Tadashi Quotes in Big Hero 6 (2014)


Tadashi Quotes:

  • Hiro: [meeting Tadashi's friends] Honey Lemon? Go Go? Wasabi?

    Wasabi: [frustrated] I spilled wasabi on my shirt one time, people. ONE TIME!

    Tadashi: [chuckles] Fred's the one who comes up with the nicknames.

    Hiro: Uh, who's Fred?

    Fred: [appears behind Hiro in his mascot costume] This guy! Right here!

    [Hiro yelps and jumps back in alarm]

    Fred: Uh-uh! Don't be alarmed.

    [opens up the costume's mouth to reveal his face]

    Fred: It's just a suit. This is not my real face and body.

    [shakes Hiro's hand]

    Fred: The name's Fred. School mascot by day. But by night...

    [Fred does several impressive moves with the sign he's carrying]

    Fred: I am also the school mascot.

    Hiro: So what's your major?

    Fred: No, no, no. I'm not a student. But I am a MAJOR science enthusiast.

    [He sits down and picks up a comic book with a shapeshifter on the cover]

    Fred: I've been trying to get Honey to develop a formula that can turn me into a fire-breathing lizard at will. But she says that's, "not science."

    Honey Lemon: It's-it's really not.

    Fred: Yeah. And I guess the shrink ray I asked Wasabi for isn't "science" either, is it?

    Wasabi: Nope.

    Fred: Well then, what about, invisible sandwich? Imagine eating a sandwich, but everyone just thinks you're crazy!

    Wasabi: Just stop.

  • Tadashi: You better make this up to Aunt Cass before she eats everything in the cafe.

    Hiro: [not really listening] For sure.

    Tadashi: And I hope you learned your lesson, bonehead.

    Hiro: [faces him, looking honest] Absolutely.

    Tadashi: [realizes he's lying, frustrated] You're going bot fighting, aren't you?

    Hiro: [casually] There's a fight across town! If I book, I can still make it!

    [He grabs his battle bot and starts to leave. Tadashi grabs him and turns him back around]

    Tadashi: [exasperated] WHEN are you going to do something with that big brain of yours?

    Hiro: What? Go to college like you? So people can tell me stuff I already know?

    Tadashi: [hurt by Hiro's words] Unbelievable.

  • Tadashi: Wow, a lot of sweet tech here today. How are you feeling?

    Hiro: You're talking to an ex-bot fighter. Takes a lot more than this to rattle me.

    Go Go: Yep, he's nervous.

    Fred: Oh, you have nothing to fear, little fella.

    Honey Lemon: He's so tense.

    Hiro: No, I'm not!

    Honey Lemon: Relax, Hiro. Your tech is amazing. Tell him, Go Go.

    Go Go: Stop whining. Woman up.

    Hiro: I'm fine!

    Wasabi: What do you need, little man? Deodorant, breath mint, fresh pair of underpants?

    Go Go: Underpants? You need serious help.

    Wasabi: Hey, I come prepared.

    Fred: I haven't done laundry in six months. One pair lasts me four days. I go front, I go back, I go inside out, then I go front and back.

    [Wasabi dry-heaves]

    Tadashi: Wow, that is both disgusting and awesome.

    Go Go: Don't encourage him.

    Fred: It's called recycling.

  • Hiro: [feeling Baymax's exterior] Vinyl?

    Tadashi: Yeah. I'm going for a non-threatening... huggable kinda thing.

    Hiro: [amused] Looks like a walking marshmallow.

    [to Baymax]

    Hiro: No offense.

    Baymax: I am a robot. I cannot be offended.

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