Station Manager Sheppard Quotes in Outland (1981)


Station Manager Sheppard Quotes:

  • Station Manager Sheppard: If you're looking for money, you're smarter than you look. If you're not, you're a lot dumber.

    Marshal William T. O'Neil: Then I'm probably a lot dumber.

    Station Manager Sheppard: That could be very dangerous.

  • Marshal William T. O'Neil: Hey, Sheppard. Guess what I just found in a meat locker.

    Station Manager Sheppard: Y'know, I have a feeling that you'll tell me even if I don't guess.

    Marshal William T. O'Neil: 250 pounds of hamburger named Yario that works for you. I also found your shipment of PDE. So, I threw the hamburger in the jail, and the PDE in the toilet. Or was it the other way around? I can't remember now.

  • Station Manager Sheppard: Let me tell you what you're dealing with here. I run a franchise. The company hired me to dig as much ore out of this hellhole as possible. My hookers are clean, some of them are good looking. My booze isn't watered. The workers are happy. When the workers are happy, they dig more ore. They get paid more bonus money. When they dig more ore, the company's happy. When the company's happy, I'm happy.

    Marshal William T. O'Neil: Sounds wonderful.

    Station Manager Sheppard: Nothing here is wonderful. It works... that's enough.

  • Station Manager Sheppard: You know, I misjudged you. You're not stupid. You're crazy. You think you've caused more than an inconvenience here? Is that what you think? Why don't you go home and polish your badge. You're dealing with grown-ups here!

    Marshal William T. O'Neil: Whoever sent you that shipment is going to be mad that you lost it. Grown-ups don't have a sense of humor.

  • Bellows: [voice] This is Bellows. I got the men you want and it wasn't easy or cheap. My people are very unhappy. This could cause trouble for us on all of the other mining operations. If the company got wind of what is going on down there, they could clamp down like a vice. They can't afford to lose their franchise. That could put my people out of business, and my people like being in business.

    Station Manager Sheppard: Tell them not to worry. How good are the men?

    Bellows: [voice] The best. They are the best two I could hire. They already left on the shuttle and they'll be arriving on Sunday.

    Station Manager Sheppard: Are they bringing their own weapons?

    Bellows: [voice] Yes.

    Station Manager Sheppard: The target is O'Neil. Marshall W.T. O'Neil.

    Bellows: [voice] Jesus, you'd better not mess this up.

    Station Manager Sheppard: I woun't.

    Bellows: [voice] How much help will he have?

    Station Manager Sheppard: None.

    Bellows: [voice] You sure?

    Station Manager Sheppard: Yes, I'm sure. No one will stick their necks out for anyone here. Once the word spreads that these guys are pros, they'll be no trouble. I've got someone on the inside that will spread the word and will assist them as a last resort. Don't worry. O'Neil is a dead man.

    Bellows: [voice] Sheppard I got to tell you, if this thing doesn't work out, the next guys I'm gonna send there will be coming for you.

    Station Manager Sheppard: No sweat. I'll call you when it's over.

    [the message disconnects]

  • Station Manager Sheppard: Did you really destroy the entire shipment?

    Marshal William T. O'Neil: Yes.

    Station Manager Sheppard: You do have a flair for the dramatic.

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