Sister Mary Lazarus Quotes in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993)


Sister Mary Lazarus Quotes:

  • Sister Mary Lazarus: Congratulations, you're the new mayor of Sodom and Gommorah.

  • Rita Watson: I've got a lot of reasons I can't explain, but I have to leave the choir.

    [leaves, visibly upset, with a permission slip]

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Give us back our consent form.

    Sister Mary Clarence: Stop that!

  • Sister Mary Robert: The only thing the chef knows how to cook is German sausage.

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Day after day, liverwurst, bratwurst, beerwurst...

    Sister Mary Patrick: It's the "worst".

  • Sister Mary Lazarus: Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Show me a man that a woman can trust. Now where did it say that on the eighth day He dusteth?

  • Sister Mary Clarence: [after learning of the school's demise] We are going to fix this!

    Sister Mary Lazarus: You said we as in you're staying?

    Sister Mary Clarence: Yes we, as in yes I am staying!

  • [chasing a nun he thinks is Delores]

    Vince: Hey babe.

    [Nun turns round, it's Mary Lazarus]

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Yes, sweetheart?

  • [during a clandestine midnight ice cream feast with Mary Robert, Mary Patrick and Mary Clarence]

    Sister Mary Lazarus: This is a sin, it's a wicked indulgence. Didn't they have any butter pecan?

  • Sister Mary Robert: Reverend Mother, I know you and Mary Clarence didn't always agree but we have to help her. Please.

    Sister Mary Patrick: We've gotta save her.

    Sister Mary Lazarus: We can't leave it up to the feds.

  • Sister Mary Patrick: We did it! We actually sang a chord!

    Sister Mary Clarence: Yeah. You sang a chord for two seconds. The next thing you have to do is listen to each other. That's a big key. Big key, you must listen to each other if you're going to be a group.

    Sister Mary Lazarus: I knew that.

    Sister Mary Clarence: Mary Lazarus, as soon as I walked through that door I knew that you knew that. Let me ask you something, you're someone in favor of hard work and discipline, right?

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Of course, I'm a nun! Four popes now.

    Sister Mary Clarence: Four? Wow. Let me ask you, how often do they rehearse?

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Twice a week, couple hours.

    Sister Mary Clarence: Not enough. I mean listen to them, they really need a lot of work.

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Do you really think they could get better?

    Sister Mary Clarence: I don't know, they're pretty raw.

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Wet behind the ears.

    Sister Mary Patrick: Oh please let us try.

    Sister Mary Clarence: This is gonna be hell.

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Tell me about it.

  • Sister Mary Lazarus: Don't leave him bald and yowling in despair!

  • [discussing convents]

    Sister Mary Lazarus: A progressive convent? Sounds awful. I liked my convent in Vancouver. Out in the woods. It wasn't all modern like some of these new-fangled convents. We didn't have electricity. Bare feet, cold water. They were nuns.

    Sister Mary Patrick: Sounds wonderful!

    Sister Mary Lazarus: It was hell on earth, I loved it. This place is a Hilton.

  • Sister Mary Patrick: Why would anyone kidnap a nun?

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Were they Catholics?

  • Sister Mary Lazarus: Oh! You don't think I see. You think I took vows yesterday.

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