Superman Quotes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


Superman Quotes:

  • Superman: You think I'll fight him for you?

    Lex Luthor: Mm, yes, I do. I think you will fight, fight, fight for that special lady in your life!

    Superman: She's safe on the ground. How about you?

    Lex Luthor: Close, but I am not talking about Lois. No. Every boy's special lady is his mother... Martha, Martha, Martha... Now, the mother of a flying demon must be a witch. The punishment for witches, what is that? That's right. Death by fire.

  • Superman: Next time they shine your light in the sky, don't go to it. The Bat is dead. Bury it. Consider this mercy.

    [Superman begins to walk away]

    Batman: Tell me. Do you bleed?

    [Superman flies away as Batman watches on]

    Batman: You will.

  • [from trailer]

    Batman: It's time you learned what it means to be a man.

    Superman: Stay down! If I wanted it, you'd be dead already!

  • Superman: All this time I've been living my life the way my father saw it. Righting wrongs for a ghost, thinking I'm here to do good. Superman was never real. Just the dream of a farmer from Kansas.

    Lois Lane: That farmer's dream is all some people have. It's all that gives them hope.

    [touches the S shield]

    Lois Lane: This means something.

    Superman: It did on my world. My world doesn't exist anymore.

  • Superman: Luthor. He wanted your life for her's. She's losing time.

    Lois Lane: The scout ship seems to be drawing power from the city. It's gotta be Lex.

    Batman: They need you at that ship. I'll find her.

    Superman: My mother needs me.

    Batman: [stops him] Wait. I'll make you a promise: Martha won't die tonight.

  • Wonder Woman: This thing, this creature, seems to feed on energy.

    Superman: This thing is from another world. My world.

    Wonder Woman: I've killed things from other worlds before.

    Superman: [to Batman] Is she with you?

    Batman: I thought she was with you.

  • Superman: No one stays good in this world.

  • Batman: [suffocating Superman with his foot on his throat] You were never a god. You were never even a man!

    Superman: [hardly breathing] You're letting them kill Martha...

    Batman: What does that mean? Why did you say that name?

    Superman: Find him... Save Martha...

    Batman: Why did you say that name? Martha? Why did you say that name? WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?

    Lois Lane: [enters running] It's his mother's name! It's his mother's name.

  • Superman: You don't understand, there's no time!

    Batman: I UNDERSTAND!

  • Superman: [to Lex] I'll take you in without breaking you, which is more than you deserve.

  • Lex Luthor: Boy, do we have problems up here!

    [sets timer and stands up]

    Lex Luthor: The problem of evil in the world. The problem of absolute virtue.

    Superman: I'll take you in without breaking you, which is more than you deserve.

    Lex Luthor: The problem of you on top of everything else. You above all. Ah. 'Cause that's what God is. Horus. Apollo. Jehovah. Kal-El. Clark Joseph Kent. See, what we call God depends upon our tribe, Clark Jo, because God is tribal. God take sides. No man in the sky intervened when I was a boy to deliver me from Daddy's fist and abominations. Mm-mm. I've figured it out way back, if God is all powerful, He cannot be all good. And if He's all good then He cannot be all powerful. And neither can you be. They need to see the fraud you are. With their eyes. The blood on your hands.

    Superman: What have you done?

    Lex Luthor: And tonight they will. Yes. Because you, my friend, have a date! Across the bay. Ripe fruit, his hate. Two years growing. But it did not take much to push him over actually. Little red notes, big bang, you let your family die! And now, you will fly to him, and you will battle him, to the death. Black and blue. Fight night! The greatest gladiator match in the history of the the world: God versus man...

    [thunders in the background]

    Lex Luthor: Day versus night. Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham!

    Superman: You think I'll fight him for you?

    Lex Luthor: Mm, yes, I do. I think you'll fight, fight, fight for that special lady in your life.

    Superman: She's safe on the ground. How about you?

    Lex Luthor: Close, but I'm not talking about Lois. No. Every boy's special lady is his mother.

    [walks around Superman and shows him photos of Martha being muzzled]

    Lex Luthor: Huh! Martha, Martha, Martha. The mother of a flying demon must be a witch. The punishment for witches, what is that? That's right. Death by fire.

