Simon Peter Quotes in The Miracle Maker (2000)


Simon Peter Quotes:

  • Simon Peter: The Lord! I... he was... I thought they'd taken the body!

    James the Disciple: Who?

    Simon Peter: Priests! Romans! But... but he was there! In front of my eyes! In front of me! *This* near! Like...

    Thomas: [irritated] I cannot believe what I'm hearing.

    [walks toward door]

    Simon Peter: Thomas! I saw him!

    Thomas: You're all crazy, all of you. Dreams, visions, everyone's going mad.

    [goes to open the door]

    Thomas: I'm leaving.

    Cleopas: [burst through door, knocking Thomas to the floor] THE LORD!

    Thomas: Ow!

    Jairus: [breathless] We... we have...

    Cleopas: [excited] We've seen him!

  • Jesus: The Son of Man will suffer many things. He will be arrested. He will be killed.

    Simon Peter: No Lord, that will never happen to you! Never!

    Judas Iscariot: [to himself] The messiah... killed? Defeated by the Romans? No!

    [thinking to himself]

    Judas Iscariot: A false messiah... defeated... we'll all... we will all die!

  • Jesus: Push the boat further out.

    Simon Peter: Out?

    Jesus: Into the deep.

    Simon Peter: Why? What for?

    Jesus: [smiling] Let your nets down for a catch of course.

    Simon Peter: [rolls eyes] No one catches fish during the day. They hide from the sunlight, right down in the depths.

    [sees Jesus' expression doesn't change]

    Simon Peter: But if you insist, I'll let them down.

    [to Andrew, grumbling]

    Simon Peter: Right in the middle of the day.

    [casts nets, sits]

    Simon Peter: We could be here for hours.

  • Simon Peter: [sees Jesus approach him] Leave me. Lord leave me.

    [voice breaking]

    Simon Peter: I am such a sinful man!

    Jesus: [gently] Don't be afraid Simon.

    [places his hands on Simon's shoulders]

    Jesus: From today, I'm going to make you a fisher of men.

  • Jesus: Simon, I will call you "Peter," for the rock.

    Simon Peter: Rock?

    Jesus: Yes, I'm going to build

    [places his hand on Simon Peter's chest]

    Jesus: on *this* rock.

  • Jesus: [raises bread] Blessed are you oh Lord our God, who brings forth bread from the earth.

    [breaks bread and passes it]

    Jesus: Take this and eat. This is... my body. Which is broken for you.

    Thomas: Your body?

    Jesus: Do this in memory of me.

    [lifts cup]

    Jesus: Drink from this all of you, for this is my blood. My blood which is poured out for many, for the forgiveness of sins.

    [as the cup is passed]

    Jesus: This is the last time I shall drink wine with you.

    Simon Peter: Master.

    Jesus: Until I drink the new wine with you, in the kingdom of my Father, in heaven.

    Simon Peter: In heaven?


    Simon Peter: No. No!

  • Jesus: Simon, Satan wants to grind you into powder and scatter you to the wind! But I have prayed for you.

    Simon Peter: Master, you know me. I won't leave you.

  • Matthew: Look, we have to keep records. It's the law.

    Simon Peter: Is it the law to cheat? And steal? And line your own pockets? Is that the law? Traitor?

  • Mary Magdalene: [rambling] Hands off me! I'll give you murderers! Your money.

    [tosses money at tax collectors]

    Mary Magdalene: Your money!

    Tax Collector: Leave this one. She's the mad woman from Magdala.

    Matthew: [wearily] How much does she owe?

    Simon Peter: Nothing! And nor do we! We caught nothing, no catch, no money. We're not paying taxes for thin air!

    Mary Magdalene: [muttering] I told the emperor. I told the emperor about you.

  • Jesus: One of you sitting here is going to betray me... tonight.

    James the Disciple: We'll all stand by you! Every one of us!

    Simon Peter: Even if the whole world deserts you, I will never

    [draws sword]

    Simon Peter: *never*

    [sheaths sword]

    Simon Peter: let you down.

    Jesus: Simon Peter, Satan wants to grind you into powder and scatter you to the wind! But I have prayed for you.

    Simon Peter: Master, you know me. I won't leave you.

    Jesus: Simon.

    Simon Peter: I'll go to prison with you! Execution!

    Jesus: Simon Peter by the time the cock crows today

    [gets up]

    Jesus: you will deny three times that you know me!

    [leaves table]

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