Sterling Quotes in Cars 3 (2017)


Sterling Quotes:

  • Sterling: [with Luigi, Guido, and McQueen; yelling to Cruz] Hey, Cruz!

    Cruz Ramirez: Oh, hey, Mr. Sterling!

    Sterling: I'd like to introduce you to Lightning McQueen.

    Lightning McQueen: [to Cruz] I hear you're the maestro.

    Cruz Ramirez: [ignoring Lightning] Mr. Sterling, did you say Lightning McQueen was here? Because I don't see him anywhere.

    Luigi: Uh, but he is right here.

    [gestures to McQueen]

    Luigi: Do you not see him?

    Cruz Ramirez: Nope, still don't see him.

    Luigi: But he is right in front of you! It is Lightning McQueen!

  • Sterling: [to Lightning McQueen] Movie deals, infomercial, product endorsements. You think you're famous now?


    Sterling: You'll be rich beyond belief.

    Lightning McQueen: Mr. Sterling, what is this about?

    Sterling: Your legacy. Every time you lose... you damage yourself. I'm sorry. Your racing days are coming to an end.

  • Sterling: [to Lightning McQueen] You are about to become the biggest brand in racing.

  • Jeffrey: But Darius is a dancer. He's in "Cats."

    Sterling: Exactly. I said you needed a boyfriend, not a person.

  • Sterling: You know, Darius once said you were the saddest person he knew.

    Jeffrey: Why did he say that?

    Sterling: Because he was sick. He had a fatal disease. And he was a million times happier than you.

  • [Regarding his brush with Mother Theresa]

    Jeffrey: She looked good.

    Sterling: Please, she's had work done.

  • Darius: Who's Martha Stewart?

    Sterling: She writes picture books about gracious living. Martha says that nothing else matters if you can do a nice dried floral arrangement. I worship her.

    Darius: And, um, who's Ann Miller?

    Sterling: Leave this house.

  • Sterling: [putting on a red shawl] Can I do this, or will I look like some sort of gay superhero?

  • Sterling: Two cappuccinos. Thank you, darling. Big kiss. The earring - fun... last year.

  • Barney's Waiter: BI-SEXUAL!

    Sterling: Oh, me too...

  • Skip Winkley: Who is your biggest sexual fantasy?

    Barney's Waiter: [wipes the side of his mouth seductively] Den-ZEL Washington.

    Jeffrey: The guy at the gym.

    Sterling: Yoko Ono.

    [everyone looks at Sterling with a suprised look]

    Sterling: To see the apartment!

  • Darius: I love the Nutcracker. You know when I was a kid I was always afraid of the dancing mice. Now I'm a cat.

    Sterling: His therapist is ecstatic.

  • TV Reporter: So what happens after today's parade?

    Sterling: Angelique is going to remove her penis!

    Mrs. Marcangelo: It's coming *right* off!

  • Robert Lindley: I had a kid brother that fought close to a British outfit in Italy... the turning point of the war.

    Sterling: So, that's how American history will record it?

    Robert Lindley: What do you mean?

    Sterling: Well, the actual turning point of the war was El Alamein.

    Robert Lindley: Oh, you're quoting English history now.

    [They both chuckle]

  • Robert Lindley: [Looking at two Germans in the train] I wonder how they'll handle it.

    Sterling: Truthfully, I hope. Otherwise I'm wasting my valuable time. I'm in re-education. Seems pretty hopeless at times. I mean, what is more important than giving them the light to see?

    Robert Lindley: Giving them something to eat?

    Sterling: Your field?

    Robert Lindley: I do sleight of hand. We're supposed to make 1,500 calories look like an eight-course meal - and prevent things like plague and starvation.

  • Perrot: What chance has a European got with an American around?

    Robert Lindley: I'm afraid you overestimate us.

    Perrot: Huh, not at all. How can we compete with your American charm, your chocolate...

    Sterling: Your soap?

    Perrot: Your cigarettes?

    Robert Lindley: Well, it's more blessed to give than to receive.

  • Sterling: Only a Russian would be so distrustful as to arrive with a small platoon.

    Lt. Maxim Kiroshilov: And only a Britisher would object.

    Sterling: Oh, you speak English?

    Lt. Maxim Kiroshilov: Comes and goes through Irish.

  • Robert Lindley: I know. We don't have any more German enemies, do we?

    Sterling: No authorized ones, anyway.

  • Davina: So tell me, Sterling, what did you think of Davina when you first met her?

    Sterling: Davina who? Ow! Oh, that Davina?


    Sterling: Um, I pretty much thought she was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.


    Sterling: I thought, "This girl belongs inside of a fairy tale."

    Davina: And was it love at first sight?


    Sterling: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.


    Davina: You know, they say only a virgin can tame a unicorn.

    Sterling: Sounds like maybe it could be the other way around.

  • Davina: 'Morning.


    Davina: What did you dream about?

    Sterling: I don't dream.

    Davina: What do you mean, you don't dream?

    Sterling: I live my dreams.

  • Davina: Do you think we'll be happier when we get there?

    Sterling: Where?

    Davina: Anywhere but here.

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