Sky Masterson Quotes in Guys and Dolls (1955)


Sky Masterson Quotes:

  • Sky Masterson: One of these days in your travels, a guy is going to show you a brand-new deck of cards on which the seal is not yet broken. Then this guy is going to offer to bet you that he can make the jack of spades jump out of this brand-new deck of cards and squirt cider in your ear. But, son, do not accept this bet, because as sure as you stand there, you're going to wind up with an ear full of cider.

  • Sergeant Sarah Brown: You want to take me to dinner in *Havana, Cuba?*

    Sky Masterson: Well, they eat in Cuba the same as we do.

  • Sky Masterson: [after Sarah slaps him] Well, that makes it necessary for me to stop in again. Matthew 5:39. Don't bother looking it up, it's the bit about the other cheek.

  • Sergeant Sarah Brown: That bacardi flavor, it certainly makes a difference, doesn't it?

    Sky Masterson: Oh, yeah. Nine times out of ten.

    Sergeant Sarah Brown: You know, this would be a wonderful way to get children to drink milk!

  • Sky Masterson: I am not putting the knock on dolls. It's just that they are something to have around only when they come in handy... like cough drops.

  • Sky Masterson: [reading a verse of the day card] "There is no peace unto the wicked. Proverbs" This is wrong

    Sergeant Sarah Brown: Let's just say it's a matter of opinion, shall we?

    Sky Masterson: I made a statement of fact. This is wrong.

    Sergeant Sarah Brown: How dare you! Even if this is not a church, it is a mission! How dare you blaspheme!

    Sky Masterson: How dare you misquote the Bible!

  • Sky Masterson: Daddy, I got cider in my ear

  • Sky Masterson: You remember that tune pretty well.

    Sergeant Sarah Brown: It keeps running through my heart.

    Sky Masterson: It has words, you know.

    Sergeant Sarah Brown: Something about "amor, amor" I'll bet.

    Sky Masterson: It's about you. It's about you right now...


    Sky Masterson: Your eyes are the eyes of a woman in love...

  • Sky Masterson: All right. We'll lay it on the line. From now on we'll deal the hand open.

    Sergeant Sarah Brown: Could you say that in English?

  • Sky Masterson: [after Sarah orders milk in a Havana nightclub] Now, don't make a spectacle of yourself... You are a United States citizen in a foreign country, have you no pride in what the rest of the world thinks about Americans?

  • Sky Masterson: For two weeks I gambled in green pastures. The dice were my cousins and the dolls were agreeable with nice teeth and no last names.

  • Sky Masterson: The companionship of a doll is a pleasant thing even for a period of time running into months. But for a close relationship that can last us through all the years of our life, no doll can take the place of aces back to back.

  • Sky Masterson: Figuring weight for age, all dolls are the same.

  • Sky Masterson: We have time to catch the last plane back to New York.

    Sergeant Sarah Brown: People miss planes. It happens.

    Sky Masterson: Yeah? It also happens that people win with loaded dice.

    Sergeant Sarah Brown: I know what I'm doing.

    Sky Masterson: Do you, kid?

    [kisses her nose]

    Sky Masterson: I don't.

  • Sky Masterson: General, on behalf of the former sinners of the future I would like to protest the closing of this mission.

  • Nicely Nicely Johnson: Nicely, nicely.

    Sky Masterson: I didn't ask how you are.

    Nicely Nicely Johnson: Don't.

  • Nathan Detroit: Still, you will admit that Mindy's cheesecake is the greatest alive.

    Sky Masterson: Gladly. Furthermore, I am quite partial to Mindy's cheesecake.

  • Sky Masterson: [after observing that Sarah's mission is doing poorly] Do I give you a fair rundown?

    Sergeant Sarah Brown: I wouldn't know. I've never had a rundown.

  • Sky Masterson: You know, I imagine there's only one thing that's been in as many different hotel rooms as I have: the Gideon Bible. Don't tangle with me on the Good Book. I must've read it through at least a dozen times.

    Sergeant Sarah Brown: If all that was no help to you...

  • Sky Masterson: It is my understanding that the Constitution of the United States allows everybody the free choice between cheesecake and strudel.

  • Sky Masterson: Look, the bells rang, they really rang. They weren't magical bells for lovers full of rum and music on a make-believe island; They rang to tell us what time it is.

  • Sergeant Sarah Brown: Apparently you're a successful gambler.

    Sky Masterson: Is it wrong to gamble, or only to lose? I'd better come back for help when I'm broke.

    Sergeant Sarah Brown: Please don't misunderstand. It's just so unusual for a successful sinner to be unhappy about sin.

    Sky Masterson: Besides, my unhappiness came up very suddenly. Maybe it'll go away again.

    Arvide Abernathy: We can keep you unhappy, son. Give us a chance.

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