Sulu Quotes in Star Trek Beyond (2016)


Sulu Quotes:

  • [last lines]

    Captain James T. Kirk: [epilogue] Space: the final frontier.

    Commander Spock: These are the voyages of the starship...

    Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott: ...Enterprise. Its continuing mission...

    Doctor 'Bones' McCoy: explore strange new worlds...

    Sulu: seek out new life...

    Chekov: ...and new civilizations...

    Lieutenant Uhura: boldly go where no one has gone before.

  • Captain James T. Kirk: Mr. Sulu... you can... fly this thing, right?

    Sulu: [looks back at him; smug] You kiddin' me, sir?

    [Sulu smashes throttle]

  • Sulu: Attention: John Harrison. This is Captain Hikaru Sulu of the USS Enterprise. A shuttle of highly trained officers is on its way to your location. If you do not surrender to them immediately, I will unleash the entire payload of advanced long-range torpedoes currently locked on to your location. You have two minutes to confirm your compliance. Refusal to do so will result in your obliteration. And If you test me, you will fail.

    Bones: Mr. Sulu, remind me never to piss you off.

  • [last lines]

    James T. Kirk: Where should we go?

    Spock: As a mission of this duration has never been attempted, I defer to your good judgment Captain.

    James T. Kirk: Mr. Sulu, take us out!

    Sulu: Aye, Captain.

  • Spock: [after the Vengeance crashes] Scan the enemy ship for any signs of life.

    Sulu: [confused] Sir... there's no way anyone could've survived that.

    Spock: [swings round with a snarl] HE COULD!

    Sulu: [as Khan leaps from the wreckage] Whoa... he just jumped thirty meters.

  • Scotty: No! I'm not signing anything! Now get these bloody things off my ship!

    [sees Kirk]

    Scotty: Captain!

    James T. Kirk: Is there a problem, Mr. Scott?

    Scotty: Aye, sir! I was just explaining to this gentlemen that I cannae authorize any weapons on board this ship without knowing what's inside them!

    Spock: Mr. Scott raises yet another point that le...

    James T. Kirk: Report to the bridge.

    Spock: Captain.

    [leaves the engineering room]

    James T. Kirk: Mr. Scott, I understand your concerns but we need these torpedoes on board!

    Scotty: Due respect, sir, but photo torpedoes run on fuel, now I cannae detect the type of fuel that's in the compartments on these torpedoes because it's shielded. Now I asked for the specifications but he says...

    [gestures to Torpedo Security]

    Torpedo Security: It's classified.

    Scotty: [repeating exasperatedly] It's classified. So I said; no specs, no signature!

    Sulu: [from deck above] Captain, flight checks complete, we're good to go, sir.

    James T. Kirk: Thank you, Mr. Sulu.

    Sulu: Yes, sir.

    Scotty: Now if you'll excuse me, sir, I have a warp core to prime.

    [walks away]

    Scotty: [to Keenser] Get down!

    Bones: Jim, your vitals are way off...

    James T. Kirk: Report to the medbay.

    [follows Scotty to the warp core]

    James T. Kirk: Scotty! I need you to approve those weapons.

  • [first lines]

    Saavik: Captain's log: Stardate 8130.3. Starship Enterprise on training mission to Gamma Hydra, section 14, coordinates 22-87-4. Approaching Neutral Zone; all systems normal and functioning.

    Sulu: Leaving section 14 for section 15.

    Saavik: Standby. Project parabolic course to avoid entering Neutral Zone.

    Sulu: Aye, captain.

  • Kirk: Stand by to receive our transmission.

    [sotto voce]

    Kirk: Mr. Sulu, lock phasers on target and await my command.

    Sulu: [sotto voice] Phasers locked.

  • Sulu: So much for a "little training cruise".

  • Kirk: Time?

    Saavik: Three minutes, thirty seconds.

    Kirk: Distance from Reliant?

    Chekov: 4000 kilometers.

    Sulu: We're not going to make it, are we?

    [Kirk turns to look at David, who slowly shakes his head]

  • Kirk: I hate inspections.

    Sulu: I'm delighted. Any chance to go aboard the Enterprise.

  • [their first look at the USS Excelsior]

    Uhura: Would you look at that.

    Kirk: My friends, the great experiment: The Excelsior. Ready for trial runs.

    Sulu: She's supposed to have transwarp drive.

    Scotty: Aye. And if my grandmother had wheels, she'd be a wagon.

    Kirk: Come, come, Mr. Scott. Young minds, fresh ideas. Be tolerant.

  • Kirk: [gathers himself after David's murder] Mr. Sulu, what is the crew compliment of a Bird-of-Prey?

    Sulu: About a dozen officers and men.

    Kirk: With some of them on the planet... I swear to you, we're not finished yet. Bones, you and Sulu to the transporter room. The rest of you with me, we have a job to do.

