Swan Rottmayer Quotes in Escape Plan (2013)


Swan Rottmayer Quotes:

  • Swan Rottmayer: [from trailer] Heh heh. You hit like a vegetarian!

  • Swan Rottmayer: [after detonating the prison, and Hobbes on fire] Have a lovely day... asshole!

  • Swan Rottmayer: You don't look that smart!

    Breslin: You don't either!

  • Swan Rottmayer: Portos, don't get killed.

    Breslin: If you say so.

    Swan Rottmayer: Last time they killed a guy in there, they let his body rot for three days. Oh, and they cancelled the prison dance.

    Breslin: Wouldn't wanna fuck up the prom.

  • Swan Rottmayer: If I don't get out, I will kill you.

    Breslin: Fair enough.

  • Swan Rottmayer: Sometimes favors hurt.

  • Swan Rottmayer: Your mother was my favorite whore in Marrakech. Man, she knew how to polish a helmet!

  • Hobbes: You've been here six months now, Mr. Rottmayer. So you know how this works. Ten seconds. Where's Victor Manheim?

    Swan Rottmayer: You know to many people, he is a Hero.

    Hobbes: Nine seconds.

    Swan Rottmayer: Do you have a pencil and a piece of paper?

    Hobbes: Eight seconds!

    Swan Rottmayer: I could draw you a map!

    Hobbes: [Narrows eyes] Of What?

    Swan Rottmayer: Of where you could Find him...

    Hobbes: [Opens drawer, takes out, and slams the requested things on the table]

    Swan Rottmayer: You know, when I was a kid, I always wanted to be an Artist.

    Hobbes: Oh my God, you are pushing it...

    Swan Rottmayer: Problem was, I had no talent.

    Hobbes: [laughs quietly] Six seconds.

    Swan Rottmayer: I tried, and I tried, and I tried...

    Hobbes: Five.

    Swan Rottmayer: Do you have dreams?

    Hobbes: Four!

    Swan Rottmayer: Or did you always want to be...


    Swan Rottmayer: This?

    Hobbes: [Pointing towards door] TWO, ONE!

    Swan Rottmayer: Done.

    Hobbes: [Freezes]

    Swan Rottmayer: [Slides paper over. Points] There.

    Hobbes: [Looks furious]

    Swan Rottmayer: I told you. No talent.

  • Breslin: You're Manheim.

    Breslin: Didn't see that coming.

    Swan Rottmayer: You should've.

    Breslin: Yeah.

  • Breslin: And you became my best friend.

    Swan Rottmayer: You are not user-friendly.

  • Breslin: [taking a punch] That's a favor?

    Swan Rottmayer: Sometimes favors hurt.

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