Slam Quotes in 3 Ninjas Kick Back (1994)


Slam Quotes:

  • Night Club Manager: What'd you say the name of your band was called?

    GlamVinnie: Mondo Diarrhea.

    Slam: Alien Vomit.

  • Slam: [after Tum Tum hit his face with a pie] Mmmm, Lemon Meringue.

    Tum Tum: Banana Cream Bozo, nice try!

  • Vinnie: I think that's him.

    Slam: Who?

    Glam: The old fart. The guy we're trying to steal this from.

    [shows photo of dagger]

    Vinnie: No wonder your uncle's offering twenty grand.

  • Vinnie: What are you guys, Teenage Mutant wannabes?

    Samuel 'Rocky' Douglas Jr.: Not!

    [swings down from tree and knocks them down]

    Tum TumJeffrey 'Colt' DouglasSamuel 'Rocky' Douglas Jr.: We're the 3 Ninjas! Yah!

    Slam: Let's get outta here while we're still standing.

    Vinnie: I'm with that, brother. Out of my way, Slam, I'm outta here!

    Glam: [Slam and Vinnie run] I'm working with idiots.

  • Slam: One! Two! Three... three...

    VinnieGlam: Four!

    Slam: Four!

  • VVS Mand: Well, if this doesn't help in the count of a minute. Then I'll have to goddamn break down the whole can.

    Slam: But, how come our new 12 dollar plunger doesn't work a shit?

    VVS Mand: I'll tell you why my friend. Because the plunger I have here is actually 15 to 20 times more powerful than that. Feel it by yourself.

    VVS Mand: 15 to 20 times more powerful than that piece of crap! Look at it! It's useless!

  • Slim: What about the bill. How much is it?

    VVS Mand: 100 bucks!

    Slam: 100 bucks?

    VVS Mand: No reason to panic. I'll send it by mail.

  • Slam: [Slim and Slam is sitting in the couch, and playing Tekken 3 on Playstation] Again! Yeah, man!

    Slim: Damn! Arrgh!


    Slim: Gotcha your junkie, man! Did ya see that?

    Slam: Fuck you, man! Have a circle kick!

    Slim: No!

  • Slum: [sitting on the toilet] Hey, Slam? Did you read that Robert Crumb moved to Southern France?

    Slam: Nah.

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