men are faster getting out of the bathroom in the morning.

    Tanya: All serial killers are men.

    Sam: Almost all cereal box mascots are men.

    Tanya: Women can have multiple orgasms.

    Sam: *We* don't have to fake them.

    Tanya: Women live longer than men.

    Sam: It's the only way we can get away from you.

    Tanya: You can't take anything seriously.

    Sam: You can't take a joke.

    Tanya: I don't need a man for a thing.

    Sam: You just set your beeper on vibrate.

  • Quinlan: Come on, read my future for me.

    Tanya: You haven't got any.

    Quinlan: Hmm? What do you mean?

    Tanya: Your future's all used up.

  • [Last lines]

    Tanya: Isn't somebody gonna come and take him away?

    Schwartz: Yeah, in just a few minutes. You really liked him didn't you?

    Tanya: The cop did... the one who killed him... he loved him.

    Schwartz: Well, Hank was a great detective all right.

    Tanya: And a lousy cop.

    Schwartz: Is that all you have to say for him?

    Tanya: He was some kind of a man... What does it matter what you say about people?

    Schwartz: Goodbye Tanya.

    Tanya: Adiós.

  • Tanya: We're closed.

    Quinlan: You've been cookin' at this hour?

    Tanya: Just cleanin' up.

    Quinlan: Have you forgotten your old friend, hmm?

    Tanya: I told you we were closed.

    Quinlan: I'm Hank Quinlan.

    Tanya: I didn't recognize you. You should lay off those candy bars.

    Quinlan: It's either the candy or the hooch. I must say, I wish it was your chili I was gettin' fat on. Anyway, you're sure lookin' good.

    Tanya: You're a mess, honey.

    Quinlan: Yeah. That pianola sure brings back memories.

    Tanya: The customers go for it - it's so old, it's new. We got the television too. We run movies. What can I offer you?

  • Tanya: He was some kind of a man. What does it matter what you say about people?

  • Tanya: So wanna sleep with me?

  • Tanya: [trying to work on her computer, as loud music is playing] Bridget? Shut that shit off!

    [hitting the wall]

    Tanya: Bridget!

    [as Lily comes down stairs]

    Tanya: I'm gonna killer. You wanna help? Good! I was thinking fat pills. She always saying if she gains one more pound, sh's gonna kill herself.

    Lily Leonetti: [happily] Suicide. Very good!

    Tanya: Thank you! Thank you very much!

    [turning back to her computer]

    Lily Leonetti: And you know what?

    Tanya: What?

    Lily Leonetti: I got a job.

    Tanya: Doing what?

    Lily Leonetti: [taking a cookie] Babysitting.

    Tanya: Well how totally sweet.

    Gredin: [comes in, clears his throat, and stands with his head down] She hates me. I'm an insensitive male.

    Tanya: [slight confused] You, you two know each other?

    Gredin: [going to his knees and taking Lily's hands] We do, but she might not want to know me now. Tell her I'm not half bad, Tanya.

    Tanya: [nearly laughing] I wish I were half as good as you, Gredin!

    Gredin: [pulling Lily to her feet] Come on, I'll make it up to you.

    Tanya: [looking at Lily as she leaves] Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Right?

  • Tanya: [seeing her transformation] Are you out of your mind? What would you do something like that?

    Lily Leonetti: [smoking a cigarette] Self Expression.

    Tanya: Wait a minute. First you cut off all your hair, then you pierced your belly button, now you're smoking! What the hell is going on with you?

    Lily Leonetti: [still smoking] Tanya, don't you have some, some sort of super highway that you need to get on? Why don't you go have some fun.

    Tanya: [beat] I was just leaving... 'Guess I won't introduce you to Roxanne.

    [kisses her girlfriend and leaves]

  • Tanya: You're crazy! They're gonna see it on you out there. They're gonna see it all over you. And they'll send you back. You'll see!

  • Al: You girls ever hear of Columbia records? Well that's mine. That's my baby.

    Tanya: My God! You must know Barbara Mandrell!

    Al: Sure do, Barb's made me a fortune.

  • Al: I'll take care of you. You got to trust me.

    Tanya: I do.

    Al: Listen, I've got to tell you something. I've been lying to you.

  • [Tanya and Artyom have just arrived at Heathrow International Airport]

    Immigration Officer: How long do you intend to stay in the U.K.?

    Tanya: I don't know, yet.

    Immigration Officer: How much money do you have?

    Tanya: [To Artyom] Skol'ko u nas deneg tochno? (Exactly how much money do we have?)

