Storekeeper Quotes in The Man from Nowhere (2010)


Storekeeper Quotes:

  • Storekeeper: [to Tae-Sik Cha] Kids will learn from their mistakes. Parenting isn't just giving birth. She's always by herself. Bring her around more often, like the other dads. It's on me.

  • Luigino: [gesturing with a doll he is holding to the storekeeper] Is this the kind that makes water?

    Storekeeper: Yes, everything, it's the latest model from Japan.

    Luigino: One of these days they'll make one that bleeds real blood... when you cut its throat!

  • Storekeeper: It's bad enough I have to pay those wops. Now I have to pay you too? Tomorrow the Irish will come. So enough...kill me already!

  • Storekeeper: Don't go messin' up in Deep Barons!

  • Storekeeper: You'll get what you deserve in them Deep Barons, you lez-beans! You won't be causin' no one no trouble no more!

  • Storekeeper: Well what do you need?

    Louie Kritski: Okay, let's see... I got my girl coming over. I'll need some wine. What kind of wine do you got here? You got any...

    [the storekeeper places a small bottle of screw-top wine on the counter]

    Louie Kritski: What the fuck is that? You expect me to drink screw-top wine?

    Storekeeper: You want a buzz? It's gonna have to come from this.

    Louie Kritski: Better just get some essentials so I don't starve to death.

    [Grabs a loaf of bread places it on the counter with a 'THUNK']

    Louie Kritski: Holy shit! Your bread's older than your fucking wine. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. This is aged. This should - -See, this should be aged

    [about the wine]

    Louie Kritski: You don't - You get it? What a sense of humor. Am I on Candid Camera in this place or what?

  • Man in store: Say, maybe you're lookin' for Gene Autry. He's a right good singer. Got a ranch up the valley a-piece.

    Storekeeper: It's down the valley.

    Man in store: It's up.

    Storekeeper: Tain't neither. It was up, but since the flood, it's down!

  • Storekeeper: Yes, sir, can I help you today?

    Nevada Smith: Can of peaches... A big can please!

    Storekeeper: [Giving him a can] Best Eastern peaches in the West.

    Nevada Smith: Would you open it for me?

    Storekeeper: No charge!

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