T.C. Quotes in The Wild Bunch (1969)


T.C. Quotes:

  • Coffer: [aiming at Tector Gorch] I can nail him!

    Deke Thornton: I said wait!

    T.C.: [flustered] What if they slip out the back?

    Coffer: [annoyed] It's covered, ya two-bit, redneck peckerwood!

  • Ross: [Coming into Aqua Verde after the massacre] Whoeee! If Jess is waitin' for the buzzards to lead him to old Sykes, he's got a long wait! Looks like we got 'em all!

    Coffer: T.C.! Look! It's the Gorchs, Engstrom, and look, here's Pike. You don't look like so much now, do you Mr. Pike?

    [Turns to Thornton]

    Coffer: It's them, Mr. Thornton. Shall we load 'em up?

    T.C.: Ain't we goin' to wait on Jess?

    Coffer: No, no, no! These boys'll start goin' ripe on us before too long!

  • [as blindfolded campers stick their hands into boxes of various gross stuff]

    T.C.: Gross! Slimy gopher guts!

    Diane: Look out! Putrid wild elephant hearts!

    Angela: Dead teenagers' brains!

    Diane: Angela, what's really in there?

    Angela: Dead teenagers' brains.

  • T.C: Nice to see you up and about again... even though you are... sitting down.

  • Maj. William Larrabee: Think we can do it?

    T.C: Yes, but YOU'D better fly, cause I haven't been drinking.

  • Mike Sullivan: T.C. is gay.

    Jimbo: Bullshit.

    T.C.: I've got the boyfriend to prove it.

    [brief pause]

    Jimbo: Good for you.

  • Levi Seacer, Jr. (Kid's Band): [as the Time sings "Release It", entertaining the Glam Slam's crowd and outperforming the Kid's band] Damn, this is embarrassing!

    Miko Weaver (Kid's Band): Man, they're doggin' us at our own club!

    T.C.: I told you, Kid, you shoulda let me rap!

    Levi Seacer, Jr. (Kid's Band): Damn, this is embarrassing!

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