    [throws the photos one by one at Superman]

    Superman: [angrily readies heat vision] Where is she?

    Lex Luthor: I don't know! I wouldn't let them tell me! If you kill me, Martha dies. And if you fly away, Martha also dies. But if you kill the Bat, Martha lives.

    [Superman calms down and Lex approaches his hand]

    Lex Luthor: There we go. There we go. And now God bends to my will. Now, the cameras are waiting at your ship for the world to see the holes in the holy. Yes, the all mighty comes clean about how dirty he is when it counts. To save Martha, bring me the head of the Bat.

    [helicopter arrives; Lex looks at his timer]

    Lex Luthor: Mother of God, would you look at the time. When you came here, you had an hour. Now it's less.

  • Superman: [Bruce Wayne arrives at Lex's party] Who's that?

    Party Photographer: You must be new to "Let Them Eat Cake" beat. That is Bruce Wayne.

  • Superman: [punches Zod] YOU THINK YOU CAN THREATEN MY MOTHER?

  • [Superman has brought down a military drone]

    General Swanwick: Are you effing stupid?

    Superman: It's one of your surveillance drones.

    General Swanwick: That's a $12 million piece of hardware!

    Superman: It was. I know you're trying to find out where I hang my cape. You won't.

    General Swanwick: Then I'll ask the obvious question. How do we know you won't one day act against America's interests?

    Superman: I grew up in Kansas, General. I'm about as American as it gets.


    Superman: Look. I'm here to help... but it has to be on my own terms. And you have to convince Washington of that.

    General Swanwick: Even if I were willing to try, what makes you think they'd listen?

    Superman: I don't know, General. Guess I'll just have to trust you.

    [Superman flies away]

    General Swanwick: What are you smiling about, Captain?

    Captain Carrie Farris: Nothing, sir. I just think he's kind of hot.

    General Swanwick: Get in the car, Captain.

    Captain Carrie Farris: [still smiling] Mm-hm. Yes, sir.

  • Superman: [about Earth's people] Why am I so different from them?

    Jor-El: Earth's sun is younger and brighter than Krypton's was. Your cells have drunk in its radiation, strengthening your muscles, your skin, your senses. Earth's gravity is weaker, yet its atmosphere is more nourishing. You've grown stronger here than I ever could have imagined. The only way to know how strong, is to keep testing your limits.

  • Superman: [to Lois] You might want to step back a little bit. Maybe a little bit more.

  • Lois Lane: Why are you surrendering to Zod?

    Superman: I'm surrendering to mankind. There's a difference.

    Lois Lane: You let them handcuff you?

    Superman: Wouldn't be much of a surrender if I resisted. And if it makes them feel more secure, then... then all the better for it.

    Lois Lane: What's the 'S' stand for?

    Superman: It's not an 'S.' On my world it means 'hope.'

    Lois Lane: [smiles] Well, here it's an 'S.' How about... Super-

    [interrupted by Dr. Hamilton]

  • Dr. Emil Hamilton: Sir? Hi, my name is Dr. E...

    Superman: Emil Hamilton. I know, I can see your ID tag in your breast pocket, along with a half-eaten roll of wintergreen Life Savers. I can also see the squad of soldiers in the next room, preparing that tranquilizing agent of yours. You won't need it.

    Dr. Emil Hamilton: Sir, you-you can't expect us to not take precautions. You could be carrying some kind of alien pathogen.

    Superman: Been here for 33 years, Doctor. Haven't infected anyone yet.

    General Swanwick: That you know of. We have legitimate security concerns. Now, you revealed your identity to Miss Lane over there. Why won't you do the same with us?

    Superman: Let's put our cards on the table here, General.

    [Superman effortlessly snaps the links between his cuffs and approaches General Swanwick]

    Superman: You're scared of me because you can't control me. You don't, and you never will. But that doesn't mean I'm your enemy.

    General Swanwick: Then who is? Zod?

    Superman: That's what I'm worried about.

    General Swanwick: Be that as it may, I've been given orders to hand you over to him.

    Superman: Do what you have to do, General.

  • Lois Lane: You know, they say it's downhill after the first kiss.

    Superman: I'm pretty sure that only counts when you're kissing a human.

  • General Zod: What have you done to me?

