Sunaina Quotes in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)


Sunaina Quotes:

  • Sunaina: Do you love me, Sonny?

    Sonny: My feelings cannot be reduced to a single word.

    Sunaina: It is a nice word. People like hearing it.

  • Sonny: Let's meet somewhere else. I will rent a hotel room!

    Sunaina: Sonny, you own a hotel - it has many rooms.

    Sonny: Some of which are now occupied with actual real guests!

    Sunaina: Paying guests?

    Sonny: Why must you nit-pick? It is not an attractive quality.

  • Sonny: [Running up the stairs of Sunaina's workplace shouting - ] Sunaina! Sunaina! Sunaina! Sunaina!

    Sunaina's Brother: Hey, what's going on?

    Sonny: [Bent over panting and out of breath from running up the stairs. Holds up one finger to motion to please wait]

    Sunaina's Brother: Sonny?

    Sonny: [Panting] I need to see Sunaina.

    Sunaina's Brother: Her shift's not over. And when it is, she doesn't want to see you.

    Sonny: Jay. You - You are the son my mother wished I was. An intelligent man with a strong head for business. You see things as they are and not as you wish them to be. So, fuck off out of my way!

    [Jay crosses his arms]

    Sonny: Or, you can give her a message. Tell her from me what I should have told her the day we met. What I will announce to anyone who asks and many who do not.

    Sunaina: [Interjects from around the corner] Including your mother?

    Sunaina's Brother: [Asks Sonny incorrectly] Including my mother?

    Sunaina: [Correcting Jay] His mother.

    Sunaina's Brother: Your mother.

    Sonny: I will tell every mother in the land.

    Sunaina: [Asking Sonny] What will you tell them?

    Sunaina's Brother: [Also asking Sonny] What will you tell them?

    Sonny: The only thing that matters in this world. That I love you and always will. And by "you" I mean Sunaina, Jay, not you. Although if you are to be my brother-in-law, I hope we can become better friends.

    Sunaina: [Speaking to Jay] Why is he only saying this now?

    Sunaina's Brother: [Speaking to Sunaina] You ask him.

    Sunaina: [Comes to the stairs bannister and looks Sonny in the eye] Why are you only saying this now?

    Sonny: Because, Sunaina... love of my life, no more will I believe that I'm not worthy. For only by loving you as you deserve will I become so.

  • Sonny Kapoor: I promise that I will be a better husband than fiance.

    Sunaina: Good. Because you're a terrible fiance.

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