Sue Storm Quotes in Fantastic Four (2015)


Sue Storm Quotes:

  • Sue Storm: Music is just a series of altered patterns. The musician creates the pattern and makes us anticipate a resolution... then holds back. Makes you wait for it. There's patterns in everything and everyone.

  • [from trailer]

    Sue Storm: You want to be famous?

    Reed Richards: I just want my work to make a difference.

  • Sue Storm: We can't beat him. He's stronger than any of us.

    Reed Richards: Yeah, he is. But he's not stronger than all of us.

  • [last lines]

    Reed Richards: We're a team now, and there's four of us, so we should come up with a name for it.

    Johnny Storm: Like, "The Human Torch and the Torchettes."

    The Thing: Ugh.

    Reed Richards: No. Are you kidding me?

    The Thing: How about "The Big Brain and His Neurons"?

    Sue Storm: How about "The Big Brain and Her Neurons"?

    Johnny Storm: How about "Two Guys, a Girl, and the Thing that Nobody Wanted"?

    Reed Richards: [calming The Thing] Hey, we both know that you could take him.

    Sue Storm: Hey.

    Johnny Storm: Hey. What?

    Reed Richards: We've come a long way since the garage.

    The Thing: Gotta say, it's fantastic.

    Reed Richards: Say that again...

    The Thing: It's fantastic.

    Reed Richards: Yes, it is. Guys, I got it. Ready?

    Johnny Storm: Yeah...

  • Johnny Storm: What if it takes more time to get it right? We could be talking years.

    Sue Storm: I am not going to be a tool.

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