    Superman: My parents taught me to hone my senses, Zod. Focus on just what I wanted to see. Without your helmet, you're getting everything.

    General Zod: Unh!

    Superman: And it hurts, doesn't it?

  • General Swanwick: All right. You've got our attention. What is it you want?

    Superman: I would like to speak to Lois Lane.

    General Swanwick: What makes you think she's here?

    Superman: Don't play games with me, general. I'll surrender, but only if you guarantee Lois' freedom.

  • General Zod: Your father equipped himself with great honor Kal.

    Superman: You killed my father?

    General Zod: I did. And not a day goes by that it does not haunt me. But if I had to do it again I would. I have a duty to my people, and I will not allow anyone to prevent me from carrying it out!

  • [from trailer]

    Superman: I won't betray them.

    General Zod: You already have.

  • Jor-El: Look.

    Superman: Lois.

    Jor-El: You can save her, Kal. You can save all of them.

  • Superman: If Krypton lives again, what happens to Earth?

    General Zod: A foundation has to be built on something. Even your father recognized that.

    [Superman sees he is surrounded by human bones]

    Superman: No! NOOO!

  • Superman: Krypton had its chance!

  • General Zod: I'm going to make them suffer, Kal. These humans you've adopted, I will take them all from you one by one.

    Superman: You're a monster, Zod, and I'm gonna stop you.

  • Green Lantern: Don't worry, Superman, I'll get you out of there!

    Superman: [covered in gum] No, don't!

    Green Lantern: Oh, my gosh, my hands are stuck. My legs are stuck as well.

    Superman: I super hate you.

  • Superman: Can't move!

    Green Lantern: Don't worry, Superman! I'll get you outta there!

    Superman: No! Don't...

    Green Lantern: Ahh! Oh my gosh, my hands are stuck. My legs are stuck as well.

    Superman: I super hate you.

  • Superman: Can't get much worse than this.

    Green Lantern: Uh, hello, neighbor.

    Superman: Oh, no.

    Green Lantern: It's Green Lantern. Oh my gosh, we're roommates. How crazy is that?

    Superman: Does anyone have some kryptonite that they can give me?

  • Superman: Easy, miss. I've got you.

    Lois Lane: You - you've got me? Who's got you?

  • [Superman surprises Lois on her balcony]

    Lois Lane: Um, um, would you like a glass of wine?

    Superman: Uh, no, no thanks. I never drink when I fly.

  • The Pimp: Say, Jim, whoo!

    Superman: Excuse me.

    [flies off]

    The Pimp: That's a bad outfit! Whoo!

  • [Superman and Lois are standing on opposite sides of a large planter]

    Lois Lane: What color underwear am I wearing?

    Superman: [looking] Hmmm...

    Lois Lane: Oh, I'm sorry, I embarrassed you, didn't I?

    Superman: Oh, no, no, no, not at all, Miss Lane, it's just that this planter must be made of lead.

    Lois Lane: Uh, yes it is. So?

    Superman: Well, you see, I, uh, I sort of have a problem seeing through lead.

    Lois Lane: Oh, that's interesting.

    Lois Lane: [Writing] Problem seeing through lead. Hmmm. Uh, d-do you have a first name?

    Superman: What do you mean, like, uh, Ralph or something?

    Lois Lane: No, no, I mean like...

    [walks away from the planter]

    Superman: Pink.

    Lois Lane: Huh?

    Superman: Pink.

    [Lois walks back to the planter]

    Superman: Um, sorry, Miss Lane, I didn't mean to embarrass you.

  • Superman: I'm here to fight for truth, and justice, and the American way.

    Lois Lane: [laughs] You're gonna end up fighting every elected official in this country!

  • Lois Lane: [being rescued, stammering] Who... are you?

    Superman: A friend.

    [flies away]

    Superman: [waves] Bye.

    [Lois waves, and stares at Superman, then sinks into a faint]

  • Jor-El: [in the Fortress of Solitude] You... enjoyed it.

    Superman: I don't know what to say, Father. I'm afraid I just got carried away.

    Jor-El: I anticipated this, my son. I...

    Superman: [surprised] You couldn't have! You couldn't have imagined...

    Jor-El: ...How good it felt.

    [Clark nods]

    Jor-El: You are revealed to the world. Very well, so be it. But you must still keep your secret identity.