    Artyom: [To Immigration Officer] Uhh... eighty-five dollars.

    Immigration Officer: Not very much, is it?

    Tanya: Yes.

  • [While waiting in Heathrow, Artyom is practicing English by reading aloud from a travel guidebook. Tanya corrects his mistakes]

    Artyom: In Britain, friendly people start conversation by talking about the vever...

    Tanya: Weather.

    Artyom: ...Vether. Look at this expensive...

    Tanya: Example.

    Artyom: ...It is lovely morning, it isn't, isn't it?...

    Tanya: Isn't it.

    Artyom: ...Yes, it's beautiful, it isn't it?...

  • [Tanya's English fiancé, Mark Wallow, has failed to meet her and Artyom at Heathrow]

    Tanya: I'm sorry... just for... few... wo-words. I need political as-asylum.

    Immigration Officer: Political asylum?

    Tanya: Yes. Because... because my life is very dangerous in Moscow.

    Artyom: [Watching through a glass partition] Okhuyela chto li? (Has she fucking lost it?)

  • [Immigration officers are putting Tanya and Artyom into police cars to transport them to Stonehaven]

    Artyom: Kuda on nas vedet, mam? On chto, khochet chtoby ya polez tuda v yego mashinu? Ya ne polezu nikuda v yego mashinu. (Where are they taking us, mom? He wants me to get in his car? I'm not getting in his car.)

    Tanya: Zalez', pozhaluysta. (Get in, please.)

    Artyom: Ne polezu. (I'm not getting in.)

    Tanya: Sidi! (Sit!)

    Artyom: Chego on khochet ot nas? Chego on khochet ot nas? (What does he want with us? What does he want with us?)

    Tanya: Artyom! Vernis' seychas zhe! (Artyom! Come back here, now!)

    Artyom: Ya ne polezu tuda! Du-du-du-du-du-du... Da ot"yebis' ot menya! Ot"yebis', ya tebe skazal! Durak, kozel! (I'm not getting in there. Du-du-du-du-du-du... Get away from me. Get away, I told you. You stupid goat!)

    Tanya: Artyom! (Artyom!)

    Artyom: Ottsepis' ot menya! (Let me go!)

    Tanya: Artyom, ty chto, s uma soshel? Prekrati! Ty slyshish'? Slushay menya, Artyom. Ya im skazala, chto my bezhentsy, poetomu my ostayemsya seychas v Anglii, potomu chto Mark ne priyekhal nas ne vstretil. U nas net drugogo vykhoda, no ya uverena... (Artyom, what's wrong with you, have you gone crazy? Stop this! Do you hear? Listen to me, Artyom. I told them that we're refugees, so we can stay in England; because Mark didn't come to meet us. We don't have another way, but I'm sure... )

    Immigration Officer 1: Is there a problem? Come on, love.

    Tanya: [To immigration officers] One minute please. It's very important. Let me speak with him.

    Immigration Officer 2: I'm sorry. No go.

    Tanya: Yes.

    [To Artyom]

    Tanya: Ty vidish', chto tvorit'sya? Luchshe ya tebe v mashine vse ob"yasnyu, khorosho? Ya uverena, chto vse pravil'no. Bud' moim drugom, da? Pover' mne. Dover'sya mne, da? (Do you see what's going on? It's better if I explain everything to you in the car, OK? I'm sure all of this is all right. Be my friend, OK? Believe me. Trust me, OK?)

  • [Tanya and Artyom have come to the arcade to get a phone card]

    Tanya: Hello... uhh... they told me you sell phone card.

    Alfie: You want a phone card?

    Tanya: Yeah.

    Alfie: [Shuffles and spreads them like a deck of playing cards] Pick a card. Pick a card, any card. That's a 10'er. Do you know how to use it? Want me to show you?

    Tanya: Yes.

    Alfie: Scratch that number off, yeah?

    Tanya: Yes.

    Alfie: Dial in that number there, yeah?

    Tanya: Yes.

    Alfie: You wait for the beep. Beeeeep.

    Tanya: Yes.

    Alfie: Yeah. Then you dial that number, there, yeah?

    Tanya: Yes.

    Alfie: And you should be connected. You understand?

    Tanya: No.

  • [Tanya and Artyom are in their flat in the evening, talking about Mark. Tanya is intently trying to open a can of food]

    Artyom: On ne priyedat. Davay, ya otkroyu. (He's not coming. Hand me that, I'll open it.)

    Tanya: Pochemu? (Why?)

    Artyom: On, navernoye, peredumal. (He's probably changed his mind.)

    Tanya: Pochemu? (Why?)

