Spanky Leonard Quotes in General Spanky (1936)


Spanky Leonard Quotes:

  • Spanky Leonard: [Shortly after Spanky & Marshall Valiant go to a card playing room, for Spanky to complete his shoe shining mission, that he just started. Just as Spanky starts to continue his shoe-shining hobby that he had just started, Simmons dropped a Poker card, on purpose, to cheat] You dropped this card, mister.

    Simmons: That's not my card.

    Spanky Leonard: Oh, yes sir, I saw you drop it.

  • [after Spanky and Buckwheat dove off the ship, complaining about being hungry, they see a children's birthday party taking place on the lawn of a Southern mansion]

    Buckwheat: The cake's on fire!

    Spanky Leonard: No, the cake ain't on fire. That's the candles burning. It's a birthday cake.

  • Yankee soldier: [Vaughan, Marshal Valient's dog, just led Spanky to Marshall Valient] Friend or enemy?

    Spanky Leonard: Enemy. And I thank you, to leave me alone, when I'm on personal business.

  • Yankee General: Just who is surrendering?

    Spanky Leonard: The Royal Protection of Women and Children Regiment Club of the World and Mississippi River.

    Yankee General: Oh, I refuse to accept your sword, son. You won a moral victory.

    Spanky Leonard: You mean, we don't have to surrender and still keep our fort?

    Yankee General: Exactly, you should all be commended for your bravery.

    Spanky LeonardAlfalfa: Hooray!

  • Spanky Leonard: [Vaughan, Marshall Valiant's dog, lightly grabbed Spanky's hand, leading Spanky to injured Marshal Valiant, lying down and Marshal does not respond to him] Mister Marsh.

  • Alfalfa: Cover up, he's coming this way.

    Spanky Leonard: Who?

    [the Gang then quickly cover up, holding tree branches, to hide Louella, from Simmons]

    Spanky Leonard: [Also during this scene, Spanky walks, holding a stick, with a bonnet tied to the top & a feminine cape, on its frame, that appears as if Louella is walking alone and drew Simmons' attention and deceiving him, until Spanky walked under a low tree branch, that pulled the back cape off and Simmons saw Spanky. Spanky then quickly fled]

    [Marshall Valient and Louella did a light quick kiss, in haste]

  • Spanky Leonard: You can't shoot Capt. Marsh! You gotta do somethin' to help him!

    Lt. Johnson: I'm sorry, sonny, but, it's beyond my power to do anything. You'll have to get a higher authority than I am.

    Alfalfa: What's a higher authority?

    Spanky Leonard: Well, it's like you're second general and I'm first.

  • Buckwheat: Will you be my master?

    Spanky Leonard: I don't want to be your master. You wouldn't be any help to me. You're too small.

    Buckwheat: Oh, no I not.

    Spanky Leonard: Oh, yes, you are. Besides, bidness ain't so good.

  • Buckwheat: I'm hungry.

    Spanky Leonard: You've been sayin' hungry ever since early this mornin'.

    Buckwheat: Well, I've been hungry ever since early this mornin'!

  • Marshall Valient: What you mean is, if your friends go to war, you gotta go with 'em or else you won't have any friends. Is that it?

    Spanky Leonard: Well, that's what it looks like to me.

    Marshall Valient: Say, you know, Spanky, I hate to admit it, but, I think you're right. Things shouldn't be that way and there's no sense in rushing into trouble, but, you're absolutely right.

    Spanky Leonard: If you have any more troubles, Mr. Marsh, you come to me. I'll help you out 'em.

  • Marshall Valient: [Sees Buckwheat hiding under the table] By the way, Spanky, weren't you asking me if I could use another slave?

    Spanky Leonard: Yes 'em, Mr. Marsh.

    Marshall Valient: Well, who is he?

    Spanky Leonard: A friend of mine.

    Marshall Valient: Is he big and strong?

    Spanky Leonard: Not so big. But, pretty strong.

    Marshall Valient: Could he shoe a horse?

    Spanky Leonard: No. But he could shoe a pony.

    Marshall Valient: How long do you think it would take you to get him here?

    Buckwheat: [pops out from under the table] Here I is!

    Marshall Valient: Well, that didn't take very long.

    Spanky Leonard: He's pretty fast!

  • Spanky Leonard: I sure wish I could go with ya. I could shine your shoes and help carry your gun.

    Marshall Valient: Now, you haven't forgotten what I told you, have you?

    Spanky Leonard: Help... take care of the plantation, protect the women and children, especially Miss Louella. You sure like her a lot, don't you?

    Marshall Valient: I sure do.

    Spanky Leonard: But, what else am I supposed to do? Oh, yes! Make Buckwheat take his bath.

    Marshall Valient: Is that all?

    Spanky Leonard: And take mine too.

  • Spanky Leonard: I'm not no Yankee! I'm a Southern gentleman!

    Alfalfa: How ya gonna prove it?

    Spanky Leonard: Well, I've gotta slave!

    Alfalfa: Oh, you have not.

    Spanky Leonard: Tell him who you are?

    Buckwheat: I his slave.

  • Spanky Leonard: Say, would you like to be in my army?

  • Spanky Leonard: First, we gotta find a secret place to have our meetings.

    Alfalfa: I've got jes' the place!

    Spanky Leonard: Sure it's secret enough?

    Alfalfa: It's so secret, maybe I can't find it myself.

  • Spanky Leonard: The RPWCRCWMR surrenders Blanchard Hill.

  • Spanky Leonard: Tell him General Spanky wants to see him.

  • Spanky Leonard: [Final lines: hands raised, reciting the RPWCRCWMR oath] I promise.

    Yankee General: I promise.

    Spanky Leonard: To never tell no one, where this secret cave is at.

    Yankee General: To never tell no one where this secret cave is at.

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