    Superman: But why?

    Jor-El: The reasons are two. First, you cannot serve humanity twenty-eight hours a day.

    Superman: Twenty-four.

    Jor-El: Or twenty-four, as it is in Earth time. Your help would be called for endlessly, even for those problems which human beings could solve themselves. It is their habit to abuse their resources in such a way.

    Superman: And, secondly?

    Jor-El: Secondly, your enemies will discover their only way to hurt you: by hurting the people you care for.

    Superman: Thank you, Father.

    Jor-El: Lastly... Do not punish yourself for your feelings of vanity. Simply learn to control them. It is an affliction common to all, even on Krypton. Our destruction could have been avoided had it not been for the vanity of some who considered us indestructible. Were it not for vanity, why... at this very moment...


    Jor-El: I could embrace you in my arms. My son.

    [Kal-El reaches yearningly toward his father's image; Jor-El fades, leaving Kal-El alone]

  • Superman: Is that how a warped brain like yours gets its kicks? By planning the death of innocent people?

    Lex Luthor: No, by causing the death of innocent people.

  • [a thug strikes Superman from behind with a crowbar, it vibrates his hands]

    Superman: Bad vibrations?

  • Superman: Uh, you really shouldn't smoke, you know, Miss Lane.

    Lois Lane: Don't tell me. Lung cancer, right?

    Superman: [x-rays her lungs] Well, not yet, thank goodness.

  • [last lines]

    Warden: This country is safe again, Superman, thanks to you.

    Superman: No, sir. Don't thank me, Warden. We're all part of the same team. Good night.

  • Superman: Why did... why did you kiss me first?

    Miss Teschmacher: I didn't think you'd let me later.

  • [pointing to a map of California and the San Andreas Fault]

    Lex Luthor: Everything west of this line is the richest, most expensive real estate in the world: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Everything on THIS side of the line is just hundreds and hundreds of miles of worthless desert land, which just so happens to be owned by...

    [Whacks Otis with his pointer]

    Otis: Uh... Lex Luthor Incorporated.

    Lex Luthor: Now, call me foolish, call me irresponsible, but it occurs to me that a 500 megaton bomb planted at just the proper point would...

    Superman: Would destroy most of California. Millions of innocent people would be killed. The west coast as we know it would...

    Lex Luthor: Fall into the sea.

    Lex Luthor: [Gives a little wave with his hand] Bye-bye, California. Hello, new west coast. *My* west coast.

    [Otis overlays map with new map]

    Lex Luthor: Costa Del Lex. Luthorville. Lexington. Marina Del Lex. Otisburg. Lex Springs... Otisburg?

    Otis: Miss Teschmacher's got her own place.

    [indicates "Teschmacher Peaks"]

    Lex Luthor: *Otisburg*?

    Otis: It's an itty bitty town.

    Lex Luthor: [Angry] OTISBURG?

    Otis: Okay, I'll wipe it off. Just a little town, that's all.

    [Erases Otisburg]

  • [a cat burglar is climbing up the side of a building. He looks up and sees Superman standing there]

    Superman: Hi there. Something wrong with the elevator?

  • [Superman lands holding a cat burglar]

    Superman: Officer! Uh, good evening Officer...

    [glancing at the officer's nametag]

    Superman: Mooney. Well, they say confession's good for the soul.

    [takes a handful of stolen jewelry out of the burglar's bag]

    Superman: I'd listen to this man. Take him away.

  • Superman: I never lie.

  • Superman: You don't even care where that other missile is headed, do you?

    Lex Luthor: Of course I do. I know exactly where it's headed. Hackensack, New Jersey.

    [he pushes Superman into the pool]

  • [the warden of a prison is sitting in his office when he hears the alarms sound & the guard dogs barking. He steps onto his balcony to see Superman flying into the prison yard, holding Luthor & Otis by the scruff of their jackets]

    Lex Luthor: You're messing up my suit, you lummox, you!

    Lex Luthor: [to Superman] Watch the ground!

    [They land with a start. Luthor & Otis are immediately cornered by the guards]

    Superman: Good evening, Warden. I think these 2 men should be safe here with you now till they can get a fair trial.

    Warden: Who is it, Superman?

