Sister Mary Patrick Quotes in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993)


Sister Mary Patrick Quotes:

  • Sondra: You can't answer any questions about... sex.

    Sister Mary Patrick: Oh, don't be so sure. You don't have to bite the donut to know it's sweet.

  • Frankie: Dang, man! Dang!

    Sister Mary Patrick: What's the matter?

    Frankie: [shows her his robe] This thing ripped! Now what am I supposed to do, huh?

    Sister Mary Patrick: Listen, don't fret. My mother used to say that nothing is impossible as long as you carry with you a little bit of faith and a big roll of electrical tape.

    [suddenly pulls tape from her robes]

    Sister Mary Patrick: Hello!

  • Sister Mary Robert: The only thing the chef knows how to cook is German sausage.

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Day after day, liverwurst, bratwurst, beerwurst...

    Sister Mary Patrick: It's the "worst".

  • Father Thomas: Father Thomas. Et Latine docere.

    Sister Mary Patrick: [aside, to Mary Clarence] Latin teacher.

  • Sister Mary Robert: Reverend Mother, I know you and Mary Clarence didn't always agree but we have to help her. Please.

    Sister Mary Patrick: We've gotta save her.

    Sister Mary Lazarus: We can't leave it up to the feds.

  • Sister Mary Patrick: We did it! We actually sang a chord!

    Sister Mary Clarence: Yeah. You sang a chord for two seconds. The next thing you have to do is listen to each other. That's a big key. Big key, you must listen to each other if you're going to be a group.

    Sister Mary Lazarus: I knew that.

    Sister Mary Clarence: Mary Lazarus, as soon as I walked through that door I knew that you knew that. Let me ask you something, you're someone in favor of hard work and discipline, right?

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Of course, I'm a nun! Four popes now.

    Sister Mary Clarence: Four? Wow. Let me ask you, how often do they rehearse?

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Twice a week, couple hours.

    Sister Mary Clarence: Not enough. I mean listen to them, they really need a lot of work.

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Do you really think they could get better?

    Sister Mary Clarence: I don't know, they're pretty raw.

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Wet behind the ears.

    Sister Mary Patrick: Oh please let us try.

    Sister Mary Clarence: This is gonna be hell.

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Tell me about it.

  • Reverend Mother: [about Delores] She isn't a nun. Her real name is Delores van Cartier. She witnessed a vicious murder and has been hiding in our convent

    Choir Nun: She... she lied to us?

    Sister Mary Patrick: She wasn't a nun?

    Sister Mary Robert: But she made us sing so perfectly!

    Sister Mary Patrick: [thoughtfully] Now that should have tipped us...

  • Sister Mary Robert: [looking at Reno from the helicopter] It's beautiful!

    Sister Mary Patrick: And what a lovely name, Reno!

    Reverend Mother: ...and Gomorrah!

  • [discussing convents]

    Sister Mary Lazarus: A progressive convent? Sounds awful. I liked my convent in Vancouver. Out in the woods. It wasn't all modern like some of these new-fangled convents. We didn't have electricity. Bare feet, cold water. They were nuns.

    Sister Mary Patrick: Sounds wonderful!

    Sister Mary Lazarus: It was hell on earth, I loved it. This place is a Hilton.

  • Sister Mary Patrick: Why would anyone kidnap a nun?

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Were they Catholics?

  • [in the casino, trying to find Mary Clarence]

    Sister Mary Patrick: Hi, excuse me, sorry. Has anyone seen a nun? A Carmelite nun? No? Sure? OK, thanks.

  • Delores: [at her first choir rehearsal, the choir sings a chord badly with Mary Patrick singing an octave above everyone else] Okay! Okay! Okay! Very nice!

    [to Mary Patrick]

    Delores: Um, Sister, can you just slide over here, please? That's a powerful instrument you have there!

    Sister Mary Patrick: Thank you.

    Delores: But I think it's probably a good idea if we bring you down out of the rafters, everybody wants to be close to God, I'm just not sure you can do it vocally, so I need you to sing an octave below where you've been singing.

    Sister Mary Patrick: Okey-dokey!

    Delores: And Sister Mary Robert, can you just come, yeah, come on over. I noticed that you're moving your mouth but nothing's coming out so I'd like to hear just you by yourself if you don't mind. Sister Alma, can you give me an A please?


    Delores: ALMA! Check your battery. Can you give me an A please.

    [Mary Robert sings in a whisper]

    Delores: Okay, try this. Close your eyes. Visualize yourself in room full of people, lots of silverware, people talking loud, dropping stuff, drunks, women with trays going 'whadda ya gonna have?'. Your voice has to carry across the din, you have to get up over all of that to be heard in the back of the room where I'm sitting, listening, straining to hear you. Okay? Keep that in your mind while we do this.

  • Sister Mary Patrick: I can't believe the Pope is coming! This is better than ice cream!

    Sister Mary Robert: It's better than springtime!

    Delores: It's better than sex! No, I mean - I've heard.

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