Sinead Quotes in Lady Magdalene's (2008)


Sinead Quotes:

  • Nurse Gretchen: Hi, I'm Nurse Gretchen. I'd love to give you a sponge bath.

    Scheherazade: I'm Scheherazade. Let me tell you of the thousand and second night.

    Pixie: I'm Pixie. Let me sprinkle my magic all over you.

    Sinead: I'm Sinead, and I've broken all the rules.

    Eden: I'm Eden... and I'd love to show you my garden.

    Angel: I'm Angel. Like to try a few falls with me?

    Jack Goldwater: Hi, I'm Jack. I'm from the government... and I'm here to help you.

  • Mary: Ok, then, who's left to report out their root? Andre?

    Andre: Shit, Ms. Mary, I ain't the only one who ain't got no root.

    Mary: Andre, we don't use profanity or double negatives here at True Directions. Ok, who's next? Megan!

    Megan: Well, I've really been thinking but I just can't think of anything.

    Graham: I think our little Prom Queen is too afraid to disclose.

    Megan: Oh, really? What's your root, Graham?

    Graham: We're working on your issue here, not mine. You're deflecting.

    Mary: Actually, I think it might be a great idea for Megan to be reminded of your root, Graham.

    Graham: My mother got married in pants.

    [group applauds]

    Mary: All right, let's see, uh, Dolph!

    Dolph: Too many locker room showers with the varsity team.

    Mary: Hilary?

    Hilary: Um, all girl boarding school.

    Mary: Sinead.

    Sinead: I was born in France.

    Mary: Clayton.

    Clayton Dunn: My mom let me play in her pumps.

    Jan: I like balls.

    Mary: Why, thank you for that Jan.

    [group applauds]

    Mary: Joel?

    Joel: Traumatic... bris. So... yeah.

  • Sinead: I'm Sinead. I like pain. I'm a homosexual.

  • Sinead: If that little twink would've narced on me, heads would have rolled.

  • Damien: How many British soldiers in the country, Tim?

    Tim: Too many.

    Damien: How many?

    Teddy: About ten thousand, Damien.

    Damien: Ten Thousand. Tans, artillery units, machine-gun car, cavalry...

    Teddy: And many more besides. What's your point, Damien?

    Damien: It's young men like Micheail we're talkin' about, Teddy.

    Teddy: Micheail was a real Irishman, Damien.

    Ned: You're a coward, Damien.

    Damien: I'm a coward? And you're a hero, isn't it, Ned? You're gonna take down the British army with your hurley, is that it?

    Rory: For Christ's sake, Damien. What about Micheail?

    Damien: Look, Micheail was killed because he wouldn't say his name in English. Is that what you call a martyr, Teddy, is it?

    Sinead: So we should all buy a one-way ticket to London, is that it, Damien?

  • Sinead: It's Teddy in the freestate uniform. Teddy's wearing the bloody freestate uniform.

    Dan: Kick out the Black and Tans, bring in the Green and Tans.

  • [last lines]

    Sinead: [to Teddy] Get out. Leave me. Get off my land! I don't ever want to see you again!

    [breaks down]

    Sinead: Oh, Damien, no. Oh, no.


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