    Lex Luthor: [Lex rips off his wig to reveal his bald head] Lex Luthor! The greatest criminal mind of our time!

    Otis: [repeating what Lex says] ... Of our time!

    Lex Luthor: I hereby serve notice...

    Otis: He's serving notice to you...

    Lex Luthor: That these walls...

    Otis: That these walls here...

    Lex Luthor: Will you shut up, please!

    Superman: [to the guards] All right, take them away, boys!

    [the guards take Luthor & Otis to a cell]

    Lex Luthor: [shouting at Otis as the guards lead them away] Neanderthal! Nitwit! Nincompoop!

  • Lex Luthor: [DELETED SCENE: at his underground manor, Luthor is playing the piano and singing] "You must've been a beautiful baby, you must've been a wonderful child; when you were only startin' to go to kindergarten, you must've drove the little boys wild; And when it came to winning blue ribbons, you must've shown the other kids how; I can see the judge's eyes, when he handed you the prize, you must've made the cutest bow; Yeah, you must've been a beautiful baby... 'Cause, baby, look at you now."

    [He looks over at Eve T., who is about to be fed to Lex's "babies"]

    Miss Teschmacher: [in tears] You can't do this to me...! Why, Lex? WHY?

    Lex Luthor: Because I love you, Miss Teschmacher.

    [He signals for Otis to drop Eve, which the henchman does. Then a familiar blue-and-red streak follows her down... and reappears, depositing Eve safely on the floor]

    Superman: By the way, Miss Teschmacher, your mother sends her love.

    [He gazes over at Luthor, who sighs in defeat]

  • Lex Luthor: The San Andreas Fault. Maybe you've heard of it?

    Superman: Yes, it's the joining together of two land masses. The fault line is unstable and shifting, which is why you get earthquakes in California from time to time.

    Lex Luthor: [beams] Wonderful. Couldn't have said it better myself.

  • Superman: [Quoting Marlon Brando/Jor-el from 1978's SUPERMAN:THE MOVIE to Jason asleep in his bed] You will be different, sometimes you'll feel like an outcast, but you'll never be alone. You will make my strength your own. You will see my life through your eyes, as your life will be seen through mine. The son becomes the father and the father becomes the son.

  • Superman: Listen; what do you hear?

    Lois Lane: Nothing.

    Superman: I hear everything. You wrote that the world doesn't need a savior, but every day I hear people crying for one.

  • [last lines]

    Jason White: [Yells and waves from his window] GOOD NIGHT!

    Lois Lane: [Lois is standing in the front yard thinking about Superman, she is then startled when she hears Jason, she sees Jason waving out to the sky, she then looks at the sky and sees Superman floating right above her] I... Will we see you... around?

    Superman: I'm always around. Good night, Lois.

    [Flies off]

  • Lois Lane: Well you're back and everyone seems happy about it.

    Superman: Not everyone.

  • Superman: [Screams after being savagely beaten] I'm still Superman!

  • Kitty Kowalski: My heart, my palpitations, they're gone, what did you do?

    Superman: I didn't do anything, Ma'am.

    Kitty Kowalski: [breathlessly] Call me Catharine.

  • Lois Lane: You know my um... Richard. He's a pilot. He takes me up all the time.

    Superman: Not like this.

  • Superman: I read the article, Lois.

    Lois Lane: Yeah, so did a lot of people. Tomorrow night, they're giving me the Pulitzer...

    Superman: Why did you write it?

    Lois Lane: How could you leave us like that? I moved on. So did the rest of us. That's why I wrote it. The world doesn't need a savior. And neither do I.

  • Superman: [after saving Lois Lane and other members of the media from a plane crash] Well, I hope this experience hasn't put any of you off flying. Statistically speaking, it's still the safest way to travel.

  • Lex Luthor: See anything familiar?

    Superman: I see an old man's sick joke.

    Lex Luthor: Really? Because I see my new apartment. And a place for Kitty. One for my friends. And the place over there, I'll rent out. But, you know, maybe you're right. You know, maybe it - It is a little cold. It's, uh - Uh - What's the word I'm searching for? It's a little... alien. It lacks that human touch.

  • Superman: I'm sorry I left you, Lois.

