Tamara Quotes in 2012 (2009)


Tamara Quotes:

  • [They're about to drive out from the plane with the Bentley]

    Jackson Curtis: All right, let's go!

    Tamara: Wait! Where's Sasha?

    Gordon Silberman: Sasha's fine. We need to get out of here before he touches down.

    Tamara: No, no, no! We have to wait for him.

    Yuri Karpov: Go Jackson, go!

    Jackson Curtis: [Tries to start the car] It won't start!

    [Everyone panics]

    Yuri Karpov: Shut up, everbody!

    [Everyone stops screaming]

    Yuri Karpov: Engine... start!

    [Car starts]

  • Gordon Silberman: What he said about you and Sasha, is it true?

    Tamara: Sasha was worth 100 times a man like Yuri. I should have listend to you, Dr. Silberman. I actually like the way I looked before that monster talk me into it.

    Gordon Silberman: Did you know he asked for a discount? And he paid in installments.

    Tamara: Cheap bastard.

  • Conan: Do you have a name?

    Tamara: My name is Tamara Amalia Jorvi Karushan. And yours is?

    Conan: Conan.

    Tamara: [pause] Conan... that's it?

    Conan: How many names do I need?

  • Tamara: I'm not sure I approve of the company you keep, Mr. Bone.

    Isaiah Bone: Me neither.

    Isaiah Bone: [to Pinball] You know car wash is not just a movie.

  • Tamara: You did all of this just to keep a jailhouse promise?

  • Tamara: Guess where you just landed, lover?

    Rafe Guttman: Larry Flynt's id?

  • Tamara: I'm not wearing any underwear.

    Dexter: Is that, uh... is that... wise?

    Tamara: Screw wisdom! Who wants to be wise?

    Dexter: The Dalai Lama, to name but one.

  • Tamara: Don't worry. She won't divorce you. If she does, you can always go to the other one. She throws you out too -- you can come to me.

  • Tamara: The truth is, I have no claim on him. He probably always loved you. I'm, I'm sure he slept with you before me.

    Yadwiga: Oh, no! I was an innocent girl! I came to him a virgin.

    Tamara: Oh, congratulations. Men love virgins. If every man had his way, every woman would lie down a prostitute and get up a virgin.

  • Tamara: So... What do you do, then, Thomas?

    Tommy Johnson: [Thomas? I kick people's fuckin' heads in for a laugh. And you should know, div. You read the charges out] Me? I work long and hard.

  • Tamara: Don't tell me you'd rather go to football.

    Rod: Well, I am male.

  • Tamara: I'm a Nurses Aid.

    Henry McFarlin: Oh Christ, just shoot me now, please.

    Tamara: I've dressed a bunch of Meredith's pals and brought them back to life. Most of them I should have let Jesus handle.

  • Tamara: What are you two suits doing here anyway? Don't you fools know you shouldn't be in drug zone Watts after dark? Don't they teach you that on opening day at white boy school?

  • Tamara: Is your boss a computer?

  • Tamara: That is so boss!

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