Squid 2 Quotes in Penguins of Madagascar (2014)


Squid 2 Quotes:

  • Dave: [fixes the video connection] How about now?

    Private: Hurray!

    Classified: Yes! Way to go, looks fantastic!

    Dave: Excellent! Now, where was I?

    [laughs maniacally]

    Kowalski: Dave!

    Short Fuse: Grrrr!

    Dave: Greetings, North Wind. I see you've met my old zoo-mates.

    Skipper: We were never "mates." There was no mating.

    Classified: Turn yourself in, David. You are powerless now that I have stolen your precious Medusa Serum.

    Skipper: What? You didn't steal that!

    Classified: It's over.

    Dave: It's over?


    Dave: Then... why did I call you? Wierd. OH! Maybe it was to show you *this*!

    [turns camera to reveal a large vat of Medusa Serum]

    Kowalski: [collective gasp from everyone] That is a lot of serum for four penguins.

    Dave: Oh, you thought this was just about you four? No, no-no-no-no. We're just getting started.

    [takes a selfie]

    Dave: Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go do some shopping... FOR REVENGE!

    [hits button, buzzer sounds. hits button again, same result]

    Dave: Wait. How do you...?

    Squid: [gurgles instructions]

    Dave: What do I push?

    Squid: [points and gurgles]

    Dave: Is it the red, or...

    Squid 2: [points, gurgles, and slaps own head in frustration]

    Dave: I thought it was... it's not this -

    [screen goes black]

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