Snooki Quotes in The Three Stooges (2012)


Snooki Quotes:

  • Moe: Hiya, Snook. I got you a present.

    Snooki: Really?

    Moe: Yeah. Go on, open it.

    [Snooki opens the box and Moe pokes her in the eye]

    Snooki: Ow!

  • [Foster the People's "Waste" plays throughout the montage; Larry and Curly watch Moe on "Jersey Shore" on a TV in an electronics store window]

    Moe: [on "Jersey Shore"] Is that what you think? Shut up!

    [Moe slaps Ronnie]

    The Situation: Hey, yo!

    [Moe slaps The Situation]

    Moe: You, too! Here's another one!

    [Moe slaps Ronnie]

    Moe: [Moe sits down next to Snooki, who is reading a book] Hiya, Snook, I got you a present.

    Snooki: Really? For me?

    Moe: Yeah, go on, open it.

    Snooki: [Snooki opens the box, and then Moe delivers a finger poke to her eyes when she discovers the box is empty] Ow!

    Moe: [Moe laughs, with Curly and Larry chuckling at Moe's antics; the scene changes to Larry and Curly sleeping in a dumpster, with Curly dreaming about dancing around in a field of bubbles with Moe and Larry; the scene shifts back to Moe on the set of "Jersey Shore"] Why, you...!

    Moe: [Moe slaps the side of Ronnie's face and his forehead, then he slaps The Situation's face] There you go!

    Moe: [the "Jersey Shore" producers watch with delight, as Larry and Curly laugh at Moe's antics; Moe waves his hand up and down in front of JWoww's face] Why, you...

    [Moe lowers his hand to the table, and quickly waves his hand up and down in JWoww's face, making a rhythmic bonking sound; Larry and Curly continue to watch Moe]

    Moe: [Moe holds his fist in front of Ronnie; he hits Moe's fist, which curves upward and hits Ronnie on the head] You see that?

    The Situation: [Ronnie tries to imitate Moe, only for Moe to knock Ronnie's fist back into his own face] You see that?

    Moe: [Moe breaks a pool cue stick on The Situation] Business!

    The Situation: Oh!

    JWoww: [Moe laughs while he holds a hot curling iron on JWoww's tongue] Umph! Umph!

    Moe: [Moe hits The Situation on the nose, then slaps him on the chin] Why, you...!

    Moe: [Larry and Curly continue laughing at Moe's antics as Moe breaks a microwave oven over Ronnie's head, and sets the timer; Ronnie's eyes bulge out of their sockets as the electricity flows] Why, you...!

  • Sammi: Now look: either you kick Moe off the show, or we're suing him!

    Snooki: Like, with a lawyer!

    Moe's Hip Executive: Court sounds okay to me.

    Moe's Hip Executive: [to his assistant] You know, we could probably do a cross-promotion with Lockup.

    Snooki: Great, just great. So basically, what you're saying is this whole show is about the ratings?

    Moe's Hip Executive: Uh, yeah.

    RonnieThe Situation: Ohhh!

    [Ronnie, The Situation and the other cast members groan in annoyance]

    Sammi: Unbelievable.

    Moe: [pointing to Snooki's "Guinness" hat] Look, just 'cause she's wearing a "genius" hat, doesn't mean she is one.

  • Larry: Look, Moe, we owe you an apology.

    Moe: No, fellas, I'm the one who owes you the apology. I know sometimes I tend to fly off the handle and...

    Larry: No, you don't.

    Moe: Yes, I do.

    Curly: No, it's just that you get a little upset and...

    Moe: [Moe flicks Larry and Curly on their noses, and then he slaps Larry and Curly] Shut up when I'm apologizing!

    Larry: We don't have time for that! Teddy's in a jam!

    Curly: Yeah, you know that woman who wanted us to take out her husband?

    [Curly gasps and hisses]

    Curly: She's married to Teddy!

    Moe: No wonder she wanted us to smother him in his sleep!

    Curly: Yeah.

    Moe: I knew I smelled a...

    SnookiJWowwSammi: A rat! A rat! Eek!

    Moe: [Moe picks up Nippy, Curly's pet rat] That's no rat, it's Nippy! How you doing, buddy? Aw, I missed you too, Nips.

    Larry: Come on, we got work to do. We got to get to Teddy before his wife does.

    Moe: Come on.

    Curly: [Curly chuckles, and rhythmically snaps his fingers] Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. Rrowff!

    Moe: Come on, Romeo!

    [Moe pulls Curly out of the studio by his ear]

    Moe's Hip Executive: Are you kidding me? There's three of them?

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