Swift Heart Rabbit Quotes in The Care Bears Movie (1985)


Swift Heart Rabbit Quotes:

  • Brave Heart Lion: Come on, Swift Heart!

    Swift Heart Rabbit: I'm way ahead of you.

  • Friend Bear: Swift Heart, are you alright?

    Swift Heart Rabbit: You bet, Friend Bear! It takes more than that to slow me down!

    Love-a-Lot-Bear: Where are Kim and Jason?

    Gentle Heart Lamb: Maybe they're hiding and are afraid to show themselves.

    Tender Heart Bear: Okay, Brave Heart, you round up your friends and try to find Kim and Jason. Care Bears, follow me.

    Cozy Heart Penguin: What are you going to do, Tender Heart?

    Tender Heart Bear: We have to try and get through to Nicholas.

    Share Bear: And make him believe that we really do care about him.

    Love-a-Lot-Bear: And that he really cares about everyone else.

    Cozy Heart Penguin: With a Care Bear stare?

    Share Bear: That's right, Cozy Heart.

    Gentle Heart Lamb: I wish there was some way we could express our feelings like that.

    Friend Bear: There's always a way around others to share your feelings, Gentle Heart. Always.

  • Swift Heart Rabbit: That's the most unfriendly tree I've ever seen!

  • Good Luck Bear: If I were you, I'd choose path number 1, but if you were me, you'd choose path number 2.

    Brave Heart Lion: Alright! Path number 2!

    Good Luck Bear: Hold it. You're not me, and I'm not you.

    Brave Heart Lion: Path number 1?

    Good Luck Bear: Precisely. After you, my dear Brave Heart.

    Brave Heart Lion: Let's go!

    Swift Heart Rabbit: The Mad Hatter's hat will get us there yet?

    Grumpy Bear: Or drive us crazy on the way.

  • Swift Heart Rabbit: The Cheshire Cat said we'd find the princess if we followed this path and used our heads.

    Brave Heart Lion: That's not much of a clue...

    [they've reached the end of the path]

    Brave Heart Lion: ... and not much of a path either.

  • Swift Heart Rabbit: You must be the Mad Hatter.

    Mad Hatter: Why do I always have to be the Mad Hatter? Why can't you be the Mad Hatter for once? Oh, alright, I'll be the Mad Hatter again! You like hats? I'm mad about hats!

  • Mad Hatter: You wouldn't happen to know where the princess is, would you?

    Swift Heart Rabbit: We thought you would know where the princess is.

    Mad Hatter: You did? Of course you did, because I do.

  • Grumpy Bear: Wow. This place is beautiful.

    Swift Heart Rabbit: This place is wonderful.

    White Rabbit: This place is Wonderland.

  • Good Luck Bear: Phew! It's been a long day.

    Lots-A-Heart Elephant: We are so tuckered out.

    Good Luck BearLots-A-Heart ElephantSwift Heart Rabbit: And that's the truth!

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