Susana Quotes in Esperando la carroza (1985)


Susana Quotes:

  • [last lines]

    Elvira: ...what are you laughing about?

    Susana: I'm laughing about you...

    Susana: [looking at the camera]

    Susana: I'm laughing about all of us.

  • Susana: [crying about their mother-in-law who seems to have commited suicide] This is horrible... Jorge will never forgive me.

    Elvira: Oh, he will. He's a poor, spineless man.

    Susana: [sobbing] I will never forgive myself.

    Elvira: Oh. That's a whole different thing... If you have any reasons to feel guilty...

    Susana: And you? What is it you do so you don't feel remorse?

    Elvira: Me? Nothing. I do what I am supposed to do, try not to be unfair to people...

    Nora: Yet me, who are the less guilty of us all, I'm full of aweful remorses!

    Elvira: Why less guilty? You are as innocent as I am!

    Nora: Elvira, I wouldn't like to put my finger on an open sore... but in the end you and Sergio are living in what used to be Mama Cora's house. And these are her furnitures!

  • Elvira: [to her in-laws] What are you doing here? Who called you here? I surely didn't! Has anyone by any chance heard my voice calling you?

    Susana: We came to see you, because we believe you are the one who wears the trousers in this house, and we know the rock you have as heart!

    Elvira: You, of all people dare to talk about my heart? You! Who didn't hesitate in sending away a poor old martyr lady to the street just because she ruined a f... ing mayonnaise?

    Susana: Nobody sent her away!

  • Susana: I'm a very discreet person, Nora. I've always known about your affair with Sergio and never said a word, you see.

    Nora: [outraged] That's a lie! That's infamous!

    Susana: I've known it for two years. Don't deny it, Nora. I myself saw both of you, leaving a motel. You were wearing a black scarf and dark sunglasses.

    Nora: You... you must be confused! What you saw was a woman wearing a black scarf, black sunglasses and a black cloak...

    Susana: I didn't mention a cloak...

    Susana: [remembering]

    Susana: That's right! Now I remember, you were wearing a black cloak, too!

    Nora: [crying] But... It's all over now!

  • Susana: [fighting with her sister-in-law in front of Nora and Matilde] If I only used those three stupid reasons you just mentioned to say one only little thing that I happen to know...!

    Elvira: What do you have to say?

    Susana: Oh... nothing.

    Elvira: [mocking her] 'Oh... nothing'! Don't give me now the 'Oh... nothing'! Or do you think you are going to spoil my reputation as you just spoiled my carpet! And don't stay standing there like a Greek mummy, sowing the seed of doubt in Nora and Matilde. If you have something to say... just spit it out!

  • Nora: [to Susana] When will you visit us with the litlle baby? The garden is so wonderful. The landscape is so inspiring. You must come! When will that be?

    Susana: [cynically] Whenever you invite us...

    Nora: Tomorrow!... No, not tomorrow... Next Tuesday!... No, next Tuesday won't work either... Next Wednesday!... Next Wednesday, I'll phone you and we'll settle the day up. The baby will be able to sunbath there, run through the meadows...

    Susana: She doesn't run yet.

    Nora: Well... I imagine she breathes at least!

  • Susana: [to Octavio] You and your plans. You know what my grandmother used to say? If you want to make God laugh... tell Him your plans.

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