Steve Tobias Quotes in The In-Laws (2003)


Steve Tobias Quotes:

  • Steve Tobias: This wedding is going to be as normal as butter on mashed potatoes.

  • Steve Tobias: I don't know one person here.

    Jerry Peyser: That's because it's not an arms market.

  • Jerry Peyser: I'm sorry I called you the worst father in the world. I'm sure there's at least two or three guys who are worse.

    Steve Tobias: Thank you, Jer.

  • Steve Tobias: Doctor, do you know what a roofie is?

    Jerry Peyser: Yeah I know what a roofie is, frat boys give them to girls at parties.

    [Steve nods]

    Jerry Peyser: Oh no. Oh don't rape me.

    [passes out]

  • Angela Harris: Is that a fanny pack?

    Steve Tobias: It's cute, isn't it?

    Angela Harris: It's adorable.

  • Steve Tobias: We're the CIA.

    Angela Harris: Great, now I have to kill him.

  • Jerry Peyser: Six people on a beach! I could have saved a fortune.

    Steve Tobias: Jer, they're gonna be fine. In fact, the whole family's gonna be just fine.

  • Steve Tobias: [after large snake is served at ethnic restaurant] Uh, Jerry, you alright? You haven't even touched your food!

    Jerry Peyser: My food is still eating.

  • [last lines]

    [as Jean-Pierre is being taken away by the police, he waves at Jerry]

    Jean-Pierre Thibodoux: Call me!

    Jerry Peyser: You know something? He might actually like prison.

    Steve Tobias: Like it? He's gonna LOVE it!

  • Jerry Peyser: That was fun.

    Steve Tobias: Yeah blackmail! Ha ha.

  • Steve Tobias: So have you ever been to Vietnam?

    Katherine Peyser: No, but we hear it's lovely.

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