Starla Grady Quotes in Slap Her, She's French! (2002)


Starla Grady Quotes:

  • Starla Grady: [after slapping Kyle and Genevieve in different scenes at the Newscaster of the Year contest] Slapping people is fun.

  • [first lines]

    Starla Grady: [in a jail cell; voice-over] We're all capable of doing bad things. Lord knows I've done my share. Things I'm truly ashamed of. But should my life, so young and full of sweet promise, be tragically cut down before it ever had a chance to shine? If I ever get out of her, as God is my witness, somebody's gonna pay. Or as the great German philosopher Fred Nitsche once said: "that which does not kill us, is gonna wish it had," because we are about to Fed ex it's sorry ass back to skank central where it came from! Or something like that.

  • [Starla grabs Genevieve for dancing with Kyle]

    Kyle Fuller: Hey, come on babe. We were just dancing.

    Starla Grady: That's not dancing. That's dry-humping!

    Genevieve Le Plouff: Ow, sorry. That's how we dance in my country.

    Starla Grady: Well, everyone in your country is a big, fat whore!

    [Genevieve grabs Starla by her neck]

    Genevieve Le Plouff: [whispering in Starla's ear] Maybe if you knew how to keep your man happy, we wouldn't have to dance with a whore such as myself!

  • [Starla sees Genevieve dancing with her boyfriend]

    Starla Grady: You messed with the wrong cooze, flooze. Get ready to par-tee!

  • Ashley Lopez: Starla, why do you have to be so nasty to Genevieve? She's been like your slave!

    Tanner Jennings: Oui! You just can't stand for anyone else to have a little bit of attention you stuck-up bitch!

    Starla Grady: Don't call me a bitch... bitch!

    [Starla slaps Tanner]

    Tanner Jennings: You are a bitch... bitch!

    [Tanner slaps Starla back]

    Ashley Lopez: And we know you called us sluts!

    [Ashley slaps Starla]

    Starla Grady: You are sluts!

    [Starla slaps both of them]

  • Starla Grady: Play that tape!

    Starla Grady: [voice] The whole school is nothing but a bunch of phony posers, a list of users, losers and self abusers.

    Starla Grady: Actually, that's not the right tape.

  • Starla Grady: [after slapping her boyfriend] You are so fired as my boyfriend!

  • Starla Grady: Oh, and in case you didn't know, your beret looks totally retarded!

  • Starla Grady: Shit, where's that snail-eating, Bordeaux-swilling, American-foreign-policy-opposing, leg-not-shaven whore-slut?

  • Genevieve Le Plouff: [breaking character] I hate you, and this town and all the pathetic inbreds that live here.

    Starla Grady: Say what you want about me, but don't mess with Splendona.

  • Monsieur Duke: [speaking French; subtitled] Excuse me, miss. Where is the library?

    Starla Grady: [speaking the French that Genevieve taught her, unaware what it means; subtitled] The library is in the center of town. Perhaps we can meet there this afternoon for casual sex. We can mate like angry weasels while an elderly nun watches.

    [in English]

    Starla Grady: See, and you thought I wasn't motivated enough to pass.

    Monsieur Duke: Starla!

    Starla Grady: Wait there's more...

    [in French]

    Starla Grady: I have a mouth like ten fingers and ten fingers like a mouth... and I want to ride your horsie, cowboy.

    Monsieur Duke: Stop right there young lady! Now I realize it's natural to develop a crush on an older more experienced man, but I am married.

    Starla Grady: Eww! You and me? You wish, Chewbacca. Sir.

  • Randolph Grady: You know, I could help you study.

    Starla Grady: Yeah and what's the catch?

    Randolph Grady: No catch, you just gotta be nice to me for the rest of my life.

    Starla Grady: Ha! I should have known you'd exploit this for emotional blackmail. That's just mean you... user.

  • Starla Grady: Whatcha reading?

    [sees Randolph's book titled 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' by Philip K. Dick]

    Starla Grady: Oh, I like Dick. Ha, ha!

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