Tanner Daniels Quotes in G.B.F. (2013)


Tanner Daniels Quotes:

  • 'Topher: Does THIS feel straight to you?

    Tanner Daniels: It does, actually. You Mormons are a horny, repressed people!

    'Topher: You have no idea.

  • Tanner Daniels: You're doing it again.

    Fawcett Brooks: What?

    Tanner Daniels: That noise girls make when they see two gay guys together.

    Christian: Yeah, it's the same annoying sound people make when they see cute animals dressed in human clothes.

    Fawcett Brooks: "Ew." "Gross." "Barf." Is that better?

    Christian: Much.

  • Tanner Daniels: I-I-I could be bi.

    Mr. Daniels: [laughing] Yeah-hah-hah, right!

    Mr. Daniels: [patronizingly] Of course you can.

  • Brent Van Camp: Instead of risking having you as my B.F., I'd rather keep you forever as my B.F.F.

    Tanner Daniels: Go 'F' yourself.

  • Tanner Daniels: [voiceover] Ever notice how in high school there's just something about being first, like that girl who's always first to raise her hand, or that first kid to own every new cutting edge iThingy? There's so much pressure to be a trend-setter, a pioneer. Well, not me. Tanner Daniels was just like any other average comic-book geek, more than content to fly under the radar and leave the trailblazing to the others. After all, of the many firsts my peers were vying for, one still remained conspicuously up for grabs. Never in the history of North Gateway High had any student admitted out loud to being an honest-to-goodness, card-carrying, proud - or even slightly modest - homosexual.

  • Tanner Daniels: Is it just me or is she, like, the worst Mormon ever?

    Fawcett Brooks: It is SO not just you. She's cray-cray.

  • Tanner Daniels: Maybe everyone secretly wants a G.B.F. Even moms.

  • Tanner Daniels: [voiceover, on the three divas who rule the school] Like neighboring warlords in a third-world country, they maintain an uneasy balance of power, friendly but always vigilant of anything that could upset the truce and create all-out social warfare.

  • Tanner Daniels: [voiceover] We had little luck chatting up dudes on Guydar that night, but the next day Soledad and her blossoming swarm of fruit flies were preparing to put the app to much better use.

  • Fawcett Brooks: Don't think me presumptuous when I say "bottoms up."

    Tanner Daniels: Ugh! This tastes like ass!

    Fawcett Brooks: Mm-hm. Perfect for you.

  • Tanner Daniels: I thought carbs were like gay kryptonite or something.

    Fawcett Brooks: Alcohol is the one exception. Duh. Now, down it, bitch.

  • Tanner Daniels: You know, I actually started to believe that you were my friend, but what is this, really? Am I... am I just some tool to you, a... a... a wrench so that you can screw over Caprice and 'Shley?

    Fawcett Brooks: Wrenches don't screw things. God, you ARE gay.

  • Sophie Aster: What the hell is Guydar?

    Glenn Cho: Where have YOU been? It's the new app that lets gay guys find other gay guys through state-of-the-art, globally-positioned technology.

    Brent Van Camp: She knows.

    Glenn Cho: [defensively] I only know about it because Brent here tried to download it onto MY phone.

    Brent Van Camp: Yeah, and hetero buzzkill here totally cock-blocked me.

    Tanner Daniels: See, I'm not soiling my pristine phone with some slutty gay hookup app.

    Brent Van Camp: Tanner, we're not gonna DO anything. We're just gonna... see if there ARE other gay guys in this town and find out how many cubic feet away they are from us. It's science.

  • Tanner Daniels: You sure this is a good idea?

    Brent Van Camp: Was Drake on "Degrassi?" The answer is yes.

  • Tanner Daniels: I'm not much for the whole singing or dancing or being onstage thing.

    Caprice Winters: You sure you're a 'mo?

  • Tanner Daniels: [at a no-carb luncheon with Mormons] Wow, this is a whole lot of meat, 'Shley.

    'Topher: Well, that's what you like, isn't it? Meat?

  • Tanner Daniels: I think I have to barf.

    Sophie Aster: I'll hold your hair.

  • Caprice Winters: Christian's willing to forget about your projectile vomit and general schwastedness this weekend. He's still willing to go to the prom with you.

    Tanner Daniels: Really? Still?

    Caprice Winters: Believe it, bitch. Apparently, you being the only decent-looking, age-appropriate gay guy in a twenty-mile radius has given him a convenient case of boner-induced amnesia.

  • Mrs. Hogel: Listen, girls, I get the appeal. Now, I myself had a gay best friend once and, oh, we were roommates for many fruitful years, but now he's no longer with us.

    Tanner Daniels: Oh.

    Viola: Oh, damn.

    Soledad Braunstein: What? Where'd he go?

    Fawcett Brooks: He obvi died of the hiv, dumbass.

  • Student: [at the ticket table for the alterna-prom] Can I have one, please?

    Fawcett Brooks: No.

    Viola: I'm sorry. You're not on our list of approved students.

    Tanner Daniels: What?

    Fawcett Brooks: This being an indie operation, we've got very limited space, but I'm sure Caprice's old-fashioned loser dance has plenty of tickets available.

  • Tanner Daniels: ...so you should probably say something before I keep saying more things.

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