Smeagol Quotes in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)


Smeagol Quotes:

  • Smeagol: Clever Hobbits, to climb so high!

    [jumps on them, pins Frodo to the ground and grips him by the throat]

    Smeagol: Mustn't go that way! Mustn't hurt the Precious!

    Frodo: You swore! You swore on the Precious!

    Smeagol: [mocking] Oo-hoo-hoo-hoo...


    Smeagol: Smeagol lied.

  • Gollum: She's always hungry. She always needs to feed. She must eat. All she gets is nasty Orcses.

    Smeagol: And they doesn't taste very nice, does they, Precious?

    Gollum: No. Not very nice at all, my love.

  • [first lines]

    Deagol: Smeagol, I've got one! I've got a fish, Smeag. Smeagol!

    Smeagol: Pull it in. Go on. Go on. Go on. Pull it in.

  • Smeagol: ...and take it for ME.

    Gollum: For us.

    Smeagol: Yes, we... we meant for us.

  • Smeagol: Give us that, Deagol my love.

    Deagol: Why?

    Smeagol: Because it's my birthday, and I wants it.

  • Smeagol: Naughty little fly, Why does it cry, Caught in a web, Soon to be... eaten!

  • Sam: [about Gollum; angrily] He means to murder us!

    Smeagol: Never! Smeagol wouldn't hurt a fly!

    [Smeagol puts his hand on a wound on his head that Sam made when he was attacking him. He take his hand away; sees a spot of blood and screams in fright]

  • [In the "Fall of Smeagol" flashback, after Smeagol had killed Deagol for the ring, Smeagol is stumbling along a stony area, railing noisely and in anguish at being exiled by his own family]

    Gollum: [narrating] They cursed us. Murderer they called us. They cursed us, and drove us away...

    [Smeagol is seen sitting alone in a stony quarry. He is looking pale and sickly as he opens his hand, revealing the ring in his palm]

    Smeagol: [throaty cough; his voice slowly becoming guttural] Gollum... Gollum... Gollum!

    [Smeagol lets out a croaking sound as his face contorts with self-pity and sorrow. He weeps as the screen fades to black]

    Gollum: [narrating cont.; scene shows a balding, pale and rapidly thin Smeagol crying, rocking with sorrow in the rain] And we wept precious... We wept to be so alone...

    [Scene shows Smeagol's pale, thin hand grabbing at a catfish]

    Gollum: [narrating cont.; Closeup on Smeagol's mouth, which is full of tooth decay and hunger-induced drool] And all we wished was to catch fish...

    [Scene shows Smeagol's mouth biting into the catfish's raw flesh]

    Gollum: ...So juicy sweet!

    [a quick glimpse of the deteriorated, if slightly shadowed Smeagol's face. And then, the scene shifts to the boney, emaciated Smeagol crawling his way into the cave under the Misty Mountains. But then he stops to take one good look around]

    Gollum: We soon forgot the taste of bread, the sound of wind in the trees... We even forgot our name...

    [Closeup on Smeagol's shriveled, gaunt body. Then, the scene shows Smeagol crouching in darkness, clutching the ring close to his chest. He blinks and looks around, showing that his eyes are slightly wide. Time passes and then, Smeagol, now as Gollum, opens his eyes and looks around, now showing that his eyes are really large as the screen fades to black]

    Gollum: Myyyy... Precious!

  • Smeagol: The precious will be ours... once the Hobbitses are dead!

    [throws a pebble in the water as he says it and Sam's reflection appears out of the ripples]

    Sam: [yelling] You treacherous little toad!

    [punches him waking Frodo who scrambles out of his blanket. Sam chases Gollum, jumps on him and grabs his throat. Gollum screams]

    Gollum: No! No! Master!

    Frodo: No, Sam! Leave him alone!

    [pulls him off]

    Sam: I heard it from his own mouth! He means to murder us!

    Gollum: Never! Sméagol wouldn't hurt a fly!

    [rubs his head and sees blood on his fingers, screams]

    Gollum: He's a horrid, fat Hobbit, who hates Sméagol, and who makes up nasty lies!

    Sam: You miserable little maggot! I'll stove your head in!

    [He advances on Gollum grabbing at him. Gollum runs off, Frodo pulls Sam back]

    Frodo: Sam!

    Sam: Call me a liar? You're a liar!

    [Gollum tries to hide behind a tree, screams]

    Frodo: If you scare him off, then we are lost!

    Sam: I don't care! I can't do it, Mr. Frodo! I won't wait around for him to kill us!

    Frodo: I'm not sending him away.

    [Gollum cowers behind the tree]

    Sam: You don't see it do you? He's a villain.

    Frodo: We can't do this by ourselves, Sam. Not without a guide. I need you on my side.

    Sam: I'm on your side, Mr. Frodo.

    Frodo: I know, Sam, I know. Trust me... Come, Smeagol.

