Tala Quotes in Caveman (1981)


Tala Quotes:

  • [tribe offers Lana ool for alounda]

    Lana: [refusing] Nya ool.

    Atouk: Nya ool.

    Lana: Atouk. Lana alounda Atouk.

    Tala: [looking on, angry] Lana.

    Gog: Tonda Lana?

    Bork: Lar?

    Atouk: Lar nya.

    Kalta: Nya?

    Atouk: Lar glug-glug-glug.

    Kalta: Atouk!

    BorkKalta: Lar!

    Lana: [caressing] Atouk.

    Atouk: Cuda. Haraka.

    Kalta: Haraka.

    Lana: Atouk...?

    Kalta: Lar.

    Atouk: Haraka! Haraka!

    Lana: [seductively] Atouk... Atouk. Atouk.

    Tala: [as Atouk returns to Lana's embrace] Lana, Lana.

    Ta: Atouk, cuda.

    [others exclaiming "Lar! Cuda! Atouk? Lar!"]

    Atouk: [agreeing, gets up] Cuda. Cuda!

    Lana: Atouk.

    Folg: Cuda. Cuda!

  • Tala: [writing a letter to Leyla] Every night I empty my heart, but by morning it's full again. Slowly, droplets of you seep in through the night's soft caress. But don't I overflow with thoughts of us, an aching pressure that gives me no respite. Love cannot be contained; the neat packaging of desire splits asunder, spilling crimson through my days, long languishing days that are now bruised, tender with yearning, spent searching for a fingerprint, a scent, a breath you left behind.

  • Tala: When I was 18, I fell madly in love with a girl my first year at college in New York. She was an American. We spent three wonderful months together. I never knew I could feel so... complete. So alive.

    Leyla: Til now, obviously.

    Tala: Til now.

    Leyla: So, what happened?

    Tala: I broke it off. I ended it.

    Leyla: Why?

    Tala: I was in pieces. I told myself that it was for the best. I was away from home, I was lonely, and...

    Leyla: And?

    Tala: This is not a way to live, Leyla. It's not easy. It's not acceptable.

    Leyla: We didn't break any rules last night, Tala.

    Tala: But we did where I come from. People in Jordan do not live like this. At least not openly.

    Leyla: And now, you're in England. Now, you live in the west.

    Tala: But I don't think that in any society of cheating on one's fiancee with someone else is acceptable.

  • Leyla: Have you ever done this before?

    Tala: Slept with a woman while my fiancé makes wedding preparations? Nope, never done that before.

    Leyla: That's not what I meant.

  • [after Tala and Leyla had sex for the first time]

    Tala: What are you thinking about?

    Leyla: Why I didn't meet you years ago.

    Tala: We would have been underage then.

  • Tala: Come here. Dance with me.

    Leyla: I can't. I have absolutely no sense of rhythm.

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