    Artyom: Potomu chto on nevrastenik. Ty tozhe ne sovsem normal'naya. Vy, navernoye, podkhodite. (Because he's neurotic. You're not completely normal yourself, either. You're probably well suited.)

  • [Tanya and Artyom have been returned to Stonehaven after trying to walk to London]

    Council Official: Can you confirm your name, please?

    Tanya: Tat'yana Krush-i-na.

    Council Official: You should have registered here yesterday. This is a general information pack. These are your food and toiletry vouchers for the week.

    Tanya: But, I don't need them. I want to go to London.

    Council Official: No, you can't do that.

    Tanya: Why?

    Council Official: You've applied for political asylum.

    Tanya: Yes, and so?

    Council Official: All applicants must stay in their designated holding areas. Look, it's in here.

    Tanya: You mean I can't leave?

    Council Official: No, that's right.

    Tanya: But, I don't... I don't understand why. If I have money, if I have place where to stay in London, why I can't go?

    Council Official: The world and his wife would go to London if we let them.

  • [Tanya asks Alfie for help escaping Stonehaven]

    Tanya: I have to go to London. What do I do?

    Alfie: Are you a refugee?

    Tanya: A refugee by accident... Why are you laughing?

  • [Tanya and Artyom buy lunch in the cafe with food vouchers]

    Cafe Owner: That's three-eighty-five, please.

    Tanya: [Handing him a food voucher] Five.

    Cafe Owner: OK. Thank you.

    Tanya: My change?

    Cafe Owner: No, we don't give change on vouchers, love.

    Tanya: No?

    Cafe Owner: No, sorry.

    Tanya: [To Artyom] Poydem. (Let's go.)

    Artyom: [Searching through his fish'n'chips with a fork] Where is fish?

    Cafe Owner: What do you expect for five pounds?

  • [Les and Frank, the Internet pornographers, have approached and solicited Tanya in the cafe]

    Les: Yeah? Gorgeous cheekbones... yeah, gorgeous cheekbones, they're fantastic. So, anyhow, what I was going to do, I don't want to take up too much of your time. But, there's my card.

    Tanya: Yes.

    Les: Ok? And, uhh, you know, if you're interested, give me call. But, if there's anything else I can do, let me... I am Mr. Stonehaven. Everybody knows me around here, so, if you need me, call me. There's my card. All right? Hope to see you soon. Bye.

    Frank: Bye.

    Les: See ya, mate. Let's go, Frank.

    [Les and Frank leave]

    Artyom: Ty khot' ponyala, chto oni sutenery i chego oni khotyat? (You do realize they're pimps, and what they want?)

  • [Tanya and Artyom are in their flat in the evening, talking about Mark]

    Tanya: Mne nuzhno yego uvidet', chtoby ponyat', chto proiskhodit. (I need to see him to find out what's going on.)

    Artyom: Znachit, ty yego lyubish' bol'she, chem menya. Zatashchila menya cherti kuda, k chertu na kulichki. (So, you love him more than me. You dragged me all this way, to the armpit of the universe.)

    [They both laugh]

    Tanya: Samomu smeshno. Day ruku. Ty chto, ya tebya lyublyu. Ya tebya lyublyu, kak nikogo. Da? Ty zhe moy yedinstvennyy, moy dorogoy, moy synochek. A yego ya po-drugomu lyublyu, nel'zya sravnivat'. (That's ridiculous. Give me your hand. You know I love you. I love you, like no one else. OK? You're my one-and-only, my dearest, my little boy. But I love him in a different way, it's impossible to compare.)

    Artyom: [Turning away from her] Spokoynoy nochi. (Good night.)

  • [Needing money, Tanya tries to sell her mink pelts to a clothing store owner]

    Tanya: Hello.

    Store owner: Can I help you?

    Tanya: Would you be interested of this? It is a fur... Russian fur, from Siberia. It is very... it is very... valuable. I have two pieces. And... and, uhh, it's very beautiful, very expensive... in Russia. And, you can wear them as a hat, or like scarf, or you can pin it on your coat... if you want.

    Store owner: Nah, I'm not interested in anything like that.

    Tanya: Ok, thank you.

  • [Needing money, Tanya has gone to see Les and Frank, the Internet pornographers]

    Les: Ok, Tanya. Just give me a little twirl, just turn around. Yeah, and just un... unzip, and give me a flash. Mmmm... See, I see her as like a school girl, or... or maybe a nurse. She's sort of got that caring quality about her.

    Frank: Bit skinny up top, Les.

    Les: Or a nun.

