Solly Mosler Quotes in Angel (1984)


Solly Mosler Quotes:

  • Solly Mosler: Look, Miss Hoity-Toity. The woman can't answer the god damn door, because she's in her god damn bed. Is that god damn clear enough for ya?

  • Mae: When I was a kid my father warned me. He said, Rachel don't ever play cards with a Jewish dyke. They cheat!

    Solly Mosler: Eh, eat my puff will ya!

    Mae: Puff?

  • Solly Mosler: Feh! The fuckin' mouth on that broad!

  • Solly Mosler: [Angel sees her new painting] I call it "Fruit with Gun".

  • Yo-Yo Charlie: This is gonna be great! She won't even recognize you. She's gonna have a heart attack. It's been four years!

    Molly "Angel" Stewart: Solly?

    Solly Mosler: WHAT?

    Molly "Angel" Stewart: Is that any way to treat an old friend?

    Solly Mosler: I don't believe it. I'm gonna have a heart attack!

  • Solly Mosler: Oh man, now look what ya done. You woke up the fuckin' baby ya pervert!


    Solly Mosler: I'm coming darling. Yes... yes.

  • Solly Mosler: Can you imagine me a mother? At my fuckin' age?

    Molly "Angel" Stewart: What are you going to do?

    Solly Mosler: [cooing] I'm gonna get rid of the little bastard, that's what I'm gonna do, because he's a pain in my ass.

    Yo-Yo Charlie: I know a guy at welfare. He can help ya.

    Solly Mosler: You touch that phone and I'll break your dick!

  • Molly "Angel" Stewart: I know who we need. Kit Carson! He knows more about these streets than anybody.

    Solly Mosler: You haven't heard have ya?

    Molly "Angel" Stewart: Oh no...

    Solly Mosler: No, he's not dead. Worse!

    Molly "Angel" Stewart: Worse?

  • Molly "Angel" Stewart: Well?

    Solly Mosler: What are ya, workin' the streets again?

    Molly "Angel" Stewart: Yeah, I am. I can find out a lot more on the streets as Angel than I can as Molly. Right Kit?

    Kit Carson: Makes sense to me.

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