  • Superman: I know lots of people are asking questions now that I'm back, and I think it's only fair that I answer... those people.

    Lois Lane: So... you're here for an interview?

  • Lois Lane: Well, you're back and everyone seems happy about it.

    Superman: Not everyone.

  • Superman: [after admitting to Lois that he's Superman] We'd better talk.

    Lois Lane: I'm in love with you.

    Superman: We'd really better talk.

  • [last lines]

    Superman: Good afternoon, Mr. President. Sorry I've been away so long. I won't let you down again.

  • General Zod: Son of Jor-El. We were beginning to think you were a coward.

    Superman: I'm not a coward, Zod.

    Ursa: Let him prove it!

    General Zod: Possibly not. It is extremely likely you are merely a fool. Like father, like son.

    Superman: Somehow, I just can't hear you, Zod.

    General Zod: [Using his heat vision, he breaks off the entire side of a nearby building and catches it with both hands] Then die, as you deserve to!

    [He throws it at Superman, who uses his own heat vision to blow the huge projectile apart]

  • Superman: [at the Fortress of Solitude; whispering to Luthor] Try and get them all into this molecule chamber. It takes away their powers, see... and turns them into ordinary human beings. Now if you could...

    [Zod approaches]

    Superman: Shh, shh!

    Lex Luthor: [pauses] General, don't go in there. It's a trap.

    Superman: Luthor, you poisonous snake!

    Lex Luthor: That's a molecule chamber. It turns people like you into people like me.

    General Zod: [nods] You've done well, Lex Luthor.

    Lex Luthor: [pointing] The crystal there activates the mechanism.

    General Zod: Lex Luthor, ruler of Australia... activate the machine.

    [Non grabs Luthor and flies him up to the control panel]

  • General Zod: [referring to Superman's home] Scruffy. Morbid. A sentimental replica of a planet long since vanished. No style at all!

    Superman: I expect better manners from my guests, Zod.

    Lois Lane: Superman, this wasn't my idea...!

    General Zod: Accept your destiny, Kal-El. As your father once condemned us, so now do we condemn his misbegotten brat!

  • Superman: [after seeing Zod on TV] Here? When?

    Diner Owner: When? Where the hell have you been, mac, on a desert island?

  • General Zod: Did you think we would give up our advantage? Now... the son of Jor-El will be my slave... forever, if not, the millions of Earthlings you protect shall pay for your defiance. Destroy this place.

    Lex Luthor: Hi, guys. Sorry I'm late.

    General Zod: We have no more use for this one, kill him.

    Lex Luthor: Me? Lex Luthor? General... you came to me with nothing, I gave you Superman!

    General Zod: Silence!

    Lex Luthor: Well, look -

    [Non shoves Luthor from behind]

    Lex Luthor: Watch it, don't touch me!

    [to Superman]

    Lex Luthor: Guy's a clod; promises were made, gifts exchanged. I gotta hand it to you, you know. You always told the truth, a guy always knew where he stood with you.

    Superman: Hmm.

    [whispers to Lex Luthor]

    Superman: Try and get them all into this molecule chamber. It takes away their powers, see... and turns them into ordinary human beings. Now if you could -

    [Zod approaches]

    Superman: Shh, shh!

    Lex Luthor: General, don't go in there, it's a trap.

    Superman: Luthor, you poisonous snake!

    Lex Luthor: That's a molecule chamber. It makes people like you into people like me.

    General Zod: You've done well, Lex Luthor.

    Lex Luthor: General, uh... the crystal there, uh... activates the mechanism.

    General Zod: Lex Luthor, ruler of Australia... activate the machine.

    [Non grabs Luthor and flies him up to the control panel]

    Lex Luthor: Thank you.

    [takes a crystal]

    Lex Luthor: With your permission.

    [Lois cries as Superman enters the chamber and the lights turn on]

    General Zod: [Superman exits the chamber, and proceeds to kneel before Zod] And now... finally. Take my hand... and swear eternal loyalty to Zod.

    [Superman grips Zod's hand and crushes it]

    General Zod: Ahhh, uuuuh! Oooohhh, ahhh!

    [Superman lifts Zod off the ground]

    General Zod: Oooh, oh no!

    [Superman throws Zod against the Fortress's wall, where he falls into the chasm below]

    General Zod: Ugggh!

