Sister Agnes Quotes in Rush Hour 3 (2007)


Sister Agnes Quotes:

  • Detective James Carter: Sister we appreciate you doing this!

    Sister Agnes: My pleasure!

    Chief Inspector Lee: Sister Agnes please ask who sent him?

    [asks in french]

    French Assassin: [speaks french]

    Sister Agnes: He says your both making a big mistake,that one day youll beg for mercy, he also said...

    Chief Inspector Lee: What? Oh please sister we have to know.

    Detective James Carter: There's lives at stake.

    Sister Agnes: Well he used the N word

    Detective James Carter: What? The N word you tell this little mother...

    Chief Inspector Lee: Carter, shes a nun.

    Detective James Carter: Sister you tell this piece of S word, that I will personally F word him up.

    French AssassinSister Agnes: [speaks french to assassin]

    [speaks french to sister Agnes]

    Detective James Carter: Did he say negro?

    Sister Agnes: He used the N word, but this time he mentioned your grandmother.

    Detective James Carter: You tell him that his mama's an H.

    Chief Inspector Lee: Carter I believe whore is spelled with an W.

    Detective James Carter: Right W, and his sister's a W and his grandmama is a two bit W who makes double cause she got no teeth you tell him I said that.

    French AssassinSister Agnes: [speaks french to assassin]

    [speaks french to Sister Agnes]

    Chief Inspector Lee: Did he say it again?

    Sister Agnes: No, this time he called this gentleman a word that means cat and another word that rhymes with maggot.

    Chief Inspector Lee: What? Well you can tell him hes a A.W.

    Detective James Carter: Ugh, Lee hole is spelled with an H.

    Sister Agnes: I have a dictionary upstairs.

    Chief Inspector Lee: Just call him an asshole!

    Sister Agnes: [assassin speaks french] He says you been both marked for death like Han and the girl.

  • Mother Miriam Ruth: My dear, I don't think a Communion wafer has the recommended daily allowance of anything.

    Sister Agnes: [whispers] Of God...

  • Doctor Martha Livingston: Agnes, how do you feel about babies?

    Sister Agnes: Oh, they frighten me; I'm afraid I'll drop them. They have a soft spot on their heads, and if you drop them so they land on their heads, they become stupid. I was dropped on MY head; that's why I don't understand things.

    Doctor Martha Livingston: Like what?

    Sister Agnes: Numbers! You can spend your whole life counting 'em and never reach the end.

    Doctor Martha Livingston: I don't understand them, either... Do you 'spose I was dropped on my head?

    Sister Agnes: [concerned] I hope not... it's a terrible thing to be dropped on your head.

  • Sister Agnes: As much as Mother Miriam loves me?

  • Sister Agnes: I feel as if I've eaten glass.

  • Sister Agnes: I don't understand what you're talking about. You want to talk about the baby, everbody wants to talk about the baby. But, I never saw the baby. So I can't talk about the baby, because I don't believe in the baby.

  • Doctor Martha Livingston: Who did this to you? Who?

    Sister Agnes: God! It was God... and now I'll burn in Hell because I hate him.

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