    [Gollum runs to Frodo looking scared. Frodo takes him by the hand but as he leads him away, Gollum turns and smirks at Sam. Sam glares after him, nodding his head slightly]

  • Gollum: We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false!

    Smeagol: [shaking his head] No. Not master!

    Gollum: [snarling malevolently] Yes, precious, false! They will cheat you, hurt you, LIE.

    Smeagol: Master is my friend.

    Gollum: You don't have any friends; nobody likes you!

    Smeagol: [closes his ears with his hands] I'm not listening... I'm not listening...

    Gollum: You're a liar and a thief.

    Smeagol: No.

    Gollum: [sinister whisper] *Murderer*.

    Smeagol: [voice breaking; hurt by Gollum's remark] Go away!

    Gollum: "Go away?"

    [Gollum laughs mockingly as Smeagol begins to cry]

    Smeagol: [weeping] I hate you. I *hate* you.

    Gollum: Where would you be without me, uh? gollum, gollum... *I* saved us! It was me! *We* survived because of *me*!

    Smeagol: [stops crying] Not anymore.

    Gollum: What did you say?

    Smeagol: Master looks after us now. We don't need you anymore.

    Gollum: [appalled] What?

    Smeagol: Leave now, and never come back!

    Gollum: No!

    Smeagol: [louder and firmer] Leave now, and never come back!

    [Gollum snarls in frustration]


    [Gollum is silent; Smeagol waits]

    Smeagol: [looks around; then begins galumphing around with joy] We told him to go away... and away he goes, Precious! Gone, gone, gone! SMEAGOL IS FREE!

  • [last lines]

    Frodo: Smeagol?

    Sam: We're not going to wait for you. Come on.

    Smeagol: Master. Master looks after us. Master wouldn't hurt us.

    Gollum: Master broke his promise.

    Smeagol: Don't ask Smeagol. Poor, poor Smeagol.

    Gollum: Master betrayed us. Wicked. Tricksy, False. We ought to wring his filthy little neck. Kill him! Kill him! Kill them both! And then we take the precious... and we be the master!

    Smeagol: But the fat Hobbit, he knows. Eyes always watching.

    Gollum: Then we stabs them out. Put out his eyeses, make him crawl.

    Smeagol: Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Gollum: Kill them both.

    Smeagol: Yes. No! No! It's too risky. It's too risky.

    Sam: Where is he? Where has he gone? Hey, Gollum! Where are you?

    Frodo: Smeagol?

    Gollum: We could let *her* do it.

    Smeagol: Yes. She could do it.

    Gollum: Yes, precious, she could. And then we takes it once they're dead.

    Smeagol: Once they're dead. Shh.

    [Comes out of hiding]

    Smeagol: Come on Hobbits. Long ways to go yet. Smeagol will show the way.

    Gollum: Follow me.

  • Gollum: [Sméagol is sobbing] Sméagol... Why does he cry, Sméagol?

    Smeagol: Cruel men hurts us. Master tricksed us.

    Gollum: Of course he did. I told you he was tricksy. I told you he was false.

    Smeagol: Master is our friend... our friend.

    Gollum: Master betrayed us.

    Smeagol: No, not it's business. Leave us alone.

    Gollum: Filthy little hobbites. They stole it from us.

    Smeagol: No... No.

    Faramir: What did they steal?

    Gollum: Myyy PRECIOUSSS.


  • [Sméagol is being tortured by Faramir's henchmen]


    [the guards yell and kick him as Faramir calmly stands in the distance]

    Smeagol: OW-Whaaa! Oh!

    [tries to scamper away on all fours, hyperventilating. Before Sméagol can escape, one of the men grabs him by the ankle and drags him back]


    [One of the guards holds up Sméagol while the other guard punches Sméagol in the stomach]

    Faramir: That's enough.

    [the guard throws Sméagol against the wall, who then crawls into a corner fearfully]

    Faramir: [icily] Where are you leading them?

    [curls up into a fetal position as he sobs]

    Faramir: Answer me!

    [continues to cry]

    Gollum: [Alter Ego Gollum pets Sméagol on the shoulder] Sméagol... Why does it cry, Sméagol?

    Smeagol: Cruel men hurts us. Master tricks us.

    Gollum: Of course, he did. I told you he was tricksy, I told you he was false.

    Smeagol: Master is our friend, our friend.

    Gollum: Master betrayed us!

    Smeagol: [cowering away from Gollum] No! Nobody's business! Leave us alone!

    Gollum: Filthy little hobbitses! They stole it from us!

    Smeagol: [crying] No... NO!

    Faramir: What did they steal?

  • Smeagol: [weeping and wimpering; to Gollum] Go away! I hate you... I hate you...

  • Smeagol: [a black rider is flying over Sam, Frodo and Smeagol's hiding place; startled] Ah-uh-uh? AHHHHH!

    [He ducks down and covers his ears as the black rider and it's wraith mount swoops down and lets out an eerie piercing cry]

    Smeagol: [cries fearfully] Wraiths! Wraiths on wings!

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