Sketch Pinshum Quotes in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993)


Sketch Pinshum Quotes:

  • Sister Mary Clarence: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Please take your seats. Do it quickly and quietly. Welcome to the first day of your new scholastic lives. This is no longer a bird course. The bird has flown. If you want to pass this course, you gonna have to earn it, 'cause I have no problems, not one, failing each and every one of you.

    Sketch Pinshum: Yo. I never thought this was no bird course.

    Sister Mary Clarence: I'm glad for you. Very, very glad. Because this is a new day. Things are going to be a little different around here.

    Frankie: Oh, yeah?

    Sister Mary Clarence: Uh-huh.

    Frankie: Like how?

    Sister Mary Clarence: Like when I talk, Fran-KAY, you don't!

    [Some girls passed notes around and when it got to Maria, she giggled. Sister Mary Clarence walks to her and points to the note]

    Sister Mary Clarence: Is this somethin' you wanna share with the rest of the class?

    Maria: No, I'm just kickin' it with my girl.

    Sister Mary Clarence: Well. I'll tell you what. You gonna kick it with me, or I'm gonna kick you out! What you think of THAT? Put 'em away.

    [Margaret is looking in her compact and putting blush on her face]

    Sister Mary Clarence: And you. This is not Elizabeth Arden, Miss Thing. You wanna beat that mug of yours, you do it before you come to my class. You understand me? Put it away.

    [Sketch has his head down on his desk]

    Sister Mary Clarence: And you. Sketch. I like you a lot. But I don't want you catchin' z's in my class no more.

    Sketch Pinshum: I be tired. I got a job l...

    Sister Mary Clarence: Baby, save it for Oprah. This is a brand-new day, ladies and gentlemen. A BRAND-new day. We're gonna start with respect. You're gonna respect me and I'm gonna respect you.

  • Sister Mary Clarence: Yes, Miss Watson?

    Rita Watson: We don't want no new way. The old way was fine for us.

    [turns to class]

    Rita Watson: Right?

    [class agrees]

    Rita Watson: So, if you're gonna fail us, you might as well just go ahead, 'cause we ain't doing nothing!

    Sister Mary Clarence: Fine. If that's the way you feel, there's the door. Don't let it hit you in the butts on the way out.

    Sketch Pinshum: Yo, yo, Sis... I can't afford to fail this class!

    Sister Mary Clarence: You better tell your friend you can't afford to fail this class!

    Tyler Chase: My parents wouldn't be pleased.

    Rita Watson: Come on, ya'll, we ain't gotta take this from her! Come on! Sketch, come on, man.

    [Sketch shakes head no]

    Rita Watson: Fran-kay?

    Frankie: Yo, Rita, you know I'm usually down for stuff like this. But, I'm gonna take care of business this time.

    Sister Mary Clarence: A little lonely on that limb by yourself, Miss Watson?

    Rita Watson: [despondent] So much for friendship!

    [storms out door]

  • Sketch Pinshum: Eclectic...

    Margaret: What's that?

    Frankie: You plug your box in the wall and it gives you power, stupid.

    Ahmal James: Not electric, eclectic... stupid.

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