    Frank: A nun? Yeah, a nun would be good.

    Tanya: But, what do I do?

  • [Alfie, Tanya, and Artyom are at her flat in the afternoon. Alfie has brought them a television and some Indian fast food]

    Alfie: Are you alright? Doin' alright? I brought you some company and some food. Are you hungry? Have you ever had a curry? Curry. Beautiful.

    [To Artyom]

    Alfie: Have you ever had a curry?

    Artyom: Yeah.

    Alfie: You little liar. Come here.

    [To Tanya]

    Alfie: That's chicken tikka masala. That's chicken in a light, spicy sauce. It's beautiful, man, I promise you.

    [To Artyom]

    Alfie: Come here. We'll sort it all out. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

    [To Tanya]

    Alfie: Vindalu. Evil. It's a beast of a curry, yea, it's a real wicked bitch. Pila rice, sweet rice, yellow rice. Rice is rice, and forever more shall be so. Potatoes with cabbage. Bombay sag potatoes. Have you ever had 'em? Beautiful. I promise you. If you throw-up, it's all on my head. Nan bread to soak it up. Yeah, d'you fancy it?

    Tanya: We have no spoons.

    [Alfie draws spoons from his pockets, like a gun fighter quick-drawing two six-shooters]

  • [Tanya, Artyom, and Alfie are on the couch in her flat in the evening, watching a nature show about dolphins on television]

    Television narrator: Sonar may also be used for sexual stimulation. Here, one juvenile female buzzes another's genital area, perhaps to gain information about her sexual state and health.

    Artyom: Mam, smotri chto oni delayut? (Mom, look, what are they doing?)

    Television narrator: Copulation is performed belly to belly, with the male beneath the female. And, is brief...

    Tanya: Poydem spat'. (Let's go to sleep.)

    Artyom: Podozhdi. (Wait.)

    Television narrator: Gentle touching of genital areas is also an important means...

    Tanya: [To Alfie] It's a bedtime.

    [To Artyom]

    Tanya: Poydem. (Let's go.)

    Artyom: Podozhdi, mam. (Wait, mom.)

    Tanya: Vstavay, ya tebe govoryu! (Get up, I told you!)

    Artyom: No, mama, podozhdi. (But, mom, wait.)

    Tanya: Poydem. Ya s toboy ne budu... Seychas! (Let's go. I'm not putting up with this from you... Now!)

    Alfie: Night, boy.

    Artyom: No, mam... (But, mom... )

    [Artyom leaves the room]

    Tanya: [To Alfie] I'm going to sleep. Thank you for everything.

    Alfie: It's alright, man.

    Tanya: Ok.

    [Tanya leaves the room]

    Alfie: [To an empty and darkened room] I'll let myself out.

  • [Tanya has finally spoken with Mark by telephone; he is never coming. Tanya is crying in Artyom's lap]

    Artyom: [Singing] ... I tsvetok ishchut mnogiye lyudi (Many people search for their flower)

    Tanya: [Joining Artyom, they sing together] No nakhodyat konechno ne vse (But, of course, not everyone finds it) / Mozhet tam, za sed'mym perevalom (Maybe it's there, in the seventh heaven) / Vspykhnet svezhiy, kak vetra glotok (And will blossom anew, like a gentle breeze)

    Artyom: Ya govori, on nevrastenik. (I told you he was neurotic.)

  • [Tanya and Alfie are talking late at night in the empty bingo hall. Tanya has been drinking, and starts to cry]

    Alfie: What's the matter. Ah, no, no. Hey, don't get upset.

    Tanya: Sorry.

    Alfie: No, it's alright, man, it's alright. Ok. Why are you so upset?

    Tanya: Because I'm crazy.

    Alfie: No, you're not crazy.

    Tanya: Yes.

    Alfie: Why?

    Tanya: Yes. I'm so stupid. I don't know... This city, it's like... it's like punishment for me, it's like punishment for some mistakes in my life. You know, yes, yes, really. I make so many mistakes.

    Alfie: I've made mistakes. We're human beings. We all fuck up. We all make mistakes. It ain't just you. What are you doing that's so bad?

    Tanya: Just... my main... I always... need... need to be in love. You know, I can't to... to live, without lo... love.

    Alfie: There's nothing wrong with that.

    Tanya: Yes.

    Alfie: No, there is not.

    Tanya: Yes. Because, two my... two my husbands, and two divorces. It's very bad for me, for my child. And, now, we're here, and I think maybe its... maybe it's my... main mistake.

  • Tanya: Just tell us what we want to know and the pain will stop.

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