Susie Waggoner Quotes in Miami Blues (1990)


Susie Waggoner Quotes:

  • Susie Waggoner: I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. He always ate everything I ever gave him and he never hit me.

  • Susie Waggoner: ...And you save your money... and buy a nice little house, with a white picket fence, and live happily ever after.

    Frederick J. Frenger Jr.: Tell you what. Let's go straight to the "happily ever after" part, OK?

  • Edna Damrosch: I nursed my husband for three years before he died. But you're not gonna die.

    [Hands Junior a glass of gin]

    Edna Damrosch: Here, drink this.

    Susie Waggoner: It's gin, Junior.

    Edna Damrosch: Drink it! Now you move and you're a blind man.

    [Begins sewing up Junior's eyebrow]

    Edna Damrosch: Scissors!

    Susie Waggoner: [Feeling sick] You're doing real good, Junior. I think I'm gonna lie down a little bit.

    Edna Damrosch: [after she finishes off] There you go!

    Frederick J. Frenger Jr.: Your husband must've been glad to die...

    Susie Waggoner: Thanks...

    Frederick J. Frenger Jr.: Yeah you got a real nice touch there lady.

  • Susie Waggoner: So... are you gonna tell me about it?

    Frederick J. Frenger Jr.: Yeah, I'm gonna tell you about it. This *straight* life we've been living gave me a false sense of security. For a second I thought I was some kind of solid citizen or something.

    Susie Waggoner: All I wanna know is what happened to you.

    Frederick J. Frenger Jr.: Some guy in a blue Toyota pickup ran me over.

    Susie Waggoner: I thought it must've been something like that...

  • Frederick J. Frenger Jr.: I wrote two, heh.

    Susie Waggoner: Well, maybe I get extra credit.

    [Notices pork chops in kitchen sink]

    Susie Waggoner: Hey! Where did you get these?

    Frederick J. Frenger Jr.: Dumb question. Are you a nosy rosy?

    [Doorbell rings]

    Frederick J. Frenger Jr.: What the hell was that man?

    Susie Waggoner: The doorbell. Talking about dumb questions.

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