  • Sulu: The word, sir?

    Kirk: The word is no. I am therefore going anyway.

    Sulu: You can count our help, sir.

    Kirk: Thank you, Mr. Sulu, I'll need it.

    Chekov: Shall I alert Dr. McCoy?

    Kirk: Please. He has a long journey ahead of him.

  • Scotty: [studying the Klingon Bird-of-Prey's helm] Where's the damn antimatter inducer?

    Chekov: This?... no, *this*!

    Scotty: That or nothing.

    Sulu: If I read this right, sir, we have full power.

    Kirk: [exasperated] Go, Sulu!

  • Sulu: One minute to space doors.

    McCoy: Are you just gonna walk through them?

    Kirk: Calm yourself, Doctor.

  • Uhura: [Chekov and Sulu are lost in the woods of Yellowstone] Is there a problem, gentlemen?

    Sulu: Uh, yes. We've been caught in a... we've been caught in a blizzard.

    [Chekov blows on the communicator, simulating wind noises]

    Chekov: And we can't see a thing. Request you direct us to the coordinates.

    Uhura: My visual says sunny skies and seventy degrees.

    Chekov: [stops blowing] Sulu, look. The sun's come out. It's a miracle.

    Uhura: [over communicator] Don't worry, fellas. Your secret's safe with me. I'll sent a shutlecraft to pick you up.

    Sulu: Uhura, I owe you one! Sulu out.

  • [hiking in the woods of Yellowstone]

    Chekov: Admit it, we're lost.

    Sulu: All right, we're lost. But we're making good time!

    Uhura: [over communicator] Commander Sulu, come in please.

    Sulu: I don't believe this! Commander Sulu here.

    Uhura: Bad news, gentlemen. Shore leave's been canceled.

    Chekov: [relieved] Rescued at last!

    Uhura: Return to the pre-arranged coordinates for pickup.

    Chekov: Don't tell them we're lost. We'll never live it down here.

  • Sybok: What are you doing?

    Kirk: In order to lower and re-raise the shields as quickly as possible, we're going to forego the tractor beam, and fly her in manually.

    McCoy: *Manually*?

    Sybok: How often have you done this?

    Sulu: [smiles] Actually, it's my first attempt.

  • [the crew is on a shuttlecraft pondering what their new starship will be]

    Sulu: ...I'm counting on the *Excelsior*.

    Scotty: The *Excelsior*? Why in God's name would you want that bucket of bolts?

    Kirk: A ship is a ship.

    Scotty: Whatever you say so.


    Scotty: Thy will be done.

    [the new starship USS *Enterprise* 1701-A emerges into view]

    Kirk: My friends.


    Kirk: We've come home.

  • Sulu: San Francisco.


    Sulu: I was born there.

  • [last lines]

    [on the bridge of the new Enterprise]

    Sulu: Helm ready, Captain.

    Kirk: All right, Mr. Sulu. Let's see what she's got.

  • [Captain Kirk and his crew prepare to time warp in order to retrieve Humpback whales from the past; via sling-shooting around the sun]

    Kirk: [to himself] May fortune favor the foolish...

    [normal voice]

    Kirk: Warp speed, Mister Sulu.

    Sulu: Aye, sir. Warp speed.

    [the captured Klingon Vessel speeds up at warp speed]

    Sulu: [silence in the cockpit; nonchalantly] Warp two... warp three.

    Kirk: [uneasy] Steady as she goes...

    Sulu: Warp four...

    [a metallic reading plate slips off of Spock's desk. Spock reaches for it, but it falls into the grate. As the ship gets closer and closer to the sun, the interior of the Klingon vessel begins to vibrate gradually]

    Sulu: Warp five...

    [Another metallic reading plate slips off of Uhura's communications desk; clattering to the floor]

    Sulu: Warp six...

    [several objects fall to the floor noisily in the background as the ship's alarms go off]

    Sulu: Warp seven... warp eight...

    Chekov: Sir... heat shield's at maximum!

    Sulu: [over the alarms] warp NINE! Time warp two, Time warp three...

    Kirk: [over the noise] We need to break away the speed.

    Sulu: [literally shouting over the alarms] Time warp five, Time warp six, Time warp seven, Time warp eight...

    [a screen bursts into shatters due to the pressure from the sun; Uhura screams. Kirk, Chekov, McCoy and Spock immediately turn their heads toward Uhrua's direction]

    Cmdr. Uhura: [over the noise] I'm fine... I'm all right.

    [Kirk lets out a sigh of relief; steam hisses as the ceiling cracks; the window shows that they are getting really close to the sun]

    Kirk: [shouts] NOW MISTER SULU!

    [the ship successfully maneuvers around the sun]

  • Pilot: Have you ever flown before?

    Sulu: Oh, here and there!

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