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Smitty Quotes:

  • John Converse: What about Danskin. He want a job with the agency, too?

    Smitty: He's a brute, man. A psycho. Dude like that, he can't deal with the public.

  • Danskin: I hate jailbird chess. I hate the style. Like a goddamn little tweety bird. "Ooh, here's a move!" It's fucking degrading.

    Smitty: Plenty of guys belt you when they lose. Fucking Danskin, he wins and he hits you!

  • Sheriff Ike Slayton: Now I'm just gonna ask you one more time. Where did he take the hostages?

    Smitty: Why don't you eat shit and die?

    Sheriff Ike Slayton: That was rude, Smitty! Don't you think, Billy?

    Billy: Extremely rude!

  • Needleman: So I said, "If you talk to me like that again, we're through."

    Smitty: Oh! What did she say?

    Needleman: You know my mom. She sent me to my room.

  • Needleman: Hey, Mr. Sullivan!

    Sulley: Guys, I told you, call me Sulley.

    Smitty: [Giggling] I don't think so.

    Needleman: We just wanted to wish you good luck today.

    Mike: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on, get lost, you two. You're making him lose his focus.

    Needleman: Oh, sorry.

    Sulley: See you later, fellas.

    Smitty: Go get 'em, Mr. Sullivan!

    Needleman: Quiet! You're making him lose his focus.

    Smitty: Oh, no. Sorry!

    Needleman: Shut up!

  • Smitty: So many times every day you stop and give thanks, but mostly I don't catch on what you're thanking the Lord for. I mean, there's nothing special.

    Parson: I give thanks for the time and for the place.

    Smitty: The time and the place, Parson?

    Parson: The time to live and the place to die. That's all any man gets. No more, no less.

  • Tee: But Smitty, I was working!

    Smitty: I don't care if you were selling oranges by the freeway. I DON'T pay for parking tickets.

  • Smitty: I'm crying like an jailhouse bitch.

  • Smitty: Everything changes, you know that. Nothing stays the same.

  • [Song lyrics]

    Smitty: Now she's thinking:

    Rosemary: I wish that he were more of a flirt.

    Smitty: And he's thinking:

    J. Pierpont Finch: I guess a little flirting won't hurt.

    Smitty: Now she's thinking:

    Rosemary: For dinner we could meet.

    Smitty: And he's thinking:

    J. Pierpont Finch: We both've gotta eat.

    Smitty: And she says:

    Rosemary: [Sneezes]

    Smitty: And he says:

    J. Pierpont Finch: Gesundheit... well, it's been a long day.

  • Nick Charles: Thanks for not shooting me.

    Smitty: Oh, well that'd only of made things worse.

  • Smitty: I hate these schemes were all the pieces have to fit together. Too many things can go wrong.

    Phil Church: We can't miss.

    Smitty: I wish you'd dream up some way to get that Nick Charles out of there. I don't trust him. He looks like a guy with insomnia to me.

    Phil Church: I don't like him around, but, I don't see how he can gum our game. It was air tight without him. It'll be air tight with him.

  • Smitty: Nothing can stop that boy.

    'Diamond Back' Vogel: He's a smart little guy.

    Smitty: Too smart. Seven years I've been married to him and he's so slick he hasn't been outta the can long enough to finish our honeymoon!

    'Diamond Back' Vogel: Don't seem to be breakin' your heart.

  • 'Diamond Back' Vogel: You spend a lot of time with this guy, Church, don't you?

    Smitty: Don't start that again. He's just a friend, like I told ya.

    'Diamond Back' Vogel: A guy can get to be too good a friend, like I told you.

  • 'Diamond Back' Vogel: When's he going to Cuba?

    Smitty: How did you know he was going?

    'Diamond Back' Vogel: I get around.

  • Phil Church: Some day I'm gonna skin a knuckle on that four-eyed gent.

    Smitty: You better catch him without the cheaters on. He's plenty good as long as he can see.

  • Smitty: Say, I thought this was strictly business.

    Phil Church: You know I could go for you

    Smitty: Don't give me that. I've been fooled too many times.

    Phil Church: You love me, don't ya?

    Smitty: What if I do? I'm only in this for the coin.

    Phil Church: We'll have plenty of coin from now on, baby.

    Smitty: We?

    Phil Church: You and me. What do you say? You wanna play for keeps?

    Smitty: Okay.


  • Smitty: Now, maybe I ought to know a little bit more about the ends-and-outs of what your doin'.

    Phil Church: What's the matter? Losing confidence in me since I stopped that punch?

    Smitty: No. I haven't got that much sense.

  • Smitty: Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  • Van Slack: Where's Church?

    Smitty: I donno. He and Dum-Dum left here about eleven o'clock last night. I ain't seen or heard of him since.

  • Van Slack: How long have you known Church?

    Smitty: Just since they sprung him.

    Van Slack: Didn't take you long to tie up with him, did it?

    Smitty: We weren't playing for keeps. I was only stoogin' for him.

    Van Slack: Stooging?

    Smitty: Oh, there are a lot of rackets where it's handy to have a girl around.

    Van Slack: Blackmail rackets?

    Smitty: I mean a lot of rackets - except murder.

  • Smitty: Why you big ape!

    Van Slack: What's the answer?

    'Diamond Back' Vogel: Her husband's a pal of mine. He's been hanging on the wall of state. You know how those guys get to worryin'. I've been sort of keepin' an eye on her for him.

    Smitty: So, that's what's been going on.

    'Diamond Back' Vogel: What do you think has been going on? You don't think I've been hanging around because I was nuts about you, do you?

    [to Van Slack]

    'Diamond Back' Vogel: I hear Church is going away? For all I know this cluck might think she's going with him.

  • Smitty: You dirty rat! You'd beat your own mother, you would!

  • Aiden: She was fucking everybody. Now, kinda sucks is all.

    Elizabeth Stone: Anything you can tell us would help.

    Aiden: She, uh... was sort of dating this guy Charles, she used to buy coke from.

    Smitty: Sort of. What's sort of?

    Aiden: Well, she was fucking him. But, you know...

    Elizabeth Stone: Let me guess. She was fucking everybody.

    Aiden: You don't have to say it like that.

  • Smitty: I don't think the strippers and blow up dolls were such a good idea.

    Jake Puloski: You're right, next year we'll just get a karaoke machine.

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