Stuart Sutcliffe Quotes in Backbeat (1994)


Stuart Sutcliffe Quotes:

  • John Lennon: You can't do your solo spots any more, Stu.

    Stuart Sutcliffe: Why not?

    John Lennon: Because it's shite.

    Stuart Sutcliffe: Give it to me straight. Let's not beat around the bush.

  • Klaus Voormann: I liked your show. You had fun.

    John Lennon: Fun? You call that fun?

    Klaus Voormann: What do you call it?

    John Lennon: I call it three days and nights without sleep. I call it too long between drinks. I call it dying for a piss. I call it hard fuckin' day's night.

    Klaus Voormann: Is he always like this?

    Stuart Sutcliffe: No. You'd be surprised. He can be quite bitter and twisted.

  • [Stu has just been badly beaten]

    John Lennon: You alright, Stu?

    Stuart Sutcliffe: How do I look?

    John Lennon: Put it this way - you'll get better. I'll always be ugly.

  • Stuart Sutcliffe: Ahhh, Liverpool.

    John Lennon: Home of...

    Stuart Sutcliffe: ...Liverpudlians.

    John Lennon: You know what it is I like about Liverpool, Mr. Sutcliffe?

    Stuart Sutcliffe: No, what is it you like about Liverpool, Mr. Lennon?

    John Lennon: I was hoping you'd tell me.

  • Stuart Sutcliffe: I like the blonde but I prefer the brunette.

    John Lennon: Blondes have more fun.

    Stuart Sutcliffe: Says who?

    John Lennon: Swedes.

  • John Lennon: Did ya shag her?

    Stuart Sutcliffe: She's a photographer.

    John Lennon: You'll never shag her.

  • John Lennon: She thinks I'm queer, Astrid.

    Stuart Sutcliffe: Bollocks.

    John Lennon: You heard her. She thinks I fancy you.

    Stuart Sutcliffe: That's not what she said. What she said was she thinks we love one another.

    John Lennon: And what did you say?

    Stuart Sutcliffe: I might have grunted.


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