    Non: Urgh!

    [Non tries to fly, but falls off the cliff, into the chasm below]

    Non: Huh? Ohhhh!

    Lex Luthor: He switched it, he did it to them! I mean, the lights were on out here... while he was safe in there!

    [Superman nods and gives Luthor an OK sign]

    Lois Lane: You know something? You're a real pain in the neck!

    [Lois punches Ursa into the chasm below]

    Ursa: Uurghhhh!

    Superman: [Lois goes to Superman, who hugs her] Are you all right?

    Lois Lane: Mm-hmm.

    Superman: I knew you'd double-cross me, Luthor. A lying weasel like you couldn't resist the chance.

    Lex Luthor: Me, are you kidding? Hey, I was with you all the time! That was beautiful! Did you see the way they fell into our trap? Ha ha ha ha!

    Superman: Too late, Luthor! Too late.

    Lex Luthor: Look - look, Superman, I got- I got a proposition for you. Now, now don't stop me, don't stop until you've heard me because... I know I owe you one, but we're in the North Pole, right? Let's wipe the slate clean. If you give me a ride back, I promise I'll turn over a whole new leaf...

  • [last lines]

    Lex Luthor: [Superman has dropped Luthor off at prison and they are discussing nuclear weapons] Is the world gonna be vaporized?

    Superman: No. It's the same as it's always been, Luthor. On the brink. With good fighting evil. See you in twenty.

    [Superman flies off]

  • Superman: Madam Chairman, I don't represent any one particular country, but I'd like to address the delegates.

    U.N. Secretary General: Well... in that case, you will need a sponsor.

    [all delegates raise their hands]

    U.N. Secretary General: I believe that will do. Please.

  • [Superman and Nuclear Man confront each other in downtown Metropolis]

    Nuclear Man: Where is the woman?

    Superman: Give it up, you'll never find her.

    Nuclear Man: If you will not tell me, I will hurt people!

    [Nuclear Man begins to cause mass destruction]

    Superman: Stop! Don't do it, the people!

  • Superman: You'd risk world wide nuclear war for your own personal financial gain.

    Lex Luthor: Nobody wants war. I just want to keep the threat alive.

  • Superman: And there will be peace. There will be peace when the people of the world, want it so badly, that their governments will have no choice but to give it to them. I just wish you could all see the Earth the way that I see it. Because when you really look at it, it's just one world.

  • Superman: Uh... no pain, no gain?

  • Superman: [returns Cosmonaut to capsule, speaks in Russian] You'll be safer singing in here.

  • Lex Luthor: [introduces Nuclear Man to Superman] Look closely at the cell structure. You see anything familiar?

    Superman: You've broken all the laws of man, Luthor. Not it looks as though you've broken all the laws of nature, too. I can only assume you must have hidden a device of some kind on one of the missiles I hurled into the sun.

    Lex Luthor: You know, Mr. Muscle, I'm really gonna miss these little chats we had together. You're the only one that could keep up with me.

  • Superman: I know I'm forbidden to interfere... and yet the Earth is threatened by the same fate as Krypton's.

    1st Elder: The Earth is too primitive. You can flee to new worlds, where war is long forgotten.

    2nd Elder: If you teach the Earth to put its fate in any one man, even yourself, you're teaching them to be betrayed.

    1st Elder: Betrayed! Betrayed! Betrayed! Betrayed!

  • Superman: How long have I been out?

    Ali Noels: A few days. You were pretty badly hurt. But the wounds have been recovering quickly. But of course they would. Because you're Superman.

  • Ali Noels: What color are my...?

    Superman: [refers to her underwear] Pink.

    Ali Noels: I mean my socks! What color are my socks?

  • Superman: You're not going to shoot those little creatures. In the first place, they haven't done you any harm. In the second place, they may be radioactive.

  • Superman: Since you can't be trusted with guns,I'll have to take them away.

  • Perry White: [gruffly] What do you want?

    Superman: [as Clark Kent] Uh... a job.

    Perry White: [sarcastically] Any special kind? Or would mine do?

    Superman: Well, I would like to be a reporter. I haven't had any experience in writing, but... uh...

    Perry White: That should help.

    Superman: Well, I have other qualifications that might be valuable.

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