Sylvia Hunter Quotes in Buck Privates Come Home (1947)


Sylvia Hunter Quotes:

  • Sylvia Hunter: You love your uncle Herbie, don't you?

    Yvonne 'Evie' LeBrec: Oh yes, I'd marry him if I was a little bigger and he was a little littler.

  • Sylvia Hunter: We live in a glass house - we're not throwing any stones.

  • Sylvia Hunter: [to Helen Jorgenson] You seem to have an infinite capacity for hurt. First you try to destroy your daughter, and now our son.

  • Sylvia Hunter: I'm perfectly willing to come to you whenever you want.

    Ken Jorgenson: All summer?

    Sylvia Hunter: All summer.

    Ken Jorgenson: What about the winter? All the winters... all our lives?

  • Sylvia Hunter: He gave me a hope I thought was gone.

    Bart Hunter: [intoxicated] A hope for what?

    Sylvia Hunter: Happiness.

  • Sylvia Hunter: We've spoiled two lives. And now we're paying for it.

    Ken Jorgenson: For the rest of our lives?

  • Ken Jorgenson: What's it like being stuck out here all winter?

    Sylvia Hunter: Oh... it's quite lovely after the first snow.

    Ken Jorgenson: And after the blizzard starts?

    [uncomfortable pause]

    Ken Jorgenson: You've avoided me ever since I arrived, Sylvia. Why? Can't we talk a moment?

    Sylvia Hunter: What about?

    Ken Jorgenson: You... me... Bart. How are things between you?

    Sylvia Hunter: We, ah, made a life. I guess we all adjust ourselves, don't we?

    Ken Jorgenson: I have never been able to. All through these years when I dreamed to have you wrapped up in them. I tried forgetting them. I even tried to imagine that you had gone fat and ugly and saggy.

    Sylvia Hunter: [laughs] Is that why you came back? To find out? To see?

    Ken Jorgenson: I came back because I had to.

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